Some reasons why summer is a nightmare for people with derma

- Hot weather means wanting to wear more revealing clothes (yeah right)

- Hot weather also means sweating more, making you feel dirty, which makes you wanna pick (good bye all self control)

- Mosquito bites

- Sleeping with less clothes and just being tempted to pick away at all the exposed skin you can see while lying in bed (sorry clean sheets)

- Sunburns

- More frequent shaving which can be painful (if you happen to pick in areas where you shave)

- Weird judgement for wearing your swimsuit normally one day if you’re having a good skin week and then having to wear a T-shirt over your swimsuit the next week 

FRIENDS Lemme tell u about a thing. I’m tryna kick my dermatillomania atm and these lil buddies have been an absolute godsend! You just stick the sticker on your spot overnight/for a few hours and it sucks all the gunk out and leaves it flat! Literally overnight! What’s so great about these for my derma is that it forms a barrier so I can’t touch the spot, and you get to peel it off and see all the grossness that’s come out at the end. Also they are pretty cheap I got 2 packs for like £4.50 but I’ve heard you can get them in the pound shop in the uk? Anyway 10/10 would highly reccomend especially if u suffer from compulsive picking.


I made this poster on dermatillomania for a psychology project I did so I’ve decided to post it here for BFRB Awareness Week! It’s a disorder I’ve struggled with since I was 13 years old, and have only recently sought treatment for, mostly do to my being unaware that I had the disorder in the first place, which is why spreading awareness is very important to me.

(NOTE: I apologize if any of my information is off, I was doing it last minute and working off of one source)

i think the thing i hate the most about derma is that once its bad… it really is bad

you start picking this one spot of dry skin, thinking “i just need to get this off thats all it is” but then you just keep going, thinking “the edges of it annoy me i need to balance them out” and you just keep going and going and going, wider and deeper

you cant brush your fingers over any part of yourself without finding something to pick and then at the end youre all picked out but it still doesnt stop, you always find a place where you can pick just that little bit deeper

then you spend the rest of the day in pain, stinging all over, every touch hurting you, and you cant really move because well, you dont have the skin there to give in to the movement

but then when tomorrow comes and youve started to heal you dont like the way it looks, how it feels when you touch it, you dont like the scab, you need to get it off

and it all begins all over again
in a never ending cycle

Derma/My Motivation

My face is a fucking mess.

I’m stressed and breaking out. Its not itchy, it’s just annoying. I don’t need the temptation, I really just want to give up with the “no picking” thing. It takes so much effort and energy. But I look at my body and know that it looks better than it ever has. My scarring is fading and my confidence is increasing but this is an everyday battle and I’m just so tired of fighting the urge. 

I remember when I had open “holes” and scabs everywhere on my body, I remember the pain and the blood. I remember how horrible it felt to cover them up all the time. I had to be so careful I didn’t accidentally brush up against something because I’d be in pain for so long. I look at these scars and I flashback to darker times, lonelier times. I see a girl who was so used to being hurt, she didn’t realise that she didn’t deserve to be hurt anymore. 

I’m not that girl anymore, I’ve suffered enough throughout my life and I’m not going to inflict anymore pain on myself. So yes, it takes energy and effort but I can’t pick at my skin anymore, because I deserve better. I don’t deserve to feel pain anymore. So I’m going to continue fighting the urge, for the little girl inside me who deserves to be happy and pain free.

anonymous asked:

i consult your blog a lot and your curatorial and theoretical work has been really useful to me, esp in thinking/learning about art and about my own derma/ED/associated issues-- i'd love to donate or buy you something as appreciation for how much the work you put in to your blog has helped me. do you have an amazon wishlist link i should look at or smth like that?

This is sweet and thoughtful!

This is my wishlist. I am getting to the point where there aren’t a ton of not-expensive books central to my ~field on there (I am building an ok collection!), so there may not be a ton to choose from in an affordable range. Take a look and see if there’s anything you really would like me to have! 


Take a look at LGBT Books to Prisoners’ Amazon Wish List, they have tons of inexpensive options. (Browse the categories on the left side for more lists.) (Or you can give directly.) I know that’s not what you asked and I’m not trying to be sanctimonious but you know! The point is to support each other thinking through our lives and all of that.


I feel like Amazon smile is kind of a racket? like .5%? But whatever: if you use Amazon smile and are trying to buy something for me, consider using Lansing’s Refugee Development Center’s portal. The RDC doesn’t handle resettlement, they primarily do direct advocacy and language classes, and I think they are going to need a lot more support for the former in the immediate future. They do work closely with St. Vincent (an imperfect org), who handle a lot more of the legal aid things and resettlement. Language learning, citizenship classes and so on is not a good political endgame but it does scaffold a really crucial support network that is necessary for survival, etc. etc. etc.