optional confidant akechi

- his confidant is extremely difficult to work through. what responses he likes change depending on where you are in the story. each rank also needs a particularly large amount of points to advance, forcing the player to hang out with him often.
- his availability is slightly lesser than other confidants.
- you also can’t advance past certain ranks depending on where you are in the story.
- hangouts aren’t useless. aside from getting extra confidant points, of course, they actually give the player insight on akechi’s habits, mannerisms, and subtle hints as to his true likes and dislikes as opposed to what he acts like for his reputation. expectedly, this makes it easier to determine how to advance his confidant.
- you can give male confidants gifts. for akechi specifically, up until rank 5, he’ll reject any gifts you try give him, but interestingly, you’ll still get points for the next rank (you get the most points from kiddie toys and figurines and the least or none from practical things). after rank 5, he’ll start accepting them.
- where you are in his confidant at certain points in the story WILL affect the rest of the story, as well as how he acts in leblanc and his confidant availability.
- 11/20 shit below!!! wooo!!!
- if you’re at rank 3 or lower, 11/20 will play out just like in canon.
- if you’re between ranks 4 and 6, he will be silent and act apathetic and emotionless for all of 11/20. he will also be remarkably stiffer on tv.
- if you’re at ranks 7 or 8, he will comment on how he wishes circumstances were different and show faint regret. he will be downright skittish on tv.
- if you’re at rank 9 (the highest you can get by 11/20), he will show open sorrow and regret and lament about how he wishes joker had never gotten involved with him. he stops appearing on tv altogether.
- if you’re not at rank 9 by 11/20, everything thereafter plays out like in canon.
- if you dedicated the blood, sweat, and tears to worst best boy and got to rank 9 by 11/20!!!
- first, congratulations; you got the true ending assuming you don’t broker a deal with the false god later.
- secondly, shido’s palace doubles as the theft of his distorted desires and a rescue mission for akechi.
- a brief summary of off-screen planning: lure akechi into shido’s palace to confront and negotiate with him.
- again, if you’re not at rank 9 already, the confrontation will play out just like in canon.
- if you’re at my true ending, akechi will be remarkably more quiet and fragile until morgana points out that he liked joker.
- then it’s the same fights and loki stuff except he focuses on joker specifically a lot more.
- his battle quotes are also less broadly about killing the phantom thieves and are more centered on “why did you bother,” “you wasted your time,” “get the hell out of my face,” etcetera. self-deprecatory comments.
- after defeating him, he comments on things that he admires/envies about each of the phantom thieves specifically (morgana’s dedication, ryuji’s ability to grow from his past, ann’s strength of heart, yusuke’s passion, makoto’s leadership, futaba’s ability to accept the past, haru’s kindness).
- he goes on. a tangent. a full-blown antihero monologue about joker. it’s actually why cognitive akechi has the time to show up; he won’t shut up about joker (selflessness, social stats if they’re all maxed lmao, ability to let go of the past, attracting such amazing friends, blah blah blah he’s emotional).
- he has the same showdown with cognitive akechi; however, ann shouts at him that he can’t give up now (you can literally pry “akechi and ann are best friends” from my cold dead hands; more on that separately).
- each of the phantom thieves join in one by one, encouraging him and telling him that he doesn’t have to lie down and die for shido.
- joker is the last one to chime in. you can choose one of two things to say: “thesis and antithesis, right?” and “your justice isn’t ending here, is it?” (i’m so lame help)
- akechi gets a new smiling portrait and he looks 10000x more genuine than he ever has and he’s crying a bit, aw.
- cognitive akechi shoots first but listen. futaba uses protect so he’s fine. so then he shoots his cognitive self and rejoins the phantom thieves before closing the shutter. please listen to me on this; i refuse to kill akechi in my ending or give him an ambiguous off-screen ending.
- a bunch of emotional stuff oh my god
- justice rank 10!
- and then his arcana changes from justice to aeon. look stuff up on the aeon arcana; it’s PERFECT for him in redemption.
- the phantom thieves try to call him crow but he wants to discard of that codename since it reminds him too much of his betrayal; he changes his codename to ace. i made a post about that elsewhere.
- akechi gets to confront his father and change his heart. he almost kills him, but ann (again, you’ll have to kill me before i give up this headcanon) stops him. he gets to monologue before letting shido confess his crimes himself, regardless of the justice of forcibly changing one’s heart.
- timeskip to the eighth palace: akechi is really really pissed at yaldabaoth for setting him up to fail from the start.
- aaaannndd akechi ends up happy and with friends but he still has to face justice for the murders he did commit.
- he believes he deserves the death penalty because the kid can’t think in moderation, but as both a minor and a victim of shido’s manipulation, he is rehabilitated rather than punished. sae sees to it.
- timeskip to when he’s a free man: the ex-phantom thieves are ECSTATIC to see him, sojiro surprisingly doesn’t hate him, likely because of akira and futaba, and akechi breaks down crying because he still doesn’t think he deserves to be so happy, but he’ll take it anyway.
- i want him to be happy atlus please

