I really kind of regret deciding to do this in my terrible coloring instead of black & white inks, but … too late, it’s done and I’m posting it.

Inspired by a prompt from @ars-amatoria awhile back … as it’s not the clearest, Kira and Dax are dressed up (in order) as: Juliet Capulet and her nurse, Maid Marian and Will Scarlet, Eve and the Serpent, Leda and … another ancient Greek lady, and Mary Read and Anne Bonny. (And yeah, I am pretty sure Kira punched every single one of those first four programmed love interests. Especially the swan. WTF.)


little ritual for valentine’s day, and the steps are labeled!! lol so you can do it too if you like 🌹🍓💕


anon’s request to see my crystal collection reminded me i had this lying around. using a mirror to cleanse my crystals with light 🌠🔮✨💎