Here’s my Megara Disneybound, complete with Hercules!  I originally had tried to go for Zeus, but kinda gave up when I threw my hair into a ponytail last minute.  Herc knew immediately who I was and told me he reminded him of someone who’s name rhymed with Peg.  One of my friends misheard him and thought he said “keg,” which lead to her asking Herc what he knew about kegs.  Lolz.  Whoops.

Meeting Hercules has been my dream ever since I was a little kid, so meeting him was crazy awesome.  He was such a sweetheart, goof, and everything I hoped he would be!  I’m so sad to see him go, but I know that he’s enjoying a well deserved break back in Greece.

It’s been a real slice, Wonderboy!


Hello there, fellows! Today, to celebrate the anniversary of his film’s release this week (it came out on July 2nd, but I’m working that day, so), I Disneybounded as my favorite mouse detective, Basil of Baker Street! I LOVE The Great Mouse Detective – it is, in my opinion, easily one of the most underappreciated Disney animated films of all time. It has a great hero, a great villain, an engaging story, good animation, likable side characters, and the most epic of climaxes inside Big Ben…but because it came out the same year as the smash hit An American Tail, the movie dropped through the cracks and never came back.

I had so much fun being Basil today. Most people didn’t know who I was (though I got compliments on my dress), but a few people did ask who I was, and when I told them, almost all of their faces lit up. One of those who loved my look the most was Minnie Mouse and her character attendant. I think my Boss might have to be careful…it seems Basil has an admirer in our little Ms. Mouse!!

The last picture is one of my favorite pictures from any of my Disneybound days ever. It’s inside Carthay Circle’s bar – as I’m really not much one for alcohol, I figured I’d order some tea (yeah, I think I was the Mad Hatter in a previous life), and I asked the server to take a picture for me. When I took out my pipe, she laughed and said, “That’s perfect!” – and after she took the picture, I had to agree! Even the window in the background kind of looks like magnifying glasses!!

Next week I’m planning something special for July 4th – my best friend and I are planning to do a “Disneybound” of sorts technically it’s a Broadwaybound, so look out for that!! I am so very excited. X3

Have a magical day, everyone! xoxo

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A very Merry Unbirthday, everyone! Today I went to Disneyland in that Young!Mad Hatter Disneybound I’ve been working on. Thank you to @xo-sara-xoxo, @thefirststarinthesky, and @withbooksandchocolate for your hat feedback – in the end I came out with a tie from the people I’d asked advice for, so I kind of had to go with the one that blended better with the look, which was the more neutral option. I’m not too disappointed, though, because I was able to punch it up with a ribbon and AMAZING hairbow from Hot Topic, and in the end, I think it pretty well represents Hatter’s hat here. Not all the colors are right, admittedly – the scarf I had to go more for feeling about, and I didn’t have a navy-colored shirt, so I had to use a dark purple instead. Plus the pants are green diamonds and not navy blue pinstripes – but I fell in love with these pants at first sight ($15 at H&M!!) and I thought, don’t they look JUST LIKE the diamond pullover Hatter has over his shirt? Plus they are just fab. They are officially my “Mad Hatter” pants.

As you can see, I brought a friend with me – my Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, dressed as the Mad Hatter (wardrobe courtesy of Duffy the Disney bear). I got a few compliments on my look, but Oswald got mountains of them. Really, though, who could be jealous of such a cutie? The real Oswald absolutely loved him…he almost walked off with him!! I also met an absolutely wonderful mother and daughter at Disneyland dressed as Mary and Bert from Mary Poppins – Mom’s Instagram handle is vintage_panda, so if you have an Instagram, totally check her out!

All right, let’s break down this look – one teal jacket THAT I LOVE TO PIECES, purple collared shirt, green diamond-decked pants, black ankle boots (admittedly the shoes are really hard to see in the promotional material – I think they’re purple??), a brown faux leather hat decorated with a dark pink ribbon and Alice Through the Looking Glass Mad Hatter bow, matching dark pink handkerchief “in pocket” (I had no pant pockets, so I had to use a safety pin! LOL), fingerless lace gloves that were once sleeves on an old wedding dress that I cut off and repurposed, a Mad T Party pin, a multi-colored scarf tied in a bow around the neck, and silver clock earrings (for, as one of the movie trailers tells us, Alice saving the Hatter is only a matter of time).

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I literally just got a tweet from my friend’s brother “I HEARD YOU LIKE DISNEYBOUNDING.” because I showed my friend this photo and she said it was more disneybounding than cosplay :D

This is what I was planning on wearing to Manchester Comic Con (I’ve cut the top to be a little shorter now) but the shorts are incredibly short and I think slightly see through which is totally not what you want when you’re going to be busy on a stall all day and running around so I think I’m going to switch to red shorts and will save the stripey for another time. Unless anyone has any good ideas?


