derma selfie party?

hey so i’m at 50 followers and i only created this blog last month! i know there’s only a small crowd of y'all out there but i was wondering if we could have a derma selfie party? like i would love for you guys (or anybody with dermatillomania) to submit your beautiful faces 💕💕💕

FRIENDS Lemme tell u about a thing. I’m tryna kick my dermatillomania atm and these lil buddies have been an absolute godsend! You just stick the sticker on your spot overnight/for a few hours and it sucks all the gunk out and leaves it flat! Literally overnight! What’s so great about these for my derma is that it forms a barrier so I can’t touch the spot, and you get to peel it off and see all the grossness that’s come out at the end. Also they are pretty cheap I got 2 packs for like £4.50 but I’ve heard you can get them in the pound shop in the uk? Anyway 10/10 would highly reccomend especially if u suffer from compulsive picking.

hey, i know derma behaviour isn’t necessarily something to promote, because many people struggle with it, and have bad experiences as a result of or with it, and that’s completely valid. i agree it’s not a thing to be ashamed of, but it can be a very destructive behaviour that negatively affects people’s lives in big ways that shouldn’t be ignored.

but at least for me and my experience with my dermatillomania/dermatophagia, after so many years of having it as a constant in my life, with it starting before i can even remember, and my case not being very extreme, (at least not so much anymore as i’ve gotten older) in terms of level of picking and frequency, and knowing now that it’s a coping mechanism for me, for my stress and mental illness, i just sort of feel like it’s okay for me to not actively try to stop the behaviour?

my self esteem is at the point where even when it dips low, it’s in a good place. rather than it being bouts or sessions where i consciously take notice, it’s more like something that happens just a little every so often, and the satisfaction from it is immense compared to the unsettled and hugely upsetting feeling of trying to ignore it.

and i find that it’s mostly just comforting to me, and barely invasive as a habit now. so i guess what i’m trying to say, is to ask your opinion on whether you think it’s okay (for me) to just let it be? i mean, of course, it’s been working for me and i’ve just kind of accepted it as a part of my life rather than rejecting it, but it doesn’t seem like this is a common situation that other people have.

by all means, i know this won’t apply to all cases or experiences because we’re all different, and it seems more common that encouraging derma or any bfrb is negative for people and that’s fine, i understand, but i just personally don’t feel like i am in a position where my own derma is unmanageable and i need to seek help or try to stop my behaviour.

i also want to know if anyone feels the same, has similar experience or wants to offer their advice/opinions?

(also i wanted to send this as an ask but it’s way too long for even three of them and i didn’t want to spam)

————————————————– Hello!! I totally understand where you’re coming from, actually. For me, it was that trying so hard to stop entirely was actually forcing more stress on myself which caused me to pick more. Once I realized that I maybe don’t need to stop if I can keep it light, I became a lot less stressed and have actually relatively reduced my picking habits quite a bit (though, sometimes I still struggle, my case seems to be more extreme than some others and quite spread over my body). I think that if you feel good with yourself and know what you’re doing, that it’s completely fine if you don’t stop/don’t mind. Your body is yours, and you know what you need and what works for you. I feel like a lot of wanting to stop is that people look at us weird or don’t understand and that causes us to lose a lot of confidence. But if you have the confidence to say “sometimes I pick at my skin, it soothes me. I don’t need to stop because it’s not a problem” then power to you! (Plus there are quite a few other species that “pick/pull” at themselves when stressed!! And they survive just fine!!)

I made this poster on dermatillomania for a psychology project I did so I’ve decided to post it here for BFRB Awareness Week! It’s a disorder I’ve struggled with since I was 13 years old, and have only recently sought treatment for, mostly do to my being unaware that I had the disorder in the first place, which is why spreading awareness is very important to me.