Cats the Musical
  • Jellicles: *sing about themselves and praise the everlasting cat*
  • Man Over There: what the fuck is a jellicle cat
  • Jellicles: lol we have three names
  • Victoria: yo yo im going to do some balance watch me *everyone leaves except misto* fuck
  • -
  • Misto: lol get the fuck up noob we have to invite them
  • Munku: ok so yeah we have to dance and sing and shit ok,, then we choose someone to die
  • -
  • Munku: I suggest jenny cuz she is old and wrinkly i guess lmao
  • Jenny: *tap dances with roaches*
  • -
  • Tugger: *jumps out and flaunts his mane* im so fresh u can succ my nuts (swag)
  • Misto: shut the fuck up
  • Etcetera: DADDY
  • -
  • Grizabella: wow lol good party
  • Demeter: no
  • Jellicles: no
  • Grizabella: ok
  • -
  • Bustopher Jones: hey lol
  • Jenny: thats my daddy over there
  • Etcetera: ew
  • -
  • Mungojerrie: yo we acrobats
  • Rumpleteazer: u cant do anything abt it
  • Jellicles: shut the fuck UP
  • -
  • Misto: Old Deuteronomy???
  • Tanto and Cori: Its old doot lol
  • Jellicles: oh ok we'll just wait here
  • Munku: ok can u hurry up u bag of shitfur
  • Deuteronomy: calm the fuck down im older than Queen Victoria you assholes
  • -
  • Munku: Jerrie can u get the barking right for one FUCKING SECOND
  • Jerrie: im trying my best
  • Jellicles: *barking never ceases*
  • Munku: ok lol so this robot cat FUCK OFF WITH THE BAGPIPE TUGGER
  • Tugger: *bangs out the tunes*
  • Rumpus: lol
  • -
  • Deuteronomy: oh shit
  • Munku: what now dammit
  • Victoria: lol
  • Jemima: lol
  • Alonzo: ok so we're black and white
  • Jellicles: *finally explaining what a jellicle cat is*
  • Man Over There: FUCKING FINALLY
  • -
  • Jellicles: *dances*
  • Victoria: check out my sweet moves
  • Plato: oh shit ye
  • -
  • Victoria: oh lol hi
  • Plato: wow queen, ur so beautiful
  • Skimbleshanks: god i wish that were me
  • -
  • Tanto and Cori: WHAT THE FUCK
  • Misto: yo who out there
  • Skimble: no one has time for this fuck off
  • Alonzo: *hisses grizabella away* fuck off
  • Jellicles: *butt shaking*
  • -
  • Grizabella: hi
  • Jellicles: no
  • Grizabella: ok
  • -
  • Demeter: fuck hes not there
  • Bomba: he drank all the milk dammit
  • Macavity: hi
  • Deme and Bomba: fuck
  • Macavity: *jumps out of Deuteronomy costume* rawr lol
  • Jellicles:
  • Macavity: what,, why arent u all screaming??? and begging the Everlasting for mercy???
  • Munkus: ,,u literally do this every fucking year
  • Macavity:
  • -
  • Tugger: yo misto its time to rescue doot
  • Misto: god fucking dammit *throws glitter*
  • Deuteronomy: *comes out* kill me,, let me die
Extract from the Lennon Remembers Interview: Satyricon...

