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Girls’ Night Out - Part 3

Mousie? Isn’t it funny that the last time we spoke, you couldn’t remember who I was and now you are getting familiar enough to call me by that nickname? 

I felt those words leaving my mouth before I could even process what I was saying and then I froze. It must had been a minute or so of silence, but it most certainly felt like an hour. I wonder what did not cross my mind during that awkward pause. Suicide? Check. Alien abduction? Check. Getting swallowed by earth? Check. 

On top of that, my anxiety of confrontations was getting a better of me. Why on earth did I try to pick up a fight in a first place? I could not think of any other thing that would be more out-of-character for me. Was I so pissed off at Lovio for pretending not to remember me? Or was the nickname that much of a trigger for me? The next thing I know, I spoke up trying my best to hide a cracking voice, as tears were already threatening to make the whole situation even worse. 

Autumn: I.. I am sorry.. I do not know what has got into me, I mean, I did not intend to be rude or anything.. it is just that no one really calls me by that name anymore.. it just feels strange.. I am sorry.

Lovio: yes, I heard you the first time, no need to repeat it over again, it is very annoying.

His expression does not give away anything that would hint about his thoughts. He seems so calm and collected, that I am instantly envious of that.

Autumn: oh, I am sor.. I mean, yeah, sure, my bad.

Lovio: though, I did not know that you had a rebellious and sarcastic flair inside of you.. 

His emotionless face turn into the most confident grin and I suddenly feel the urge to roll my eyes and remind him that it was not me who was not communicative enough during those years apart, and that it was certainly not my fault that he did not know this part of me. To be honest, neither did I. However, instead of provoking him and making this conversation anymore worse, I opt for a naive and helpless image, that has got me out of trouble oh so many times in the past.

Autumn: like I said, I do not know where did that came from, I was not thinking and take back everything I said..

I do not know what have I done or said wrong, but in an instant his mood dropped like one hundred degrees below zero and he just.. walked past me. Like I was not even standing there.

Lovio: let’s go to see where is Val. Do not fall behind. I am tired of chasing children around. Do not disturb my evening any more.

Lovios’ voice is cold, sharp and emotionless, though I could pick up hints of something.. a mix of disappointment and disgust..

Once it was Beautiful

But the lies of your lips were nothing but void without melody. You once sang to me, your voice could breeze my hair and make me feel warm, but the ink of your voice painted a mark on my face and not even rain can wash it away. 

I would have loved you, I would dream freedom for you, but you tied my hands and bonded my soul to your own prison.

Tribute for falondiiin and the rest of the elvhen pantheon ouo