(NOTE: I apologize if any of my information is off, I was doing it last minute and working off of one source)

ninjaflavoredicecream  asked:

Hi! I have a few questions about dermatillomania that have been bothering me for a while. First, is derma restricted only to arms, back, thighs, and face? I bite my lip so much it gets torn up and red, and I was wondering if doing that, and also constant arm, face, back, chest, thigh, and neck picking, could also be considered a factor of derma. Also, how often would I have to pick/scratch for my possible case of derma to be considered chronic? Thanks so much for the help, ~Lilianne

Hi! Derma is not restricted to any area of the body - if you are picking at skin anywhere on the body, it can be considered part of derma. Arms, back, thighs, and face are some common skin-picking areas for people with derma, but every person’s experience of derma is different. The revised Skin-Picking Scale uses the designations of mild (less than 1 hour spent picking per day), moderate (1-3 hours/day), severe (3-8 hours/day), and extreme (8+ hours/day) to describe skin-picking frequency [1]. However, it should be noted that a descriptor of “chronic” would include other factors besides how often you pick, such as severity (how bad the picking is) and functional impairment (how much it affects your life).


[1] Snorrason, Í., Ólafsson, R. P., Flessner, C. A., Keuthen, N. J., Franklin, M. E., & Woods, D. W. (2012). The Skin-Picking Scale-Revised: Factor structure and psychometric properties. Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders, 1(2), 133-7.

i can see why tattoos are so addicting….but I just really like tattooing, despite the fact that my hand hurts like hell (bcos my tendinitis worsens of course). I went from 0 to 5 tattoos in less than 2 weeks 😂..but that’s just what happens when you have stick n poke equipment at home, have had tattoo ideas for aaaages and got too much time on your hands. I’ve even tattooed a friend already. Tattooing kinda helps me cope though, especially since it kinda helps my trich and derma? it’s like I’m focusing on my body, but in a very different way and it also brings me a type of meditative experience.

@ people with dermatillomania:

if you don’t already know about this stuff, here:

witch hazel!!! a great thing!! pour some on a paper towel and gently clean ur injures with it. it sanitizes and the witch hazel in it is good for your skin. you can get it with or without alcohol in it. you can get it rose-scented. it doesn’t sting much.

(my derma is kinda abt being Clean™ but in a..damaging way ofc lol. witch hazel after a picking session does actually clean. So it makes me FEEL actually cleaner as well as Cleaner™, and therefore i feel a lil better after putting witch hazel on my face etc. sorry if this reads like an ad lol, i’m not selling this, just trying to explain why i like it.)

my OCD story.

I have a form of OCD called dermatillomania. This is an overwhelming compulsion to pick at your skin. 

I remember once working at a retail store. It was closing time and the staff was all in the staff room. We are all waiting to leave and one girl is washing all the plates, tidying up.

She says

“Sorry guys, i am SOOoOOoOo OCD when it comes to cleaning!!!!! i swear i am so ocd i have to be so neat and tidy with everything in my house!”

I was laughing so, so hard inside at this. 

At this time in my life, my compulsions knew no bounds, i was “mangled” in my opinion. I was in HIDING. Compulsive picking at my body. Wounds. Huge wounds. Lathered in heavy make-up. Fresh and new in therapy. Fresh and new to my OCD diagnoses, and here is a stupid fucking little girl, laughing at my condition, claiming it as the reason for her Positive behaviours.

It was funny to me.

Once i had picked so, so badly at my hands it looked like i had been in a chemical accident or something. Once at a party a boy looked at me and said “ I don’t know how you could do that to yourself. That is so disgusting, i would never do that!” 

I was silent, because i agreed. It was disgusting. I felt shame everyday for it. I should have spit on him, in retrospect.

It’s hard to say when it started. I would pick out my hairs as a kid. I would bite my nails all the time. A ton of body focus repetitive movements. 

The shame from skin picking kept me from seeking help and telling anyone other than my parents about the problem. It is a dirty, perhaps disgusting habit to some. Society shames spots of imperfection, and so did i. I thought i was a fucking piece of shit, to be honest. Physically and mentally. I thought i just sucked because i couldn’t stop.

Soon i was harming myself in other ways and starting to feel suicidal. I started to seek out help from school counsellors at the time. I would get advice like “Try sitting on your hands!” “Try playing with  a gadget or something!”

I tried these things. It did nothing to solve my problem.