“Q: The Hunter Davies book, the “authorized biography,” says …
A: It was written in [London] Sunday Times sort of fab form. And no home truths was written. My auntie knocked out all the truth bits from my childhood and my mother and I allowed it, which was my cop-out, etcetera. There was nothing about orgies and the shit that happened on tour. I wanted a real book to come out, but we all had wives and didn’t want to hurt their feelings. End of that one. Because they still have wives.

The Beatles tours were like the Fellini film Satyricon. We had that image. Man, our tours were like something else, if you could get on our tours, you were in. They were Satyricon, all right.”

Why the film Satyricon tho, John?:

One thing I can tell you about Satryicon is that it contains quite a bit of sexual innuendo, but very little, if any, is heterosexual. The main character of the movie breaks up with his lover after the lover took a boy that they shared and sold him. Later in the movie the two original lovers are reunited but then one is killed. Could John have been suggesting that homosexual adventures were a staple of Beatles tours?

I am having fun finding all the overlooked John answers in interviews. 

Bill actually takes a disliking to Satan himself. He would go off into long rants to a very interested Dipper about how he thinks he’s so great, yeah yeah, fallen angel my ass, etcetera. It was quite funny to listen to his rants, actually, until Satan showed up in their fucking house. “Heard you were talkin shit,” He hisses almost casually to Bill, smirking and wrapping an arm around the other demon. Bill rolls his eyes and groans, it’s obvious that their friendship is very one sided. “Not today, St-Stan…I MEAN SATAN! FUCK!” Dipper is screeching with laughter by now, Stanley comes in the room very confused, only to back away slowly. And so, the “friendship” between Bill and Satan continued forevermore. (Part 1)

Anti shiper and their excuses.

Hi, it is my second text about this subject because I saw some post a many weeks ago where anti- any shiper or any fandom post on their tumblr account talking about abuse, rape, abuse suvivor, sexism, feminism, pedophilia etcetera. My point of view is I can respect our opinion or a bad memory but it´s unessesary mix fiction with reallity because no fandom is politically correct, it’s a matter of how the writers, producer, director and others can make the story more interesting, you can not always please all fans that is clear to me, but the ships in my opinion is just for fun , It seems pathetic to mix it with personal experiences or to excuse yourself at those points to be hateful to others because the story does not go how you want, that seems toxic, hateful and pathetic. Just enjoy the fandoms and travel to other realities since the one we live in is too unfair and cruel. Anyway.

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KHR and BNHA crossover. One is mafia and the other is hero association XD, what chaos would happen. Or UA made secret alliance with Vongola...

msleilei actually already has a KHR BNHA crossover here, which is GREAT, because it’s Reborn enrolling Tsuna and co in Yuuei and it’s totally something he would do. Purposely throwing Tsuna under the bus is like a Reborn trademark tbh

Gonna nerd a bit LOT here - it’s kind of difficult for me to imagine the results of a mafia group clashing with the hero associations, or Yuuei agreeing to an alliance with Vongola, if only because the two universes are so different in how the creators handled the world/characters.

I don’t mean to bash Amano (and to be fair I think she did want to focus on comedy, + her work is 10 years older) but the KHR verse is… Very sporadic, putting it plainly. There is no addressing of the mafia or the world outside of what was immediately relevant and completely made up (flames, magic, aliens, precocious baby people, etc.) and the same could be said about characterization. Not to mention, there are quite a few characters that Amano doesn’t seem capable of balancing/remembering all the time, and some of them seem to fade into the background and their backstories are forgotten for the sake of plot progression. But again, KHR seemed to be geared with the more slapstick comedy.

Horikoshi on the other hand adds these, little subtleties that maybe aren’t as amazing as I think they are, but I do, I love the little bits of (completely intentional) information he throws at us, the low-key world-building he incorporates that makes us notice things outside of the usual “circle of important characters.” BNHA is undoubtedly comedic, and it’s a humor I definitely like, but Horikoshi has managed to throw in a metric fuck-ton of characters and, the handful he has gotten to explaining, have not made me think, “oh no, here’s the bullshit filler I was worried about.” I genuinely find myself liking each character more and more - heck, I REALLY LIKE THE POLICE FORCE??? THEY ADMIT THEIR MISTAKES OMFG. And despite the fact that some people think it’s very “trope-y” I also think it’s very much not - there are many instances where I expected something to happen (Exhibit A: RIVAL/ASSHOLE WITH TRAGIC BACKSTORY DIDN’T HAPPEN, Katsuki is a shit just because he is one I’m purposely ignoring Todoroki here because he’s nice to Izuku)

