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Prompt: or OQ middle school dance. That'd b cute. :)

Thank you so much for request! As always, sorry for taking so long to write it!

(I changed middle school dance to high school dance, hope you don’t mind) 

Hope you like it!! 

She looks beautiful. No, not beautiful, she looks gorgeous.

He cannot take his eyes from her. Her long dark hair is bound into a long ponytail and he cannot remember the last time a ponytail looked this good on someone. But on the other hand, she’s always an exception, everything looks amazing on her. She’s wearing a long light blue dress that hugs her curves in all the right places, her shoulders are bare and he feels the need to cover those shoulders with kisses.

Even though she looks gorgeous to him, she doesn’t feel very confident. He can tell from the way she’s looking around the room, making sure that people are not staring at her, and it’s no surprise to him – usually she dresses in black, avoids dresses, pants usually and a black t-shirt, but this night is different, it’s high school dance, and he had convinced her that she should wear a dress, just this one time (it took him hours to convince her).

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          the ground was just a  c a n v a s  underfoot.
          each puddle was a  s e a  from where i stood. 
          with my heart dipped in gold & my courage shining bright ;

    i wasn’t afraid to leave or stay.  
                                                 i wasn’t afraid to make my own way.

                          ( a SORA roleplay blog; written by A G ! )


On the Field and in Your Face: @hellochristinrose Inspires Confidence Through #ShePlaysWeWin

To learn more about #ShePlaysWeWin, follow @hellochristinrose on Instagram.

It all started with an image of Sky Brown, a 7-year-old skateboarder from Japan who glared challengingly into Christin Rose’s (@hellochristinrose) camera. “She made this project,” the photographer says. “Her knee’s all bloodied up and she’s just sitting on her skateboard with her turquoise nail polish chipped off.”

Christin’s initiative #ShePlaysWeWin features in-your-face images of tough little girls in all their athletic glory. “The courage my life requires right now to take risks, be willing to fail, be a teammate and work on getting better is the exact same stuff I learned on the softball field when I was 10 years old,” the photographer says. So far, she’s photographed skateboarders, surfers, soccer players and boxers, predominantly in her native California, but she envisions going global. “If it helps one little girl go, ‘Maybe I could skateboard, maybe I could play ice hockey,’ it will all be worth it.”
Click here to support Chris' top transition surgery

Chris. That’s me. and let me explain. 

I am raising money to fund expenses for top transition surgery. I am using 2016 as my year to be fully trans. What I mean by that is over the past couple of years I’ve been unsure of where I really belong because while I felt male all the time, I would look at myself and see my rather large chest and feel horrible and deflated. It took a while for me to realize that-that feeling was dsyphoria. So this year, I know who I am. There’s no more questioning for me, and I’ve never been more sure of anything. I’d spend literally hours on the trans tags on tumblr looking at all the before and after pics of people who have gotten the surgery I want, and I feel both excited for them and sad for myself that the surgery will take years and years for me to get on my own with the little money I make as a college student. I’m already facing debt with school, and this bill, if I’d have to raise the money by myself, is just not realistic for me. 

 So what this is, honestly, is a plea. I can’t do this by myself, and the dysphoria day-to-day is emotionally and mentally exhausting-I know I need this. If you can donate anything, even $5 would be a help. I hope to have achieved this funding goal and the surgery itself by the time I’m 25, which is in a few years. Please, help if you can and tell your friends to donate anything they can to help me become who I really need to be. 

I’m not talented in the way of anything like art or making things but I am willing to offer my writing as an incentive. If you donate (and we’ll word out the details like word count privately) I will write a drabble/fic of your choosing for you. It can be from any fandom I’m familiar with, and If you donate over $50, I will personally familiarize myself with your fandom If I don’t know about it and then write a fanfic for you. Any pairing, any scenario. I’m down with it if you help me out. Just let me know who are you and how much you donated and we can talk.

Now here are some cool numbers:

If just a bit over half the number of followers I have donated $1, I’d reach my goal.

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Your Support means everything.

    “Are you awake?”

     The young duelist stirred and only seemed to nudge closer before making any kind of response.

