Just in case anyone is wondering, Lio and I are working on a trick in which he gets up on his hind legs so I can hold him up as he stares into my eyes.

We are weirdly intense friends.

Is Chekov the only Russian on the Enterprise? Wow, that would be so lonely. We never get confirmation that Uhura can speak Russian so we don’t even know if he had anyone to talk to in his first language. Even if she could she probably wouldn’t know about all of his culture’s traditions and stuff. And he was just a kid, too, everyone else was at least 8 years older than him on the Bridge and since he got there a year after the rest of them there would be an even bigger separation. Goddam, he probably wouldn’t be able to maintain his connections with whatever friends he had prior to being navigator because he would be a “high and mighty member of Alpha Team™” and he would never see them anyways. He studied so hard in school he probably didn’t have many friends there either, at least none he would keep in touch with. He was an only child too so no siblings and we never hear anything about his parents. Wow, he’s just this impressionable and extroverted kid out in space all by himself with hardly any friends and no one to be Russian with I’m glad he made friends, I’m happy Sulu and Uhura and Scotty and Chapel and Kirk and everyone else loved him because those first few years were probably super lonely

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Negan's relationship with Lucille

@hideyourgraces mentioned to me that in the premiere Negan calls Lucille “dirty girl” so I decided to psychoanalyze a man’s relationship to his baseball bat.

FYI: I did no rereading or research to back any of this up so it’s probably hogwash. But it was fun to write.

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that adhd feel

Man, using ritalin for school and work is so good and helpful for being awake and focused and… yanno, able to process everything going on around me.

But using ritalin at home sitting at my computer is occasionally just counter-productive, cause I get SO pumped and energised and alert, that I want to do at least five different things that I’ve wanted to get to.

Like, it may make it easier to take initiative, and easier to focus without getting sidetracked when motivated. But man, when I can’t decide on what to do, I sit here bouncing and trying to do all the different things at the same time.

Especially because I feel like I should probably focus on schoolwork, but I WANT to do nerdy fandom things.

Turns out the ability to focus and take initiative doesn’t actually give me that much more discipline. The procrastination is still strong with me. Probably because I still have that “perfectionist” and “terrified of failure/mediocrity” thing.

Granted, that’s still better than doing absolutely nothing except mindlessly browse the internet, but still. Now I have to deal with tense muscles.