Another completed CD cover art illustration for Shurk which I was sitting a bit longer then I should, since pc issues came across. Luckily they were understanding and did not have too tight deadline set, so could finish it in time!

This took some time to get around, my first actually ‘space’ themed art? But a lot of fun to figure it out and learn. 

So. Good Grief.

In case you weren’t aware, I am a huge fan of the band Bastille. Their first album, Bad Blood, continues to be a part of my regular CD rotation in my car. (Yes, my car still uses CDs when the radio’s not on, I need to re-install my head unit.) Specifically, ‘Pompeii’, ‘Icarus’, ‘Flaws’, and ‘Things We Lost In The Fire’ are particularly emotional for me, to hear or to sing along with (Do you…

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me: *finds madonna’s immaculate collection and abba’s gold in my parent’s cd collection*

me: omg mom i didn’t know you liked madonna!

mom: those are your dad’s honey