I don’t have a choice. Look, Dean, you’re leaving – right? And I gotta stay here in this craphole of a world. Alone.  — Sam  |  3.09

I was making a website for a client who runs a dryer vent cleaning service. I send over a nice draft with a side-bar navigation and a theme of neutral grays and greens.

Client: It’s all right, but I prefer the way you have your personal website with the bar on top. Could we do that?

Me: Sure! Anything else?

Client: Yeah, I hate the colors. Could you make it all in orange and blue?

Me: …Okay. That might be a little strong, honestly. Why are those the colors you want?

Client: I read online once that movie posters use orange and blue because they’re complementary. Just make it orange and blue, and change the layout to be more like your website!

I ended up just copying the template I made for my site and changing the colors to their liking. It looks terrible, but they love it.

Want to know if freelancing is for you? 

He was like the sunset -
warm enough with a hint of cold,
light enough I didn’t have to cover my eyes for fear of being blinded.
He was so soft on my skin,
so gentle on my ears and I loved
him for every terribly beautiful color
he ever showed: some days he would
be too orange to handle while on
others having just enough pink,
a little blue in his sky to glow

- but you know what they say;
night always comes.

Now when I look outside to see each
sunset I am left with a reminder
of one I used to call my own.

Sunset // Genefe Navilon

It’s late at night which means I have significantly more confidence than I usually do.

Anyway, these two. They’re from different, ah, series? And while they’re far from the only ones who can use psychic powers or see spirits, that’s their main gimmick-talking to the dead and trying to get them to pass on. Symon (he has flair okay?) may or may not have holy beads and or be some sort of priest. Kasslyn likes parkour and kinda breaks into buildings like its her job (well, it sorta is, but she’s not getting paid).

Oh, and they’re both gay. Symon is bi and happily in a poly relationship (or will be anyway), and Kasslyn is… Lesbian, I think. At the moment anyway. Not pictured is their respective future romantic partners.

Ps- you REALLY don’t want to know what Symon had to see to get that hat.