castleandshipseverywhere  asked:

Just passing by to say hello and give some hugs. Can't wait for the epilogue of the fic and I have a question. What's in the horizon for you in the fic field? Or will you focus in the patreon story? Love ya!

hey there!

here’s a rundown of what I’ve got on the story horizon for after the Epilogue is finished (so close guys, so close). the first three are fics, and the rest are original stories which will go up on patreon and then I’ll refine for publishing. Of course, if you’d like to support my fic writing in any way, think about joining the patreon, I might be posting some exclusive sneak peeks of things over there.

from ruins flowers bloom - ranya - canon divergent from Raven’s POV - in progress chapters 1-7 posted -  Raven Reyes is just trying to survive the ground and save her people. Having lost the one she loved and nearly lost her life she feels like a hollow ruin of the person she once was. By her side, never letting her give up, reminding her that beautiful things flourish in adversity, is Anya. This isn’t what she asked for, this isn’t what she wanted… but maybe, just maybe, it’s what she needs.

letters (write me your love) - lexaven - modern!au - not yet posted - title is still tentative - Nothing says long messy breakup quite like a separation. Six months of no contact and Raven leaves Lexa with a stack of letters detailing all the things she never found a way to say out loud. Love isn’t always enough, but maybe it’s enough for a second chance.

untitled - team mvp (anya/lincoln/niylah) - ot4!verse - in the planning stages - this will follow Anya and Niylah and Lincoln through the journey their relationship took and how they ended up together. This will be a companion piece to and four makes home. So we’ll be seeing our girls plus a few other new characters.

four letter words - patreon only story - original story - Theo, Sophia, and Lacey never imagined how entwined their lives really were until they find themselves in the middle of an unsolved murder that tears apart everything they once knew.

I also have 2 other original stories in various stages of planning that I’ll be working on for the patreon after four letter words is finished, and another story I’m co-writing with @morethanfaqs that we’re hammering out the details for before we start to write.