Soul Punk hidden message

Certain letters in the lyrics of the the album booklet were highlighted a different color, spelling out a hidden message in Patrick Stump’s Soul Punk album. This is what it says:

Fear is killing us. - Explode

But true love can survive. - This City

If we cooperate. - Dance Miserable

We can beat doubt. - Spotlight

But first rebuild trust. - The “I” in Lie

Take responsibility. - Run Dry

Happiness is still free. - Greed

Though not always apparent. - Everybody Wants Somebody

When it’s right in front of us. - Allie

So keep calm. It’s gonna get better. - Coast

Does anyone else miss the old Disney Stores and the way they used to look and be displayed? I remember as a kid the store displays used to be so enchanting and I felt like I was at the parks or something.

There was something always going on in the front display showcasing something from an old short or even a classic disney film. 

And if you looked up inside the store there were other displays of various Disney characters from their films.

Man I miss that.