Hello, my followers – as I promised last night, that Hans Disneybound I’ve been working on. I made a promise to myself that I would do this Bound when I went to go see the new Frozen show at the Hyperion Theater, and I gotta tell you, I really wished that Frozen’s show had come out before this heat wave rolled in! It’s certainly better than it was yesterday, but wearing this look and gloves in 88 degree weather =/= fun. But I didn’t care, because I got to channel one of my favorite baddies for a day! Yeah, I know many like to harp on the twist as not making sense or whatever, and yes, I would’ve also liked it if Hans had been more of an anti-villain like Elsa was an anti-hero…but I also love the idea of finally having a good-looking and charming Disney villain in the line-up. And I mean actually good-looking and charming, not someone who is over-the-top in the looks department and has an apparent ego to match like Gaston. It’s such a good thing to remind kids and people in general – that not all bad guys look the part. Anna was a little concerned at first when she saw me, but once I assured her that I really do like sandwiches, she felt better. Elsa, on the other hand, was not so easily convinced! But after enough coaxing, they were kind enough to sign the Frozen Golden Book that I recently added to my bookshelf, to add to my collection of Disney storybooks.

Then I waited my time in line (after getting the Fastpass first thing in the morning – guys, DO THAT. It saves you so much grief. But still come early.) and saw the Frozen show. It is truly very sweet – I got emotional at all the right moments, and all the performers were spot-on. HANS WAS HILARIOUS. He was flirting with members of the audience sometimes; he danced around with Anna; when they decided they’d bring his brothers to stay with them they jumped around like little kids; when Duke Westleton gave Hans his guards Hans gave a fake smile that then dissolved into a miffed pout; and then at the end, when Hans was beaten, he twirled Westleton around to Love is an Open Door! He was so very entertaining to watch. Kristoff was also wonderfully adorkable.

The look is pretty self-explanatory (a grey trenchcoat over two blue shirts, jeans, black ankle boots, a purple neck scarf, and white gloves), but I will add two notes.  The dark blue shirt I wear in place of Hans’s vest has a crown and faux coat of arms on it (which I thought was appropriate), and the earrings are snowflakes, not just for Frozen, but because as Anna says, “the only real frozen heart around here is [Hans’s].” I feel really pleased with how this turned out. Next on the list, in time for his movie’s anniversary, is my Basil of Baker Street Disneybound, which is about 95% done now.

Have a magical day, my followers!

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I’m a little late, but here is my “NonDisneybound” of Anya from Anastasia! I had a very fun day, but still kept the real Romanov family in my mind, as two days ago, ninety-eight years ago, they and their remaining servants were assassinated by the Communists. I know it seems strange to celebrate them by going to Disneyland, but I truly believe that rather than just mourning, we should live for those who have been lost. And I personally think the real Anastasia and her family would’ve had a blast at Disneyland, had she had the chance to visit.

Several people guessed I was Disneybounding, though only two got it right – Peter Pan thought I was Belle, and Ariel thought I was Flounder (which I hadn’t thought of but I thought was very clever!!), but one of the two guests that got it right made me grin when she gestured to my entire outfit and said that it made her inner child squeal with glee! ^.^ As inaccurate as the film is, it certainly means a lot to me as well…and the dress Anya wears in Once Upon a December, as well as the dress she wears in the finale, is largely based on a look Anastasia herself wore in a formal photograph. (x)

I spent most of my day in Fantasyland (I had to ride the carousel – after all, I “rode horses when I was only three!”) and New Orleans Square (well, if I couldn’t make it to Paris, at least I could visit the French Quarter!)…I had to visit my favorite ride, the Haunted Mansion, while I was there, not just because I love it so, but because it felt appropriate to visit with the ghosts today. The ballroom section in particular reminded me of the Once Upon a December sequence.

Rest in peace, Anastasia, Alexei, Marie, Olga, Tatiana, Alexandra, Nicholas, and all of the others that died at the “House of Special Purpose.” I hope that in whatever after-life you may be in, you are happy.

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Throwin it back a little early this week - here’s my Meg Disneybound! I did this back in May, during Opa! A Celebration of Greece, the limited time magic event where Herc first appeared.

He’s a wonderful guy and I miss him lots. I hope that he and Meg are having a wonderful time at Disneyland. :)

Pictures by my dear friend Mary <3



I am so happy to share these photos with you – to celebrate America’s birthday, my good friend Christina and I did a Disney Broadwaybound of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr (sir)! Alex is her favorite character, while Aaron is mine, so it really seemed like a good match-up. We decided to recreate their Revolutionary War looks, which has a slightly easier color scheme to recreate than some of the others, and also is what the two characters wear during two of our favorite songs (Wait for It, in my case, and Yorktown, in hers). To differentiate ourselves, since the looks are so similar, I made these wittle buttons for us, a close-up picture of which is included – I must also thank Man and Dog Designs for the amazing Hamilton necklace Christina is wearing with her look! (I’m wearing a silver cross, as “my grandfather was a fire-and-brimstone preacher,” but you sadly can’t see it in these pictures. The bow in my hair has music notes on it.)

Christina and I had SUCH a fun day today. We “commandeered” a cannon on Main Street (”YO, LET’S STEAL THEIR CANNONS!”), went to go see Turtle Talk with Crush and the Frozen show, rode Soarin’ Around the World and Toy Story Midway Mania (as you can see, I crushed Christina – guess Burr’s not such a “terrible shot,” after all!), and visited the Carthay Circle Lounge. While there I offered to buy Christina a drink – she was not pleased, however, when she found out I’d meant a cup of tea. (Yeah – I went out of character there for a bit. WHAT CAN I SAY, I LOVE ME SOME TEA. At least Christina stayed patriotic and got a Shirley Temple instead.)

Raise a glass to freedom!

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