06.06.17 || Sorry I haven’t posted in like 100 years :c Getting ready for finals next week :/ Also my boyfriend got me a new backpack!! I’m like super in love with it but my laptop doesn’t fit in it so I decided to use it for non-laptop days as well as going out with friends c: (pencil case from @studyblr-store, code: byulstudies)

  • Random arrogant girl: So yeah, my boyfriend got me this really big diamond ring and a 3 new dresses~ Like he is the best. What did your boyfriends do for you?
  • Lucy: *reading a book* He ripped out a rainbow tree and send it by my house through the river when I was sick. He saved me from falling to my death. Gave me courage when all hope was lost. Beat two mages to win the Grand Magic Games after my humiliation and became a demon when he thought I was dead.
  • Juvia: *Creating a Gray doll* He accepted Juvia for who Juvia was without a second thought. Got shot by multiple lazers but luckily survived via time going back for a minute. Accepted the fact Juvia had to kill Gray-sama's father again and trained with Juvia for a year. Beat the one person who Gray-sama thought killed Juvia.
  • Levy: *studying He absorbed lightning to protect me, let me escape to fight two enemies to near death. Inhaled poisonous water to save me as well as poisonous particles. Sacrificed himself and confessed while doing so. Managed to stay alive and found me again.
  • Erza: *eating strawberry cake* Gave me my last name when I didn't have any. Got arrested on purpose to not give our guild any trouble. Gave me a jacket when I was fully naked on the winter streets. Destroyed an entire army of ships after seeing in the bad condition I was from the fight.
  • Girl: ...

Just starting on tumblr. My boyfriend got me into Black Superiority, and though we’re no longer dating, I’m a definite convert. Hope you guys enjoy the reblogs and occasional posts about Black Men/Women.

Me VS Other normal people on Valentine's day
  • <p> <b>Other People:</b> OMG, my boyfriend/girlfriend got me chocolate, we're going out to dinner and a movie, and maybe make out in the car!<p/><b>Me:</b> *crys alone while reading gay smut*<p/><b></b> (Trust me, I know your pain single people)<p/></p>

My boyfriend got me this cute plush bunny for me to hold when I’m nervous or anxious (`・ω・´)”
I want the bunny to do the same for him when he’s upset but he said she only helps if he squeezes her, but he doesn’t like doing it because he thinks he’s hurting her, so I made him this to feel better ♥(ノ´∀`)