     “ Y-Yes, I’m awake!” Yuugi sighed softly to himself and suppressed a yawn, rubbed his eyes and adjusted himself so he could see the television better. He admitted that he had been so comfortable lounging next to Atem on the couch that only for a moment did he let his eyes slip shut. It’s not that Yuugi was bored at all, he enjoyed movie night! He was just a little too comfortable. The young duelist looked up when he heard the former pharaoh chuckle softly.

     “I saw that. If you’re tired why not just go to bed for the night, Aibou?”

     “I’m not tired! I’m awake, promise! Besides, the movie is almost over. I’ll be alright~,” Yuugi snuggled closer to lay his head against Atem’s shoulder.

     “You’ve had a pretty rough week, haven’t you? Didn’t you have a test today?” There was just the tiniest hint of a whimper from the young duelist and the slightest tension in his neck and shoulders; uncomfortable subject perhaps.

     “I don’t think I did that well. Why did it have to be on a Friday?? Now I’ll just be worrying about it all weekend!,” Yuugi huffed and fidgeted in his seat a little, running a hand through his hair.

     “I’m sure you did just fine! I even helped you study this time. I was happy to,” the former pharaoh took Yuugi’s hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze, ‘Don’t worry. I have every confidence that you passed. And even if you didn’t, that’s okay. You’ll do better next time~”

     Yuugi couldn’t help but smile again, his cheeks flushing a soft pink; well, at least someone believed he’d passed that horrid test. Still, he wanted to forget about it and attempt to enjoy his weekend. He felt a warm hand at his back, gently soothing tension away and he began to relax again. He wrapped his arms around Atem’s waist and squeezed him tightly, earning a very soft kiss on the forehead.

     Yuugi didn’t even realize he had let his eyes drift shut again sometime later until he heard the former pharaoh’s voice so close to his ear. Was the movie over? He opened one sleepy eye somewhat unwillingly. The room was dark, the television turned off; how long had he been out? Yuugi could just make out Atem’s form as he came back to the couch; he had turned all the lights off as well. It was really comfortable and warm where Yuugi lay stretched out, he really didn’t want to move.

    “Aibou? Wouldn’t you rather sleep in your own bed? You might catch cold out here,” the former pharaoh whispered as he ran his fingers gently through Yuugi’s bangs. He grinned to himself as the other answered him with a sleepy groan and simply rolled over onto his stomach. A quick little exhale of air and Yuugi was out again, already slipping back into whatever dream he’d been having. Well, the least Atem could do is make sure Yuugi stayed warm.

     Grabbing the fleece blanket flung over the top of the couch, he gathered Yuugi into his arms and carefully settled down beside him. He didn’t mind staying here for the night. It wasn’t the first and certainly wouldn’t be the last. Atem watched his Aibou sleep for a while until his own eyes grew heavy and fighting sleep was no longer an option.

     Movie nights were nice. They’d become something Atem enjoyed, something he’d cherish. Anything to spend time with his precious Aibou.


Tumblr: @harman-kaurr

I thought I should make a post for #The Chunni Project as well!

I am a Sikh woman and I have been tying my dastaar (turban) for 10 years now. Over these past 10 years, I have had to face a lot of discrimination, but also a lot of mockery as well. When I was 10, I tied my dastaar to school for the first time, and some of the girls looked at me in disgust, and the boys told me “you look like a boy”.
I got through it all. Sometimes my mind would stray from being religious at all, and I would have thoughts of giving up. But I am so glad that my faith in God was strong enough to get me where I am today: a strong and independent Sikh woman who doesn’t care what people think when they see me. My strength, my beauty, my courage all comes from my crown.

I recently found the courage to start posting my writing online because I was afraid no one would want to read it. But, I have gained so much support from my Tumblr family (love you guys!) that I accomplished another one of my dreams: #The Chunni Project. It’s an ongoing project that connects women of colour/desi diaspora and is a safe platform for these women to share their stories.
I want you to feel comfortable, not only in your skin, but in your culture and your religion. So I welcome you all, whether you’re Punjabi, Bengali, Pakistani, Sri Lankan etc. Submit your story and/or a picture and lets spread the word <3

You can read and look at other submissions using the hashtag #the chunni project if you want to get an idea/sense of what you would like to post. It is all up to you and I am always open to new ideas!