I may attempt to shade this later but for now is done! Natsu the gsd dressed up as Natsu from Fairy Tail for pawsitivelypowerful/ dakonic! I hope you the sketch!

I had to bs a little…alright alot, transferring his markings into a humanesque form was a guessing game. LOL (I know that fire is crappy, shoo shoo!)

Incredibly blessed to have this girl by my side for 6 months through thick and thin, through good and bad times, and for better or for worse.
I wake up every morning knowing I have unconditional love from the one person I care/love about most. So happy to be able to call this beautiful girl mine. I wish I could be able to see you tonight and spoil you like the princess bitch you are to me. I love you more than my words can explain and I miss you like crazy. ❤️

My Thoughts On Curses

At least from my experience, witches either fully support curses, or absolutely despise them. I happen to be the first option.

Now, I will always be one to preach to use of the Wiccan Rede (An’ it harm none, do what ye will) and the Threefold Law (What ye sends forth comes back to thee). I fully believe in a peaceful practice, and always want to maintain that mindset. Especially when dealing with ignorant people, its nice to have a tranquil practice that bigots can’t twist and turn into their so-called ‘Satanism’. So yeah, peaceful practice.

But I am not naive. I know that the world is cruel and that people will hurt you. I actually have the trauma and mental illnesses to show my fair number of battles with emotional abuse and suicide. And I mean, I am a witch. I can manipulate situations to my benefit. So if someone is trying to hurt me or I feel like I am in danger: I can fuck them up. I can and absolutely will curse them.

In one of my prayers, I’ve added a line that isn’t traditional. “An’ it harm none, do what ye will. Lest in thy self-defense it be. What ye sends forth comes back to thee.” I will not go around cursing and hexing people for the sake of it. Only when I or my loved ones are in danger, or a curse is justified. I will do revenge curses, but rarely.

So in conclusion, I support them, but only is they are deserved / the only option.

~ Skyelar Vuno

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Dollfinas Minimeet @ Animax Carnival (Mall of Asia) 

To be honest the mini meet was super sudden since I wasn’t planning to go to the event until the very last minute, but I’m glad people were able to make it at least! I haven’t gone to a meet since Manika Manila’s Valentine meet back in febuary, so being able to hang with these people again is so fun! honestly we should do meets more often lmfao

I wish I took more photos though. curse my shaky hands orz.

Senka (Rise Kujikawa) & Haruna (Saber Alter V2) belong to me
Miho (DDH02) belongs to Kiko
Miu (Amaha Miu) & Michiko (Aoi V2)  belong to Paulo & Raizel

Toddler (Edited) (Sam Wilkinson imagine)

| Requested by anon: Hello! Can you please do the imagine where a baby gets dropped at SAMs front door with no mom and he has to take care of his kid by himself. Can the kid be like 3? Thanks love😘

(Sam’s POV)

“Lia and I are home. We also did groceries :)” I texted (Y/N).

Yeah we had a kid together. And she was 3 years old. At first it was hard, but we both got used to it and we’re killer parents now.

I opened the door to our apartment and I tried to find my keys. I had Amelia (aka Lia) in my right arm and the groceries in my left. I put down the bags and tried to reach for my keys.

Before I knew it Lia slipped out of my arm.

I softly cursed in myself while picking up crying Lia. “Shh, it’s okay, baby.” I assured while trying to calm her down.

Shit. I just fucking dropped my baby.

How did I freaking drop her? What the hell? She slipped out of my arm because I was reaching for my keys and suddenly Lia started moving wildly and I accidentally dropped her.

(Y/N) is going to kill me, for real. “Lia, baby.” I softly mumbled while still reaching for the keys.

I finally got them and threw everything inside. The fuck am I suppose to do now? I dropped my kid. She’s crying. What does she want?

Do I need to go to hospital? Or just stay here and take care of here… Fuck.

Damn it. (Y/N) isn’t here. I have a crying baby. What if something’s wrong with her now?!

You know what, I’m gonna call mom.

“Hey, mom.” I said as she picked up the phone.

“Hi Sammy! What’s wrong? I’m pretty busy.” She said while struggling to do something.

“Good, good… But I have a problem here. I dropped Lia by accident… What the hell do I need to do?!” I quickly said.

“You what?!”


“I know what you said! How could you do that, Sam?”

“I don’t know. But I do know that I don’t need a yelling mom right now. Please just help me.” I tried to say calmly.

“Uh, where’s she now?”

“On the couch.” I said as she started crying even harder.

“Okay, okay. Uh, I need to go like right now. But just give her something that makes her stop crying and then just calm her down.” She quickly said. “Sam, I really need to go. Be careful next time.”

“Thanks mom.”

“Anytime, love.” And with that she hung up.

Okay, okay. Give her something to make her stop crying.

I looked in the pantry and looked for gummy bears. (Y/N) is going to kick my ass. “Lia!” I happily said.

She started crying even harder. “Look what daddy has!” I showed her the candy and she stopped crying. “Do you want this?”

She quickly nodded and reached for the candy.

I gave her one and she ate it. “Thank you, daddy.” She softly murmured.

I wiped her tears away and put her on my lap. “It’s okay, princess. Don’t tell mommy.” I put a finger on my mouth, gesturing to keep it a secret. “Are you hurt?” I asked while kissing her cheek.

“A little.” She answered. Lia was slowly but surely working on her talking.

“Do you want to play?” I asked softly. She nodded again and reached for another gummy bear. “Hey, hey. Last one, okay?” She, again, nodded and reached for the bag.

I tilted her up and put her on the ground. She walked over to the play kitchen and started laughing as she threw the fake-food at me. “Are you gonna cook for daddy?”

“Yes!” She grabbed a plate and threw the food on there. “Here.” She said as she handed the plate.

“Hmm, this looks yummy!” I said while ‘eating’ the food.

| I hope you enjoy it anon :)


Benedict Cumberbatch - finally done, i think, ballpoint pen on Strathmore Bristol smooth. beautiful reference photo by Gareth Cattermole here, thank you. There will also be a full-drawing-only post, in case anyone prefers that. open in new tab for larger views. warning: artist rambling under the cut. [my art tag]

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My apologies to all of you who actually want pictures of cinnamon rolls and instead get bombarded with pictures of Pietro Maximoff.

So here are some pictures of cinnamon rolls for your satisfaction. 

This just in. I can no longer recognize the difference between a cinnamon roll and Pietro Maximoff.

Your silence haunts me
But I still hunger for you
—  Killswitch Engage - My Curse