FEATURED CHARACTER: Peter Grim the Albino Bat So an anon asked for me if maybe i can make a list of characters to be asked questions! So i decided to feature a character to get questions asked to them. Peter Grim: - late 50’s - Priest and performs exorcists - Overly pious - owns various weapons related to hunting demons or monsters (vampires, wolves, witches, etc) Just some basic info, you can go really deep within the questions if interested! I dont wanna give off to much info.

So I’m planning on doing the #Tarotpocalypse thing—thing is, real internet goes out on the third or fourth of the month. Now, my mom bought this hotspot thing that should give us internet once it’s activated. I’m kinda banking on that. 

So, I think Imma do a real quick character thing, if there’s anyone interested in following my charrie’s story. (I’m not sure how many other people are doing this, but I can admit that I’m copying thewittyscholar at least a little bit lol—hope it’s okay I stole your little character thingy, Nyct. <3)

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Title: Dragon Guardian
Artist Commissioned: ©2015 vasirasart

Guys, you have no clue how much I am with this piece! I’m still speechless over the awesomeness! I mean, just look at that Dragon!

The dragon happens to be a new character, Ira. I don’t know all of his characteristics, but what I do know is that he happens to have a lot in common with my protagonist, Ayla Holyfall. Both interests as well as actions. They both need each other’s help on many occasions.  And while Ira admires Ayla, she is by nature very cautious around new people that she isn’t sure exactly how to handle Ira and his attention towards her.

I’m super excited to share more details! A million hugs for the ever talented vasirasart for the incredible job she did. She wonderful to work with and I admire her dearly! So thank you, thank you, thank you Emma for being amazing!

Ayla Holyfall and Ira Dragonforge ©2015 Nollie Marie


Title: Fierce Winds and Bitter Cold
Artist Commissioned:©2015 may12324

I’m so excited to introduce two NEW characters! Guys say hola to Sana Stormmight and Jin Icefang!

These two, I swear!  Sana, on the left, is an air mage who is super sassy and always trying to get Jin to laugh. While Sana is a free spirit (pun not intended but Sana would approve of it lol,) Jin is the exact opposite. Always one to execute control, Jin is reserved and is an ice fae.  Ayla, who doesn’t have many friends, considers these two girls like family.  She would sometimes be lost without their bickering (or Sana trying to get under Yin’s skin.)

I am so honored to have the change to call may12324 as one of my friends.  She is such an amazing talented artist!!!!  So thank you, thank you, Annalise for bring to life two of my most diverse OCs yet!  *hugs*  Love ya!

Sana Stormmight and Jin Icefang ©2015 Nollie Marie