KC Celebrity AU ➝ for @lalainajanes

Leather black and eyes of blue 
Sun reflecting in your eyes, like an easy rider
Life makes sense when I’m with you

as life goes on and one grows older, repeatedly there arise situations that one cannot handle according to the principles of life that one decided on in one’s youth. in my case, those principles included the decision to leave the main thoroughfare and tread instead the side roads of life as well as to accept the unspoken agreement to leave others alone in exchange for being granted my own independence. i decided to live my life according to those principles, and i have always thought that i would do in life what needed to be done, and that would be it. i continue to believe those things today.
—  Yohji Yamamoto My Dear Bomb 
To rebel against the world’s various authorities, systems and regimes is to assume consistently the position of a minority. Somewhere along the line my sympathies were drawn to these minorities, those people on the side of resistance. These marginalised individuals did not choose the conditions into which they were born; they live trapped in the most basic human inequities and they face injustices that cannot be rationalised. When we forget that these conditions exist, we will be unable to touch people’s souls. People will remain unmoved.
—  Yohji Yamamoto