8.5.16// I really enjoyed the time with my cousin at her place. We had beautiful sight on the green Rome, among the red Bougainville, had a pleasant lunch on the balcony and chatted on the soft sofa. She’s graduating soon and we studied together with my sister in “religious” silence and harmony.

Someone once asked me what it was like losing someone you love. All I could tell that naive, little girl was that, “It will hurt a bit, but you’ll grow strong and forget.” I wish I was brutally honest with her because no one else had the heart to. I wish I had warned her that losing him will feel like one ignoramus storm of pain and emotions. That when he goes it will be like forgetting how to breathe, and you’ll have to learn how to all over again. You will have to forget the way he touched your skin and the way he kissed you lips. You will have to forget it all, even if it kills you to. Remember to trust people when they say you need to get out, because when you go into that party and he see’s your face while he’s dancing with another girl. You will want him to see your face glowing, and smiling. He may have taking your heart but don’t you dare let him take your smile. Then there will come a time where you’ll eventually become your own storm and it won’t be pain anymore. It will be power and glory, and you won’t flinch when you hear his name. You will only feel a sweet, distant memory, one that will have you wondering, “Why did I waste so much time.”
—  A letter to my dearest, oh so beautiful cousin. Don’t let these boys take everything from you. Leave some for you and you only.- I’ll read you this when the time is right. // 7:02 pm
Star Trek TOS crew as members of my extended family

Kirk: my 30-something cousin who shoved an entire full-sized cupcake in his mouth to prove he could eat it faster than his 4 year old nephew

Spock: my cousin who owns multiple hairless cats and WILL sit you down during family barbecues to talk to you about them at length

Sulu: my cousin who left his promising career in theatre to become a puppeteer and start his own business making puppets

Chekov: my 6 year old cousin who got way too excited about fireworks last canada day and asked for an alarming amount of sparklers

Uhura: my grandma who danced with a member of hells angels at a wedding and described him as being “a very nice young man”

Scotty: my uncle who built a plane in his garage and had to dismantle it because he couldn’t figure out how to get it out

Bones: my cousin who works as a kindergarten teacher and has four children of her own and is literally always tired

my cousin works for apple and he said that the iPhone 10 is just a piece of paper that has the word “phone” written on it. you can draw on a headphone jack if you want but it’ll void your warranty


Happened to me earlier and I was srsly at loss like MOM WHY

the feud between coca-cola and pepsi co is so interesting.

Pepsi Co. is in partnership with Frido Lay. Every year, for over 18 years, they’ve purchased out the entire Six Flags over Texas park in arlington, to host a free admission ‘picnic’ for their employees. My cousin works with them, so she brought us with her as family.

Pepsi Co. legit, had Six Flags cover up all the park food advertisements featuring coca-cola, and coca-cola products with black butcher paper. And I mean…every…single…image. Even the tiny ones.

fact: random, little gestures of people letting you know they love you and are thinking of you are the sweetest things in the whole entire world

Dylan was very unhappy. Extremely unhappy as he pouted wider than he did before. He knew it was summer break, but he hadn’t seen Seong for a bit all day because of his work, and he missed Seong a lot. Both physically and mentally. So he was excited to meet up to hang out with Seong. It always felt like too long. What he wasn’t expecting, actually he was since Seong’s dad seemed to hate him, was Seong to have another girl following along. That was fine. He could get along wit her, he had bribed Yeo to come along (he didn’t know why Yeo so desperately wanted Taylor’s number really), but what wasn’t fine was he noticed right away Seong wasn’t wearing the ring. He frowned even more as he huffed. He wanted to whine to Seong alone for a moment as he looked at Yeo. “If you go distract the girl Yeo I’ll do one better. I’ll tell you one place where Taylor is sensitive to touch.” He wasn’t sure if Yeo thought Taylor was cute but he was banking on it. (@fckxillusion)