My Crew Journey

freshman year of high school: My school has no girls’ soccer, so I guess I’ll do this “crew” thing. 

sophomore year of high school: ALL RIGHT I’M GOOD AT THIS!

junior year of high school: oh no… people are getting better than me.  and growing. 

senior year of high school: I AM NOT A COXSWAIN!

freshman year of college:  I’m a coxswain?  Really??

sophomore year of college: f yeah coxing! 

junior year of college: f yeah coxing!  Also, coach, really?  I can do a better job than you.  And as you love telling me, I’m just a stupid coxswain who can’t do anything right. 

senior year of college:  Stupid coxswain who can’t do anything right?  Kay cool, quit my team, left my abusive coach in the dust, starting coxing masters and got an assistant coaching job myself. 

If someone tells you you’re worthless or no good, even if they’re in a position of power, even if they are the top in their field,(my coach was an ex-Olympian) don’t you ever, ever, ever listen to them.  Hard work will take you anywhere you want.  They told me I would never make it this far, and look at me now.  I’ve only just begun.