I feel so shitty cuz like?? My mom spent a lot of money on stim toys to help with my derma but I never use them bc I don’t want them to get lost…… Ughghghgg


Theatrical Thursday
Things have seemed slow and rushed. The days have seemed rushed and I think my brain is over compensating for that by trying to over slow things. I feel like everything is happening fast and in slow. Today went by pretty slow as it happened and fast looking back on it.
My derma is bad and I’ve been low on spoons. I’m finally not teetering on the sick stuff anymore though physically! I still get overly sore but I think that too is settling down.
I have been having more tremors though.
Today I mainly worked. It was crafts and taking care of dogs. And good news I finally finished all the wood beads necklaces of the one color. I just have a small number of this new color I’m adding to do now. They are really pretty. They are smoother than the natural natural ones and are not paint dyed they are coffee dyed so still natural. And they are just a darker alternative but not black. The back were discontinued because the dye made me sick so bad and they were bad beads anyway because they were kinda bumpy and ugh. I like these better and they look better.
And erica wanted to help ship the stuff but changed her mind when she realized she liked the box too much. So I finished taking care of the dogs and I tidy up my room then ate and took my pills then showered. I feel alot better. So now relax time then bed.