Self Love Selfie!!

Went back to my new favourite trail with my best friend who I haven’t seen in FOREVER and we lived out our dreams of being Disney Princesses!

I took a ton of pictures this time around (and I brought a puppy 😃) so I’ll do another post later with all those ones!!


GUYS. I’m dying my hair pastel pink and I also have bleach. When my moms not looking should I dye my hair like Saeran? ~Admin Taylor 🌹🐝

One benefit of constantly dying my hair and doing modeling work is that I’m great friends with everyone at the salon I go to 😭 I ran into a huge group of them last night and they all screamed at me when they saw me and we hugged each other and one friend grabbed my ass and was freaking out over my outfit. I’ve never felt girlier in my whole life and it felt really great tbh.

It’s rare that people can make me feel comfortable to express that side of myself—my default is very focused, chill energy that is subdued and then channeled into impassioned speech. I rarely get to explode into a bubbly ray of light, irresponsibly unleashing my energy in a burst of laughter and carefree conversation.

6 Random Facts

Thanks for the tag, @ocean-universe !

1. I have four freckles that form a near-perfect line up my right forearm.

2. I turned sixteen in a tree (hunting).

3. I have to sleep with both my bedroom and closet doors closed with as little ambient light as possible.

4. I had E. Coli when I was four and I still remember what it was like.

5. I’ve never dyed my hair.

6. I have a poster of Broadway’s “The Lion King” signed by the original cast.

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bodycheck from october (while dying my hair - excuse the dye lol) probably around 100lbs here. real question: why the fuck am I so asymetrical now?? it’s like my collarbones have shifted over and one stick out more than the other, but it wasn’t like that a few months before?? what