im crying because each time i rewatch a voltron episode for whatever reason i keep accidentally finding a new screenshot to add to my collection of “keith falling” moments

"Zura! Takasugi! Gintoki!"
  • "Zura! Takasugi! Gintoki!"
  • Sakamoto, episode 323

Sakamoto strategizing. (I included Gintoki because I like how he says Sakamoto’s name.)

Gintoki: “Tatsuma!”

Sakamoto: “Comin’! Zura! Takasugi! Pretend to retreat and draw the enemy in! Gintoki! Use that chance to get past ‘em!”

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The mod and followers of the vituurificrec blog are having a panic party over your chapter 13, and it's a great time.

I saw and I was so touched! Honestly, shout out to @victuurificrec because they are so sweet about my fic, every time I see it on a rec list I get so happy and I have one of their descriptions of my fic saved on my phone in my folder of things that make me happy to look at when I’m struggling with writing. Plus they are pretty much my main source of compiling my ‘fics to read in the summer when you finally have time to binge’ list!


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