Oops, I can literally talk about how much I love this manga/show and how much I admire Horikoshi forever. I digress. My point is that, with a crossover between BNHA and KHR, the immense differences between a very developed world/character vs. a world that would need to rely on fanon concepts entirely is something that I personally would have problems reconciling in a crossover due to my shit world-building ability and actual view on the subject. The first thing that comes to mind with me is that this scenario would have to be absolute crack, or the shenanigans that the KHR group gets up to would be entirely inexcusable - people wouldn’t turn a blind eye as they do in KHR canon, and with the hell that they end up raising in literally every situation they may actually be seen as terrorists before anything LOL.

(Also, I admit to being more curious about what would happen between the KHR group and the League of Villains. I feel like even the LoV would find the KHR-brand of chaos to be too much to handle.)


Because, yes, this would definitely be bordering crack humor, it would have to be, but what if that’s what the crossover is centered on? How different these two societies are, in the KHR verse and BNHA verse?

Everyone sees the KHR-cast as crazy. Tsuna wants to nod and agree, wants to join the BNHA-cast. Tsuna is his own brand of crazy too though, so they’re basically “no you stay on your side of the line.” Conversely, BNHA-verse is so… Normal? So structured? So reasonable??? WHAT IS THIS??? Sure there is the League of Villains that are Evil ™ and all but, even they have a structured system???? Tsuna doesn’t remember ANY of the people he fought actually being willing to like, sit down and talk. No, it’s always been, “you’re annoying trash in my way so you die,” “you are in my way so die,” “you need to die so I can achieve my goal,” etcetera, with EVERYONE wanting to kill him.He ALSO doesn’t remember there being, well, normal people, who just… Want to steal money out of greed and will snatch a purse for it, or want to escape prison just to be free.


(Tsuna is entirely sympathetic of the people in the BNHA-verse, and wonders if he was maybe displaced at birth. He’s wrong and doesn’t realize that he’s just as weird as his friends, but oh well, let the child dream)

KHR-cast are anomalies, absolutely unknown to the government and hero associations. But they are powerful, and their apparent leader (? maybe the BNHA-verse can actually see that Tsuna is the boss, however cowardly he may seem at times; maybe he isn’t constantly at the brunt of a slapstick joke, which is like *angel chorus* for Tsuna) seems amicable enough.

So maybe they try to form a… Not quite alliance per se, but they reach an agreement with the KHR cast. Because these teens and their toddler guard (ANOTHER THING - THEY ALL TAKE REBORN SERIOUSLY AND KNOW SOMETHING IS UP) are complete unknowns but powerful, which means direct internment won’t work. So, informal, unspoken agreement of “we won’t send all of our heroes/forces after you if you agree to come along quietly and not cause more trouble” is reached and Reborn is just like *shoots near Tsuna* “agree to it, Dame-Tsuna.”

Reborn is also curious as to why these people don’t just turn a blind eye. His mafia seduction doesn’t work, people immediately suspect him just for being a particularly precocious child in a suit and with a gun. (Newsflash, Reborn - THAT ISN’T NORMAL)

Tsuna gets to enjoy a normal life for a bit, because his friends have been placed under a very tight leash that prevent them from getting up to their usual destructive habits. He’s happy. Until they’re suddenly called in to help with a certain situation involving villains, and Tsuna is just, “no, NO, you DON’T WANT TO LET THEM GO WILD.” The government is just kinda “yes, we know you are dangerous, but we also need help with this” (and low-key “let’s see exactly what this group is capable of.”)

Regret. Instant regret, because the KHR-cast ends up leveling an entire ward in pursuit of a villainous gang. No casualties on their side thankfully, but so much destruction. THE DAMAGE COSTS.

Government decides “nope” and hands these kids to the hero associations and hero schools to deal with because a huge part of heroism is that they are trained to handle difficult situations with destructive/dangerous tendencies.

… I, I guess Yuuei ends up taking them in, because Reborn wouldn’t stand for the Vongola Decimo going anywhere except The Best, and this would be an excuse to make the main BNHA cast interact with the KHR one.

