The Path to Adulthood is Paved with Pimples and Grease

So today we woke up only to find Harley contracted some kind of rash. Real ugly spots all over her belly filled with some white puss. So me? Naturally I freaked out. What if it’s some kind of skin infection?! What if it’s candida related?! What if it’s not treatable?! WHAT IF IT’S THE BLACK DEATH?!!!! 

My boyfriend, still sleepy, took me to the best vet clinic in his hometown. There in a little neat office sat this ginger guy. No nurse, just his big dorky smile. He took us in and put Harley down on an examination table. 

‘Oh, of course,’ he says seriously after a while, having checked her entire belly. 

‘WHAT?!’ I cry in anguish. ‘Is it serious?! Can it be treated?!’ 

He looks deep into my eyes, hold up my puppy. ‘Harley has, what we commonly call adolescent acne.’ 

I blink at him for a while. ‘Pimples?’ 

He nods. 


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y’all need to watch this video @edmplurfect @bravemellark @atleti-penguins-and-jogis-jungs  the best is from 1.11 min 

Today I move into a beautiful apartment that I can finally call home with two of my closest friends. Tonight I’m going to have Wifi and cable for the first time in over two months, as well as a clean and safe place to sleep and eat. Next week I start my new (and second) job at a cute little cupcake and ice cream shoppe that I’ve been obsessed with at Disney Springs. Last night I nailed my movement/dance and animation reevaluation, and the casting directors even filmed me at the end, so I’m thinking something good might come of that in the future.

I think everything in my life is finally falling together and into place. 💖 Good things come to those who wait, think positive, and work for what they want. 💜