The Walking Dead StillsSeason 7
Carol (Melissa McBride) was pretty much ready to call it quits when Morgan found and saved her from the Savior at the end of season 6. She will also be headed to the Kingdom in season 7, and considering her no-nonsense attitude, what will Carol make of Ezekiel?

Me: I love EXO!!1!1 EXO IS LIFE!11!!

Me after EXO’RDIUM: W-what *dizzy* is EXO, *sways on my feet* what is LIFE *drops to the ground* 

Family: *throw flowers on my grave and shake their heads in sorrow* She didn’t know what she was getting into, she didn’t know and it killed her. 

Me from my grave: *hands tremble as I raise my lightstick and whisper* E-EXO S-S-ARANGHAJA!