An Assassin Does My Makeup:

Connor would worry he’d poke my eye out by accident.

Connor: How do you do this everyday?

Edward would go a little overboard…

Edward: I did a pretty good job, eh lass?

Ezio: I’ll make you look like a pretty rose!


…would also get carried away.

Bonus: Haytham wouldn’t see the need to do this.

Haytham: You’re perfectly capable of doing it yourself.

Bonus bonus: If Leonardo Da Vinci did my makeup

Leo: You look like a masterpiece!

highlights from the video

• “I’m gonna need a friend… and I’ve only got one”

• 50 SHADES OF PHAN (followed by “k Phil hands together”)

• “oh my god pHIL”

 heart eyes howell

 love eyes lester

“I feel like thats your good side” 

• Dan doing a very spastic, nose giggle while Phil was applying lipstick 

• ear tinting

• “Let’s get a little bit more juice in there *sex noises*”

 Dan sticking his hand in Phil’s mouth

• “close your orifices”

 Lipoo Stickoo

  “You made my nose blush”

 Dan’s hyena laugh 


  *dan starts freaking out about lipstick in his carpet*

  “Why is there a cleaver on the floor?”

  Facial Sacrifice 

Fun Phil Facts:

• There is no mouth in Phil’s eye

 Phil has fascinatingly smooth cheeks

 He is very glad this video will be on the internet forever

My Boyfriend Does My Makeup: PJO Edition

Leo and Calypso: 

“Leo Valdez, if you come anywhere near me with so much as a drop of grease on your fingers then I swear to the Gods -”

“You know, I have stuff like this, I don’t see why I can’t use that.” “You will not be using oil as my eyeliner. Ever.”

Travis and Katie: 

“Babe, you’re using concealer as lip gloss.” “That’s not what it’s for?”

“You’re having too much fun with this.” “What can I say? I find it fun painting your face pink.” “Wait, what?!”

Percy and Annabeth: 

“That’s mascara, Seaweed Brain, it’s not for eyebr- Percy, no!”

“Oops.” “You’re saying that to scare me.” “…Sure.” “Give me the mirror. GIVE ME THE MIRROR!

Piper and Jason: 

“I apologize in advance for everything.” “Jason, you don’t need to do th -” “Hell yes I do.”

- “You have so much stuff. Why do you have so much stuff?”

Grover and Juniper: 

*points to eyeshadow* “Is this for, like, that extra sparkle on your cheeks or something?” “…I can’t say.” *groans*

- “Give me a sign, please.” “Well … you’re not doing that bad.” “You do realize that doesn’t make me feel better, right?” “I’m trying.” “So am I.”

Frank and Hazel: 

“Frank, honey, you don’t put lipliner on my eyebrows.”

- “Where’s the rouge?” “The what?” “The rouge, the stuff my mom used to use.” “…Blush?”


Lainey asked me to do the “Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge”… I obeyed: