don’t tell my abuser about my mental health business that is literally not your place and don’t get mad at me for being upset about it i have a right to be you don’t care about my privacy you don’t care about what im going through if you did you wouldn’t have told her the wrong diagnosis on top of telling her my information. and you tell me it’s “not a big deal”??? how would you even know! how do i know she won’t use this against me now! she’s your daughter, my fucking mom, you should know how she acts when she gets information you don’t want her to have. you just don’t care. my heart is breaking.

Fashion Tips from a Witch

I used to be nervous to dress like I’d just crawled out of my well to curse man, but now I embrace it! Here are some of my favorite pointers for how to dress like your friendly neighborhood witch-next-door. 

  • Try thrift. These clothes are not only cheap and good for the environment… they have lived a life before you. They have carried ghosts. They will whisper to you. Listen carefully. One in three things they say is a friendly flattery. 
  • Want to try mori kei or dark mori but too chubby? Worried the loose clothes will make you look even bigger? Don’t be afraid to take up space. The universe is constantly expanding, and you can be, too. Keep on rockin’ the flowy A-lines and oversized sweaters. If the superstitious farmers in the fields grow nervous, fuck it, that’s on them. Soon you will attract the nearest planetary body, which happens to be the moon, so… you’re definitely going to want to keep going. 
  • DUCK BOOTS, holy Mother, get yourself some duck boots. If you live near the ocean, wear them on your sea-glass expeditions. If you live in the city, wear them when you follow an alley cat to his shadowy lair. And if you live in a forest, they are good for mucking around and running with deer and drinking from streams. 

Thinking of expanding this list and making a zine. Lmk if that’s something you’d like folks. 

I’m nervously going to tag @systlin and @thebibliosphere because I wrote this with you in mind… idk you’re both just really cool and I admire you a lot. 

“Bubble Gum”

Sorry I didn’t kiss you
But it’s obvious i wanted to
Bubble gum down my throat and it’s a curse
But my luck couldn’t get any worse

‘Cause I swallowed the bubble gum
Oh, and these seven years will be pretty dumb
Pink flowers grow from my skin
Pepto bismol veins and I grin

You look so nice in your shirt
It’s sad because it just hurts
I’d do anything for you
But would you do that for me, too?

'Cause I swallowed the bubble gum
Oh, and these 7 years will be pretty dumb
Pink flowers grow from my skin
Pepto bismol veins and I grin

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anonymous asked:

I'm trying to use roll20 for my curse of strahd campaign... does everyone playing the campaignhave to buy it or just the dm?

Just the DM.