HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA K (@annieleonhardt)

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I hope that you have a wonderful birthday! I’ve compiled every time Armin says his girlfriend Annie’s name in season 2, just for you <3 (The video clips come from 9anime and were edited through iMovie)


Moonlight Audio Commentary by Barry Jenkins: “Chiron doesn’t make many choices or he doesn’t make obvious choices. […] I wanted there to be a moment where the door is there or if he wanted to he could choose to decide “this is enough, I don’t like it, it doesn’t feel right.” And I feel like in my mind Kevin has gone back into that kitchen and he’s standing there and he wants to give him again, that space to make a choice. Depending the surround sound you have, the world starts to swirl a little bit and his ear gets closer to that door because he could choose to go or he could choose to stay. I feel like he chooses to stay.”