Okay bout my Pewey fan child.

Here goes nothing. .w.;

Name: June

Age: 6

Height: 3′1

Likes: Ballet, organization and tea parties

Dislikes: Rudeness, being alone and being ignored

Personality: She takes after her mother and father. So she is quite meticulous about perfection and organization at times. (She keeps her baby chick bag very organized.) Also she can be very shy at times and can be kinda weary of others she doesn’t know. But when she is comfortable with others she can be very sweet and polite. 

She loves to practice ballet and has a affinity for tea parties. (Which she makes Buck and Mayor Dewey partake in. But they are happy to oblige. ^^)

Negative quality about her is that she can be a little huffy at times when people are not paying attention to what she has to say.