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If you're not LGBT, you don't get to decide who's in the LGBT community. It's not just some club for anyone who feels out-of-place; it's a very specific group of oppressed people. Asexual people are appropriating our words and forcing their way into our spaces.

Hey guess what! I’m fucking gay. I’m gay and I’ve been gay forever. I’m gay AND asexual so hey guess what else!? You can literally fuck off so far away from me. I don’t remember exactly when I asked for your opinion or for you to assume that I’m not in some way queer.

i know that girl. i know her bones. i know how she kicks, how she rages and fumbles. i know how she gasps, clutching hands to her chest, eyes wide and starving as she chokes on her heart. i know how she burns, stars colliding inside her. i know her, of course i know her. of course i know me.

because, well, that is me. of course it’s me. who else could i possibly be? certainly not this… hollow thing. i am the girl with the thorns between her ribs. i am the girl with the stars between her lips. i am the girl with the hands on her hips. i am not this, i am not this.

—  not like this

this is kinda late but like @gutter-girl-100 is an amazing person?????? They really made me feel comfortable in this fandom which was something I’ve never experienced before so that meant a lot to me. Charlie you’re too kind and understanding and I don’t deserve to be considered your friend or even me mutuals with you like seriously thank u so much <3 <3 <3 You’re incredible and you deserve so so so much!!!!!!!

I live for the headcanon that somebody (I’ll leave you to decide who) cursed all of Harry’s classmates so they’re in love with him for the day

And then he bumps into Draco and he thinks oh god this is going to be so weird

And Draco just acts like Draco, smirking sneering “Potter”

Harry is confused and tells a recovering (and embarrassed) Hermionie about it the next day

And Hermionie just stares at Harry, and then gets up and leaves.

Flip Wizard
Lillian Kraack (bluespacequeen)
Flip Wizard

A stupid song about a stupid elf wizard with an acrobatics modifier of +7. (Feat. the McElroy Brothers)

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