Once it was Beautiful

But the lies of your lips were nothing but void without melody. You once sang to me, your voice could breeze my hair and make me feel warm, but the ink of your voice painted a mark on my face and not even rain can wash it away. 

I would have loved you, I would dream freedom for you, but you tied my hands and bonded my soul to your own prison.

Tribute for falondiiin and the rest of the elvhen pantheon ouo

An inspiration - a long, deep breath of the pure air of thought - could alone give health to the heart.

  • Shadow and Light - Which I’ve been lingering.
  • Chains and Flowers - Hand in hand my Teachers.
  • Deformed and Graceful - My Mind never can tell them apart.
  • Death and Rebirth - A Chance not many to get.

Just one Breath. 

That’s all I ask.

Coloured a previous sketch of Unegen on stream, thanks for all who came by and said hello! :>


Isn’t it a terrible and fragile feeling when you just capture a picture of your past but before you could close it in your heart it fades out and you just can’t grab it, just to hold a little longer?

While your entire mind collapsing around you - as you try to cling in those fragile images - just to remember.. something. To know that you once were someone.

Illustration on Unegen’s background and how heavily it affects him that he can not remember the past, and without his roots he has issues to build a future and live a present.