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Hey if you're still taking prompts for scorbus fics. I'm kinda dying to read a fic about scorpious coming out to Draco but cant seem to find anything.

This is really different from what I usually write so forgive me if it’s a bit odd. I might not post this on A03 but here you go: Scorpius Malfoy comes out to Draco Malfoy under the cut. 3K Long and completely PG. Let me know what you think

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Ficlet: Cold

@anthonyboyles had a cold the other day, so I wrote this little bit of fluff: Albus taking care of Scorpius who has a cold. If anyone out there is ill, I hope you feel better soon. <3 


Albus has never seen Scorpius look more miserable. He’s slumped in an armchair in the common room with all his books spread out in front of him but he isn’t working. He’s hugging himself with one arm, and he keeps blowing his nose.

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i just remembered a thing that happened yesterday, and i’m still irritated about it :’)

so the youth leader in my christian church (i’m not religious, i just go because the people are actually cool) is a guy that i’ve known almost my entire life because he’s my dad’s long time friend, so he’s always treated my sister and i like family. there are times, though, when he annoys me. like yesterday.

so we had gotten into the topic of dating and stuff. when he asked me about it, i told him that i actually don’t care to find a boyfriend and all that, and that i’d love to have friends instead. to my surprise, he said “oh that’s good!” and i thought he was accepting it, so i appreciated it.

but he interpreted that differently than i thought, so then he started talking about how friends can “”“blossom””” into romantic love and pretty much implied that everyone has soulmates and i was just forcing a smile and staying quiet but on the inside i was thinking about how much i hated being alive at that moment.

why is it so damn hard for society to accept that there are people that don’t give a flying flop about romantic relationships and that they can be happy on their own??? WHY CAN’T EVERYONE LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE???????

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Just saw your post about Sam being away this week. Guess that makes sense as it's his bday on Saturday! Yeah I really want to know what his understudy will be like!

Yeeess so I’m not the only one who’s curious!

But for real, understudies are truly brilliant and I have absolutely gone to see shows to see a new actor play a role (and when it comes to musicals I definitely creep on Youtube listening to West End/Broadway debutes, from a nerd point of view they’re kind of exciting). And I know this has been somewhat of a controversial topic recently with the Cameron Mackintosh debacle but I really wish they would announce cast holidays in advance, like some of the other West End plays and musicals do. And let’s be real, a big portion of the audience bought their tickets months before the cast was even announced, so I really doubt they’d play to empty seats even if they would announced holidays in advance.

Why ship sheith when you can make a plethora of anti-sheith blogs that specialize in making black-lists with CSA survivors, abuse survivors, and minors on them.

What a substantially better way to spend your time. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you loved sheith more than me. After all you sure as hell spend enough time talking shit and searching stuff about it. Must not be triggering if you wanna talk about it all the time, because personally I avoid my triggers at all costs.

And y'all like to say we need to re-evaluate our mental health and coping methods.

'' We will live... ''

 Thanks to @unisonraidd for helping me with the text ♥