Once it was Beautiful

But the lies of your lips were nothing but void without melody. You once sang to me, your voice could breeze my hair and make me feel warm, but the ink of your voice painted a mark on my face and not even rain can wash it away. 

I would have loved you, I would dream freedom for you, but you tied my hands and bonded my soul to your own prison.

Tribute for falondiiin and the rest of the elvhen pantheon ouo

So as today I had my screen free day (eye issues with the screen) I was doing the forbidden things; do the blood magic with traditional media.

Now she has a more fancy dress to add to her cloth collection v_v

Also for the theme (redhead in white) I just blame h-e-l-i-g ;D

Next time I will use proper paper for watercolour to avoid those adorable paper waves :|