Thank you for the suggestion, Nonny!

I recoloured my edit of the EA Bob in:

You can have all of them in your game, but you need the mesh for them to work.

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[WMS Unnaturals]
[Nyren’s Pastels]
[Cat Cafe]

Preview of my favourite set, Cat Cafe, below the cut!

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The first year of creating

  Tomorrow’s gonna be the day when I can say I’ve been creating CC for the Sims 4 for a year! Remember this picture of my first CC? Yes, I can hardly, too. I dare to say I got better since then, learned so much about creating clothes in 2D and 3D programs, met gorgeous people through it, to whom I’m really thankful! It’s an honour to talk to those creators who back then inspired me to start creating CC.

  So a year passed, but my motivation hardly changed. Yes, there are ups and downs, but I think it’s a common thing. I promise you I’ll try to be better in 2017, and my resolution is to learn new methods and programs to range my limits, and never be afraid to experiment.

  In the meantime I collected the top 10 favourite CC of mine, the ones I’m most proud of or the ones that have a special meaning to me. Click Keep reading for them.

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Frankenstein MD: minimalist posters.