Throughout this year, I have been introduced to Homestuck, and started cosplaying it around February. Then before the school year ended, I tried Chip Skylark, and I do plan to seriously cosplay him for a convention in 2014.

In the middle of Summer, I practiced my first attempts at Karkat, which included a Prom!Stuck outfit. Later on, I cosplayed his fancy outfit at a Homestuck meetup. A few months back when school was starting up, I tried Shirtless Karkat as well. I didn’t have his shirt yet, so I just kind of went without one.

Then, I tried out my first attempts at John! God Tier John it was! Soon enough, going into the fall, I had my finished Karkat and it was ready to go, and I put up a makeup tutorial as well only about a week ago! So that proves that over the past couple of months, I have been striving to improve bits and pieces of my Karkat cosplay.

When December came around, I tried out Rufioh more and more, fixing little things here and there, and viola! New wings and a clean cosplay. Then finally at Christmas, I did some Christmas John and Dave for you all. I had never been a Strider before, so that was so much fun!

This year has been a fantastic year for cosplay and just a wonderful year in general for me. I didn’t start making most Homestuck cosplays until the end of the summer, but look at how I’ve grown! I had only made 2 Homestuck cosplays total in the spring and one in the  middle of summer, so by the end of summer, I was making cosplays here and there as well as in the fall!

Thank you all for your support and for sticking by me as I grew and evolved in my cosplays, and look forward to new ones next year! I love you all and I hope you’ll look forward to my future cosplays! I definitely think that 2014 will be a great year!