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name: manisha
nickname: manish, nishy, nish gender: female
star sign: aquarius
height: 5'4
sexuality: straight but hating men
hogwarts house: i don’t know ha. favorite animal: KITTIES❤️❤️
average hours of sleep: 9-10. i work with 3-5 year olds so my ass is ready for bed at 8 and back up at 5:50 in the morning to do it all over again lol
dogs or cats: CATS 100%
blankets you sleep with: plenty of fur blankets because otherwise, my kitten won’t sleep with me lol my baby❤️
dream trip: ALL THE BEACHES
dream job: the nursery of a hospital to be with the newborn babies❤️❤️
when i made my blog: april 2010 lol
followers: 21,059
why i made a tumblr: at the time, just because it was the current new thing but now because 1d and larry rule my mf life
reason for my url: lmao okay well in high school i was so in love with david archuleta like i married his ass for a school project and made manips of us and my teacher thought i met him because of how real they looked like she fought me on it lmao but whattarush is from his first single crush ‘it was a rush, what a rush’

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you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to ha

guys, really, I have so much appreciation for christophe giacometti, like look at that boy - he’s beautiful and comfortable in his skin and with his sexuality, he doesn’t shy away from a challenge, he’s all about embracing that free spirit life and that is just impressive af, but more than that? he’s been skating for years on end, battling it head on with the best of the best and coming second to the living legend victor nikiforov for Y E A R S and still you don’t see that boy give up bc ofc not. in fact, what does chris do?? HE MAKES FRIENDS WITH THE ONE PERSON WHO ALWAYS ROBS HIM OF GOLD and it’s not for any underhanded reasons as you might expect, it’s simply bc he likes victor the dork and is genuinely a good, good person who would never emotionally manipulate a friend and instead is just happy for him when he wins, even if that means he himself has lost again

just g o d I love chris so much //sobs


Mark Lee is a Cute baby.

This needs endless reblogs.

Don’t hurt my baby.