Valentine’s Day Puzzle Card by My Dog Sighs. Another artist I follow on FB. I know I said this DIY was going to be my last Valentine’s Day post, but I like this puzzle because they are holding on to parts of each other. You could make your own version (I’m thinking of some really funny ones) using a Dollar Store blank puzzle for any holiday.


Artist My Dog Sighs uses crushed cans he finds on the street as canvases for his awesome Canman series. First the bottom of each can receives a coat of stony grey paint which serves as skin tone. After that the former pieces of litter reveal their own unique personalities as My Dog Sighs creates their facial expressions. Some cans are happy, some sad, some human, some animal, some dapper (check out the sweet mustache and monocle can!). The round ends of the cans sometimes appear to be portholes through which the Canmen peer out at us.

Once completed, the Canmen are prominently placed back on the street where they wait patiently to be discovered and perhaps even taken home by observant pedestrians. Absolutely wonderful. 

Visit My Modern Metropolis to view more photos from the delightful Canman series.



PORTSMOUTH, UK  - Instagram has been a driving force in spreading Portsmouth based street artist, Midge’s work. Use the hashtag #thisismidge and it will serve up a plethora of beautiful hand painted black & white furry wide-eyed creatures lounging around on backdrops of vintage newsprint and aged sheet music.

Recently Midge and fellow Portsmouth artist, My Dog Sighs, caused quite a stir around London when they plastered prominent hot-spots like Shoreditch and Brick Lane with their collaborative series of paste ups.

Because I’m unduly curious about the affairs of others and I got tired of stalking Midge via her Instagram - I rang her up to chat… READ THE REST OF OUR INTERVIEW HERE.

*photo credit: Susan Mackey


HAHA x PARADIGM presents Class Reunion of 2013-14 Exhibition

January 23, 2015 – March 14, 2015

It all started with brunch; HAHA Magazine and Paradigm Gallery + Studio sat across from another and over pancakes came up with the idea to invite artists from around the world to Philadelphia, to share in an open dialogue about the benefits of public art.

These HAHA x Paradigm collaborations filled our past two years with a whirlwind of exhaustingly fun:  airport runs, customs snafus, late night Breaking Bad style wheatpaste cooks, citywide scavenger hunts, multiple parking tickets while location scouting (not so fun), an over usage of hashtags, and a loyal following.

Before we venture out into our new projects, we’re getting the gang back together.  We hope you’ll join us at Paradigm Gallery + Studio, as we look toward the future with an exhibition of new works by our old friends, and mark our past projects with photography by Conrad Benner of Streets Dept.

Our Class Reunion of 2013-14 Exhibition will celebrate the incredible roster of artists we’ve hosted, the friendships that have been fostered along the way, and the communities, that have come together over a shared love of public art.

What the heck, we’ll even introduce you to the new kid, with a glimpse of our next Artist-in-Residence.

Important Dates for Media

Opening reception

Friday, January 23rd 5:30pm – 10:00pm  

Closing Reception

Friday, February 27th 5:30-10:00pm

Exhibition Hours

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Paradigm Gallery + Studio

746 S 4th St, 1st Fl, Philadelphia, PA 19147               

Featuring works by: A Common Name (Paige Smith), Summaiya Jillani, Sarah Bereza, X-O (Hyland Mather), MANDO (Amanda Marie), My Dog Sighs, Clint Tillman Reid