Demelza’s entrance with the flowers and her courtesy were the exact same in s1e3, but this time she made that entrance as the Mistress of Nampara not a kitchen maid,, and her courtesy was different of course now that she is a lady, though she was still obsessed with flowers Just like she used to be in her early days as a kitchen maid , But this time she was not with cornwalls, they were some gorgeous red flowers I don’t know exactly their name, but maybe it was meant to say that she’s not a cornflower anymore, she is someone more appreciated and adored and loved, and respected,, and the visitor was coming for her this time for advice the same way Elizabeth had came to Ross for advice..


♔ We used to never say never ,, used to think we live forever..
Flying high beneath the sun…

Days go running and hiding,,the weeks are going slipping and sliding..

Years leave quicker everytime they come….

Remember when we were young ….

__________________________________________ (WHEN WE WERE YOUNG BY PASSENGER)

Memorable BTS hairstyles through the eras - (2013 - 2016) x