.°˖✧˖ ˖°. Catee’s Situationally Appropriate Captioned Black T-shirts .°˖✧˖ ˖°.

A post with all my shirts:

♥ Catee The Sweet Smell of Regret Shirt

♥  Catee Dont Wanna Be Here Shirt

♥  Catee Im Dying on the Inside Shirt

♥  Catee Suffer Shirt

♥  Catee Blushing shirt

♥  Catee IDFC Shirt

♥  Catee Trash Shirt

♥  Catee Sarcasm Shirt

♥  Catee Nerd Shirt

//// !!!!! SUCH A BIG BIG THANK U TO ALL WHO BOUGHT ONE,I CANT TELL YOU HOW MUCH IT MEANS TO ME (( and pls when u get it,pls tag me in it,im SO excited to see you guys wear them !!!!! ////


so i was tagged by adam my platonic bf @coffeebf i love u so heres my selfie moodboard ft my cute gf @whindey in the middle there and I’m going to tag ?

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