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lmao my mom is crazy asf. So I'm on my high school field hockey team and the players get to vote for team captains and I didn't win which I really didn't care but my mom was PISSED and told our coach we needed a revote but our coach said no so my mom went to the board and got our coach fired and when the new coach came she said we needed a revote for team captains but when we voted again I STILL didn't win its the funniest thing ever she went through all of that for nothing wow lmao

your mom is……. something. this would deadass be calum as a dad though like he’d be so pissed when baby hood didnt win soccer/football captain and hed go to the coach and be like ‘tf?? my baby is better than all them other babies!! i played soccer for years and im the one that trained my bb!! no way in hell anyone else is better than my child!!!!’ then he’d take his kid off the team and make them join their rival.

Today’s Workout

Because there’s no better way to start off a first day of classes with a 7am cross country workout right???

2 miles of warm up

7.5 miles of “sub-threshold” (to quote my coach: the exact pace that your body creates and gets rid of lactic acid at identical rates). For my group coach wanted 6:10 pace for the first 4 miles and sub 6:10 for the last 3.5 (but no faster than 5:50 pace). My group’s splits were 6:02, 6:09, 5:59, 6:10, 6:06, 5:56, and 5:47.

2 miles of cool down

Ya boy is officially back in shape!!!

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So swim for my high school starts in a few days and i was wondering if you have any exercises that work best to strengthen legs because whenever we used kick boards last year I would usually be in the back and it was frustrating because my coaches were like your not kicking hard enough and I was but I literally got nowhere. So then I thought it was my form so I changed that but it still didn't help 😕

I would talk to your coaches because they would probably know better than me, and it would show them that you really want to improve and are taking some initiative. 

I do squats and stair climbing when I go to the gym, but I don’t know how much that actually helps. Maybe, talk to the trainer at your gym?

If you have time, doing some kick board sets outside of practice could help, but don’t overwork yourself.