fuck these petty niggas is a bitch motto 😈

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oh my gosh ok I gotta share my first kiss story now because it's the opposite of another anon's! I was watching spirited away with my soon to be boyfriend in his dorm bed and we'd been flirting for weeks so I mustered up my courage and kissed him! A little harder than I intended. He uh, may have fallen backwards in the bed. But we've been dating for almost 2 years now! It wasn't my first first kiss but it was my first kiss with him and the coincidence was too funny so I had to share!

Wow omg, how weird that its like the reverse of the other anons story! That’s pretty funny tho, congrats on ur almost 2 years that’s a long time


It’s the first door on the right, on the first floor!”, the woman informs me.
I thank her, and make my way to the stairs. While on my way to Mr. Jacobs’ office, I thought about what I’ve heard about this firm. I’ve been told Mr. Jacobs was a grumpy old man - that didn’t help with my nervousness at all.
Hopefully, he will be in a good mood today.
I reach the first door on the right and inhale deeply, gathering my courage. Afterwards, I knock on the door and I hear a manly voice telling me to enter.
I’m surprised to see a young man sitting at the desk. I was expecting an old man, after all.
Mr. Jacobs?…”, I ask sheepishly, fearing that I knocked on the wrong door. The young man smirked.
That would be me.”, he answers.
I enter in his office and close the door behind me.
I’m Amelia Scott. I’m here for the job interview, for the secretary position.”, I introduce myself, trying to break away from my awkward entrance.
Nice to meet you, Miss Scott. Please, have a sit”, he offers. I clearly still look slightly confused by his age, so he decides to add. “Also, to clear up any confusion: I’m Mr. Jacobs son. He has retired not so long ago, and I took his place. I’m Gabriel Jacobs.
I smile. He doesn’t look grumpy like what people said about his father, which made me more at ease.

girls rock! // a playlist of modern rock/alternative bands with amazing female singers!

Love Bites (So Do I) Halestorm / Cold Blooded Courage My Love / Careful Paramore / Off With Her Head Icon For Hire / My Medicine The Pretty Reckless / Let Them In PVRIS / No One Else Reachback / Lonely Girl Tonight Alive / Lithium Evanescence / When It’s Over Darling Parade / Again Flyleaf / Paralyzed Against the Current / Defame Me New Years Day / The Best Thing (That Never Happened) We Are The In Crowd

i hate making new friends that i genuinely like and want to hang out with because i always end up feeling like they already have their Chosen Circle of People that i’ll forever be on the outside of and i won’t ever grow closer to them because i’m afraid of butting in where i don’t belong

“I came to Los Angeles being thirty years old. It’s not about patience, but determination. If you are persistent and work hard it is possible to break through. I tried everything at the beginning: acting classes, independent movies, online series… every role was an opportunity to learn and to grow. I think I fooled myself during the first years, and that fooling helped me to keep my courage. I’m a very determined person and this was something I wanted to do since I was a little girl."  Caitriona Balfe


wow okay, this is me, and my glasses were giving me a headache so i took them off c:

anyway.. i couldn’t really pick between the two dresses i had. it’s for my uncles wedding and i thought it would be cool if you could help me pick?? (click for more info)