man i really wish I was still active on here, I miss everyone, I miss being creative 

my schedule for next semester is telling me ‘NO’ but my durarara-loving heart is telling me ‘YES’ 

Hi guys! i’m just going to make this short and simple and say that i need more blogs to follow. So please reblog/like if you post any of the content below and ill check out your blog! I prefer if you reblog this post so the word can get out there tho. thank you :D

Anime -
* 91 Days
* Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji
* Bungou Stray Dogs
* D.Gray-Man
* Durarara
* Erased
* Haikyuu!!
* Hunter x Hunter
* Kiznaiver
* Kyoukai no Kanata
* Pokemon
* No. 6
* Noragami
* Servamp

I’m not too picky on blogs as long as you mostly post anime so yeeah. I’d gladly appreciate it if mutuals could reblog this so i can get the word out there. thank you once again and have a good day (’: