I made this poster on dermatillomania for a psychology project I did so I’ve decided to post it here for BFRB Awareness Week! It’s a disorder I’ve struggled with since I was 13 years old, and have only recently sought treatment for, mostly do to my being unaware that I had the disorder in the first place, which is why spreading awareness is very important to me.

(NOTE: I apologize if any of my information is off, I was doing it last minute and working off of one source)

Some reasons why summer is a nightmare for people with derma

- Hot weather means wanting to wear more revealing clothes (yeah right)

- Hot weather also means sweating more, making you feel dirty, which makes you wanna pick (good bye all self control)

- Mosquito bites

- Sleeping with less clothes and just being tempted to pick away at all the exposed skin you can see while lying in bed (sorry clean sheets)

- Sunburns

- More frequent shaving which can be painful (if you happen to pick in areas where you shave)

- Weird judgement for wearing your swimsuit normally one day if you’re having a good skin week and then having to wear a T-shirt over your swimsuit the next week 


On (nearly) the last day of BFRB Awareness Week, I finally get around to making those darn signs. I made two because I felt like it.

(notice how I made the first one rhyme) 


hey fellow BFRB sufferers!! this is my back-to-school derma kit. im posting it here in case anyone else wants to compare theirs or is looking for ideas to help manage BFRBs during the school year. my kit includes:

the tangles can get a little noisy, but the stress balls are totally silent and have a gr8 texture so i think they are a good alternative to use in class. both products came in 3s so i am putting one tangle and one stress ball each in my purse, backpack and on my bedside table. i hope this helps other people figure out back to school strategies. im also thinking about keeping a journal to help track my picking as ive done it briefly before and it was really helpful. good luck everybody!!! we got this

i think the thing i hate the most about derma is that once its bad… it really is bad

you start picking this one spot of dry skin, thinking “i just need to get this off thats all it is” but then you just keep going, thinking “the edges of it annoy me i need to balance them out” and you just keep going and going and going, wider and deeper

you cant brush your fingers over any part of yourself without finding something to pick and then at the end youre all picked out but it still doesnt stop, you always find a place where you can pick just that little bit deeper

then you spend the rest of the day in pain, stinging all over, every touch hurting you, and you cant really move because well, you dont have the skin there to give in to the movement

but then when tomorrow comes and youve started to heal you dont like the way it looks, how it feels when you touch it, you dont like the scab, you need to get it off

and it all begins all over again
in a never ending cycle


I’m personally at a good place in terms of my Derma right now, but I feel like a lot of people could benefit from seeing/knowing about this disorder.  You’re not alone.  Your blemishes, your scabs, your scars..they don’t make you any less worthy of love nor do they decrease your value.

This lady is really lovely and I feel like a lot of people will be able to relate to things in this video.

Edit: Oh, also!  For some things that might help if you do feel like you have this:
- fidget toys.  things like Tangles, Wooden Puzzles, etc etc can really help.  basically anything that will distract your hands.
- if you pick at your face or a small area, I suggest finding a face mask that comes in a tube/tub that you can just dab on the areas and leave on for as long as need be.  
- if you feel comfortable telling people that you trust about it, then have them gently remind you to stop when you’re doing it if they’re around.  a lot of the times you’ll be so zoned out that you don’t even realize you’re doing it.
- acrylic nails or gel nails.  these can really help because they’re thicker and smoother, so it’s a lot hard to tear at the skin.  
- if all else fails, covering the picking areas with clothing if you feel like you can’t stop.  gloves might be something to consider too.