lmao y'all dan works hella hard and if he wants to spend the fruits of his labor on extremely overpriced clothes by his lord and savior kanye west then he’s gonna and you honestly can’t say anything about it

School Outfits (winter) by grungeclothes featuring multi color jewelry

Black long sleeve top, 44 AUD / Miss Selfridge ribbed turtleneck, 45 AUD / Coat, 865 AUD / Boutique rolled up jeans, 150 AUD / H&M jeans, 31 AUD / Dr. Martens bootie boots, 175 AUD / Vans sneaker, 110 AUD / REI tablet handbag, 70 AUD / Patchwork backpack, 28 AUD / Lobster claw charm / Multi color jewelry, 14 AUD / Office accessory, 440 AUD / Dot & Bo Harmony Composition Book, 20 AUD / TOPS Docket Gold Classified Spiral Steno Book, Gregg Rule, 6 x 9…, 7.08 AUD / Spiral Notebook Personalized Notepads, 3.85 AUD / Vans off the Wall SKATEBOARD RED IRON ON PATCHES WITH FREE GIFT, 7.76 AUD / ALIEN PAL PATCHES, 7.07 AUD

“Tsk tsk tsk,” he said, drawing the knife up to Glover’s neck now, “I was hoping you’d know more. Ah well. Lokka’s time will come soon enough.”

The knife dug in where his jaw met his ear, and he cried out. “I told you everything I know! You gotta let me go…we….we made a deal!”

“I don’t make deals with slavers,” the elf said as he put pressure on the knife and broke the skin of Glover’s vulnerable neck, “Besides…my Maiden wants her first decree to be a success.”

Glover screamed and thrashed, but the elf was stronger and pinned him to the ground with his knees. He dragged the knife through his neck, sawing through his flesh with the dull blade. The blood was spilling down his throat, filling his lungs, choking him; his cries were nothing but strangled gurgles now. Everything was going dark.

“And whatever my Maiden wants, she gets.”

Revas of Clan Lavellan - Banal’ras, Shadow of the Maiden