How I met your mother finale - My review in gifs

I can’t express with words (well only a few: WTF? bullshit, fuck you writers…) what I saw yesterday so I will express my emotions with gifs…..

1.- Barney and Robin are divorced

2.- Robin pushes her friends away including Lily

3.- Robin confesses that she should have ended up with Ted

4.- Barney comes back to his old ways after all the development of his character through several seasons

5.- Barney matures in a heartbeat seeing the face of her daughter

6.- Tracy aka The Mother gets sick and dies

7.- The old Ted finishes the story and the kids don’t give a crap about her dead mom

8.- Ted is asking for his kids permission to bang again their aunt Robin

9.- Ted steals again the blue French horn and comes to see Robin. They end up together