{ time heals all wounds }

“sometimes it just takes a larger dose.”

a joan watson fanmix

1. champagne year - st. vincent
2. last chance - idiot pilot
3. apartment story - the national
4. supposed to be - tom odell
5. saviour self - barbarossa
6. so now you know - the horrors
7. light year - gregory alan isakov
8. take you away - angus & julia stone
9. start anew - beady eye
10. aftermath - vancouver sleep clinic

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This is probably my favorite Game Grumps compilation. 45 minutes of Dan’s stories/impressions of his dad. Even if you don’t watch the Grumps, there are some gems in here!
Writing Prompts
All my fun little writing prompt posts in one place! Need a writing prompt? They are all available right here, whenever you need them. Links to all the writing prompt posts! “All I Ask of You” (using...

Yep. I did it. I managed to compile my writing prompts posts that I have written on my Tumblr so far! If ever you want a writing prompt quick, then you might find one here. :D

I had a bit of a rough weekend, related to memories of a traumatic breakup that occurred one year ago. For months I have been struggling to find a way to let things go and to find peace of mind, and I may have finally found it after a googling session the other night. I feel like a weight has lifted. I plan on writing about it more here and sharing some links, because helping others to find the same peace of mind would make all of the wasted time worthwhile. I just need time to compile my thoughts.

Selfie Request!

Bit of an odd request, but I’m wondering if any of my followers would like to send me some of their favorite outfits / selfies to be potentially included in my next book “Those Spaces Between!” I’m currently working on the drawing the inside cover of the book and would love to include your outfit in it!

“Those Spaces Between” is my next short comic compilation about people who feel they don’t fit in the gender norm. If you identify anywhere on the genderqueer spectrum, I’m especially interested to include how you express yourself through clothing! 

If interested, send me an email at with the image! Thank you so much!

here’s a compiled/organized list of some of my favorite tutorials and resources and shit for art things! 

Anatomy (tutorials and examples)

More Specific Body Parts (aka Hands and Friends)

Face Tutorials (Aka Eyes and Friends)

Hair Tutorials

Clothing Tutorials

Background Tutorial




Feel free to add on if you have some rad stuff to share!