Wow I’ve come full circle with this dump 


My ears hear nothing, but the soft waves and flickering of bonfire flames.
tho there is music everywhere
tho there are thousand clicks
of glasses, bubbles, and

Feeling a little naked
I feel your shy glances
caressing my entirety,
glancing back, I had no choice
but to offer shy little smiles,

And so our toes
they touch,
I feel stupid for
I think Im in love.

Then for a moment,
I saw, he leaning on you,
on your shoulders with
a kiss on your cheeks.

Then immediately,
once again

I sensed.



“I love people who’ve had torture in their lives, and still rolled their sleeves up and got to the other side - having gotten through some of the dark things in life, I am entertained by the little bent view some of us have of the world.”

Happy 45th birthday, Matthew L. Perry! [August 19, 1969]

Deep within Mara, something snapped. Ignoring the armed stormtroopers standing just behind her, she threw herself at Thrawn, fingers hooking like a hunting bird’s talons for his throat—
And came to an abrupt, bone-wrenching stop as Thrawn’s Noghri bodyguard sidled in from two meters away, threw his arm across her neck and shoulder, and spun her around and halfway to the deck.

She grabbed at the iron-hard arm across her throat, simultaneously throwing her right elbow back toward his torso. But the blow missed; and even as she shifted to a two-handed grip on his arm, white spots began to flicker in her vision. His forearm was pressing solidly against her carotid artery, threatening her with unconsciousness.

There wasn’t anything to be gained by blacking out. She relaxed her struggle, felt the pressure ease. Thrawn was still standing there, regarding her with amusement. “That was very unprofessional of you, Emperor’s Hand,” he chided.

Mara glared at him and lashed out again, this time with the Force. Thrawn frowned slightly, fingers moving across his neck as if trying to brush away an intangible cobweb. Mara leaned into her tenuous grip on his throat; and he brushed again at his neck before understanding came. “All right, that’s enough,” he said, his voice noticeably altered, his tone starting to get angry. “Stop it, or Rukh will have to hurt you.”

Mara ignored the order, digging in as hard as she could. Thrawn gazed unblinkingly back at her, his throat muscles moving as he fought against the grip. Mara clenched her teeth, waiting for the order or hand movement that would signal permission for the Noghri to choke her, or for the stormtroopers to burn her down.

But Thrawn remained silent and unmoving … and a minute later, gasping for breath, Mara had to concede defeat.

“I trust you’ve learned the limits of your small powers,” Thrawn said coldly, fingering his throat. But at least he didn’t sound amused anymore. “A little trick the Emperor taught you?”

“He taught me a great many tricks,” Mara bit out, ignoring the throbbing in her temples. “How to deal with traitors was one of them.


Dark Force Rising, Timothy Zahn

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A photographic experiment, a film soaked in coffee. Inspired by others who have made the same kind of experiment with either coffee, citric acid etcetera. My interest was to find a way of working with accidents or the uncontrollable. For me, the process is very satisfying as you always get surprised by the result and for the most part its an fortunate surprise. I could make a long argument or essay about the process, how this is a way of letting go of total control and the layers it creates, but I feel that the pictures should have the main part in this post. I hope you enjoy! 

Pictures taken Spring 2015 in Nexø (DK) and Malmö (SE). 

magickedteacup replied to your post “I made it thru today without napping after my sleepless night last…”

You need to get some sleep D:

lolll i got plenty of sleep between 8pm and 3am like i predicted, but i was up for the day at 4am and now it’s 7:30 and i’m all bleary-eyed. wtffff me. ugh.

tomorrow is chicken processing day though so i’m sure that no matter what it’ll be torture to wake up for a 7am start time. today i would’ve been ready hours early, but tomorrow somehow i’m sure i’ll need like four alarms to wake up.

my sweet old etcetera
aunt lucy during the recent

war could and what
is more did tell you just
what everybody was fighting
my sister

Isabel created hundreds
hundreds) of socks not to
mention fleaproof earwarmers
etcetera wristers etcetera, my
mother hoped that

I would die etcetera
bravely of course my father used
to become hoarse talking about how it was
a privilege and if only he
could meanwhile my

self etcetera lay quietly
in the deep mud et

cetera, of
Your smile
eyes knees and of your Etcetera)
—  e.e. cummings

I basically live in an apartment designed for midgets. Saying that my room is small is the understatement of the year. It totally is a bummer if you have so many things and yet you don’t have enough space to place them. My parents would always grumble when they see my books piled haphazardly in different corners of my room or when my bags are stacked up behind my door that getting in and out of my room becomes a mighty struggle!

