I feel like I’m not going to make it another year in Denver. I stay up all night every night stressing about bullshit with my family and once again me being expected to sacrifice my happiness for the benefit of my parents as if I didn’t have to play adult and do that my entire childhood to begin with.

Glad my sister is coming out here to live until we move, but it may end up being November instead of June. Especially if we fall in love with San Antonio next month when we’re out there.

I always forget how fucking bad the first season of Horrible Histories is like
The production value was so obviously low af they used like fruit and stuff for fake poo
In the King of Bling video u can see her leaving like it would have been really easy to make that a separate shot but nah
The cheapo intro animation
But I fucking love it bc they weren’t expecting it to be so incredibly popular and then it led in views and it got six seasons with (I think) more in production, a spin off film and it’s this iconic thing for any British kid and I just love it so much

Good thing none of my dreams came true yesterday or anything.

(I thanked him briefly-but-profusely for, y'know, my childhood. If I tried to describe to you what the Henson company meant to me – means to me still – you would probably smile and nod and back away very, very slowly. But it’s true; his father and Walt Disney were the tent-poles of my entire childhood. Yesterday…yesterday was a gift.)

no but the warriors series was so many ppl’s childhoods, I never realized, I thought it was just me and my weird friend group of outcasts but there was that group at every school and now everyone on tumblr was.. that group in elementary school? i still read those when they come out tbh. but oh my gosh we share such group nostalgia, like everyoNE called it ‘the warrior cats series’ even though it was ‘warriors’ and everyone was so passionate about what clan & part of society they were in recess roleplay games like. I am so absolutely a medicine cat from riverclan and this is still integral to my soul idk. 

To mewl and blabber about a treasure map in front of this particular crew demonstrates a level of ineptitude that borders on the imbecilic, and I mean that in a very caring way.

Captain Amelia, Treasure Planet

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She has no time for your bullshit.