so I made a post about banning NSFW icons from tumblr because I don’t want to see that???? also as someone stated minors shouldn’t have to be exposed to that either. so this person, who has apparently been following me for 9 months decided to comment on my post calling me all these names that don’t even make any sense in regards to what I posted. I just wanted to warn everyone to make sure you stay away from this person and their blog. you don’t need rude, negative, and toxic people like that in your life. if you can please reblog (you don’t have to) so more people are aware of this person that would be great.

James Howard as Draco Malfoy

I’m not sure if this has happened before, but tonight there was a cover on for Draco Malfoy. We were blessed with James Howard’s rendition of the role, which was pretty exciting (especially because I’d just been chatting with my friends about how weird it would be seeing someone other than the main actors play any of the roles). So here is a bit about how he did in Part One (I’ll have to wait until Friday for the meat of his scenes, sadly).

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The First Date - rainystreetlights - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Thorne & Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
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“Merlin’s sparkly pants I’m nervous” Scorpius mumbled to himself as he and Albus trudged through the freshly fallen snow towards Hogsmeade village. Albus watched as Scorpius picked fluff from his long and very expensive Madame Malkins coat. He then adjusted his scarf, faffed with his hair and checked his breath before returning to the coat again. Scorpius was doing what Albus had coined as his ‘worry dance’ which was only brought out for particularly stressful occasions. He’d feel bad if it wasn’t extremely funny to watch.

My contribution to @scorrbus ‘s Scorbus Network Challenge 1: First Date.

This fic is very creatively entitled The First Date  A One-Shot set in Albus and Scorpius’ sixth year at Hogwarts. When Rose doesn’t show up, Albus and Scorpius end up going on an accidental first date. Pure Scorpius and Albus fluff. Full of awkward conversations and strange situations.

This is my first ever proper fanfiction so please tell me what you think <3

Problem: I want to draw Harry Potter fanart because tomorrow is SEPTEMBER 1st

But I only have Cursed Child on the mind?!

And on top of that while I have some doodles of my head-canon Albus look, I don’t have a set design in mind for Scorpius; truth to tell, I have equated him with something like a borzoi so here’s noodle-dog Scorpius


Pop Culture Spells Day 2: A curse based on the first fandom/character that got you interested in pop culture spells. So Harry Potter again.

A spell to keep someone from talking about something.

“When are you going to get a boyfriend?”
“Why can’t you act normal?”
“Your room is a mess!”

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Paper & Pen
Something Destructive

Step One:
Attach your taglock to the poppet with the tape or string. Bind the poppet to your target however is appropriate to your practice.

Step Two:
Attach the piece of paper to the doll.

Step Three:
Write down the topic(s) you don’t want your target talking about.

Step Four:
Tape the poppet’s mouth shut. If there’s no mouth, go for the area where the mouth would be. Put your intent into the action. Tell your target they cannot say these things to you anymore.

Step Five:
Tear the piece of paper away. Scribble out the words. Rip it up. Destroy the words you no longer want to hear in whatever way you want. Burn the paper or flush it down a toilet.

Step Six:
Hide the doll away for safe-keeping.

Sorry for the little vent just now, I’m just…

Really tired.

I kept too much in myself, it’s just a matter of time before snap and just

Completely go savage.

So yeah.

Expect more vent arts in the future.

Oh and @luvislee, I’m so sorry for what happened just now. Please don’t feel bad and blame yourself.

It’s my fault. I shouldn’t be mad at you. Please forgive me.

I’m gonna go get some rest now, I have a trip to hell tomorrow.

Thanks for listening and please don’t worry about me.

I’ll be fine.


“ The happiest man on Earth would look into the Mirror
and see only himself, exactly as he is.“

6th year Scorbus comic based on @charamchadoo‘s short fic ‘Mirror’, where Scorpius and Albus stumble upon the Mirror of Erised. Please do go read the original piece, it flows a lot more naturally than this!

also that Invisibility cloak was ‘borrowed’ from James laughs