But don’t you fret guys! There’s always a solution to every problem… okay, maybe not always but most of the time! Here are some tips on how to make the most of your small space!

Buy hanging shelves. If your room is too small to have more cabinets, buy hanging shelves! If you don’t know what they look like, see photo above. They can give you an additional space for you to place your things without taking any floor space!

Use old cartons. I bought mugs and they came in this cute, aztec printed carton box that I just couldn’t afford to throw away! It had four divisions so I used it to arrange my nail polishes. Not only does it organizes my things, it also makes me a good steward of our planet! *Haha*

Use trays, boxes & accessory holders. I have a lot of these as you can see. They can help you better track where your things are. Never underestimate small rooms, you can still lose things magically even in a very small space. I have boxes literally for everything. I have boxes for phone cases, boxes for memorabilias, boxes for my sunglasses and etcetera.

Throw it away or give it to someone who will use it. Have pencils that you know you just wouldn’t use? Give it to your househelp! She may have kids who can really need that pencil. I just gave away my used notebooks (that still has a lot of pages left unused), used bond papers and even some bags and it totally freed up a lot of space in my room. Don’t be scared to throw away stuff, just know which ones you’re still going to need and keep. Take time to think about it. I also thought long and hard before I finally decided to throw away my review hand-outs. You will always find yourself saying “I might need this in the future…” well honey, if you haven’t used that in the last two years, you probably won’t use that at all! 

Pile ‘em pretty. Always put your best foot forward, right? Put all your pretty things forward and arrange your not-so-pretty things at the back. Just like the one at the photo above. I used my books to cover up the plastic box I used to keep my phone cases. If you look again at the photo above, I did a lot of piling— trays, boxes. I don’t have the luxury of a wide area but I had an extra height space so I better use that up!

And that’s about it. I hope this post somehow helped you. Do watch out for upcoming posts wherein I will show you my own little space and study area! You will see there how I arranged my books and study materials! :) Bye! 

You said if people wanted to change the world, they would. You said most people like it this way. Too bad for them, I say. I want something else. But you know how I am. I push too hard. I get ahead of myself. I keep ruining everything I touch by turning it into gold. But I’m learning how to be gentle. Even to the vampires, poor little things. Save me save me love me love me there’s a hole in my bucket etcetera. They don’t know what they want but I give it to them anyway because why the hell not? Love, love, go ahead and have another plate of it, it doesn’t run out.

Of course, I wonder if they love me back, which is, really, besides the point. I don’t do it to be adored, I do it because my love keeps getting bigger and that’s what happens.

—  From “The Long and Short of It” by Richard Siken
Going Up

By: icybluepenguin

A/N: Inspired (loosely) by this confession:  I haven’t written anything in a long, long time, so feedback is appreciated!

There wasn’t anyone else waiting for the elevator when I pressed the “up” button.  That was a little unusual- there were almost always a few other people going up, this was a busy building.  A door ding-ed and as I stepped into the elevator, a man rushed up behind me and slipped inside with me.  I glanced at him.  He certainly didn’t look like he’d been running for the elevator and there really hadn’t been anyone around a moment ago. 

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Shadow: Part VIII

Prompt: The reader is a nephal. Nephalem are demon/angel children and are, I assume, very rare.  They would have ‘wings’. They can see the true forms of everything (angels, demons, etc.)  They can heal themselves, as well as manipulate holy fire. Can warp reality (sort of like Gabriel). Can also resurrect others and time travel alone without problem. Also unlike angels and demons they have their own body and do not need a vessel, however, they could infiltrate someone’s body, with consent, of course. (more)

Word count: 3,349

Warnings: Fun for a little while (ikr?)

Author’s Note: So this was supposed to be a continuation of the previous part (7.5) but it just became it’s own, complete part and *sighs* *tries not to remember the finale is in a couple of hours* Let me know what you think?

Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 7.5

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