I would tell them, even though i want to stop picking, i. can’t. stop. i physically could not put my hand down, even though my inner self was screaming “STOP!!!!!!” my hand would keep pinching, keep digging deeper.

I remember the lowest point. I would not leave my bed. I would not brush my hair. I would not change my clothes. I was physically and mentally DESTROYED. Like a giant self induced rash all over my body. I called my mom at work barely able to talk through my crying. I need help, its getting bad, i want to die. I don’t want to leave the house. I want to heal. I need to heal or Die. My mom and dad listened to me. 

My thoughts would fight against themselves. On one hand, i would scream at myself to stop picking while picking. On the other hand, i would do intense justifications. “It doesn’t feel tight to stop right now. It feels like you have done only half a job. You need to finish the job. You need to just take that one layer of skin off. You need to just dig into that one corner and it will look better and feel better. Just finish this one spot, please!”

I would pick in the middle of the night when i woke up to go to the bathroom. 

I once had a dream i ripped my skin off my entire face and body like one whole sheet of human rice paper.

Once my dad was giving me a ride home from work and i started picking. He physically removed my hand. I raised my hand after a few seconds to continue picking. He hit it away again. I was getting angry. 

He said “Just try and stop right now. Just stop picking for this moment.”

He held my hand down. 

I accepted this. 

With his hand holding mine down, i started to hyperventilate and have a panic attack, crying.

My dad was so shocked. 

I did not understand this emotion at the time. There was a hurting inside of me when i was forced to stop picking. The feeling was like A bubbling explosion inside. A hot nervous must-take-action feeling; like your mom is about to die in front of you, and you NEED to save her but you are not allowed too. That is honestly how it feels. It feels like masturbation. It feels like an edging orgasm. You don’t stop masturbating until you orgasm. You don’t stop picking until you see and feel blood and pain. 

I had an anxiety attack in the car. My compulsive behaviour was being blocked physically. This was a huge step in realizing the severity of my problem.

I went to therapy and it changed my life.

Dermatillomania no longer controls me.

I have come to terms with the fact that i will always have urges, and some days will be better than others.

But i will NEVER go back into the cycle of shame. I will never feel shame for my disorder or the damage that has stuck around. It is important to beat the cycle of self hate and shame. 

I would pick consciously and subconsciously. I still raise my hand every 5 minutes seconds to pick (instead of every three second) most days ;). The difference now though, is i can put it down 1000000000000000000000000 times easier. 

I still have obbsessive thoughts over my skin. I still crave granite skin and get upset when i see imperfections. But i am aware that those are my obsessive thoughts talking. I can deal with them. Compulsions are very easy to control for me right now, but the obsession still can clog up my thoughts.  

I was put on anti deppresents but i am now off them and moved to medical marijuana. 

Overall Therapy was the best medicine. I strongly encourage you to get therapy if you struggle with skin picking and it is taking over your life. They give you the tools you need to deal with this problem.

A support system is also key. My family is the best family. If your family isn’t the best family, I’m here for you. I am here to talk about your skin. You can come to me. Ive been there and through it all. The bfrb community is a beautiful community. feels good to tell my story.

I’m so upset neurotypicals are getting fidget toys banned. It stresses me out SO much.
I’ve had problems with teachers in the past getting mad at me for simply having one pop out of my pocket before (it was a plush rabbit with beads inside for me to squeeze, it never disrupted classes and was almost always in my shirt pocket) and now it’s just gotten 80% harder to use any kind of fidget object now.
The worst part is is that I don’t have access to therapy anymore…So I can’t get a therapists note to use one if I ever do get into trouble. & I can’t use the plush bunny anymore for personal reasons. My Trich and Derma have gotten SO much worse over the past few years and I have almost nothing to help me now…
Why do neurotypicals ruin everything???

shout out to the lesbian, bi, pan, and poly women with dermatillomania! it’s so amazing to me that every single wlw with derma is incredibly beautiful inside and out. not only that, but they’re all so smart, funny, kind, and important. i love wlw who have derma with my entire heart 💕

this post absolutely includes trans women and excludes terfs 🌈