Youtube AU where Keith has an insanely popular conspiracy theory channel and Shiro has a fitness and beauty channel and they end up as co-presenters during a Youtube awards thingy, fast forward a year later and Shiro posts a “My Boyfriend Does My Makeup” video and all the comments are asking “HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DATING THE CONSPIRACY THEORY GUY WTF”

My Boyfriend Does My Makeup: PJO Edition

Leo and Calypso: 

“Leo Valdez, if you come anywhere near me with so much as a drop of grease on your fingers then I swear to the Gods -”

“You know, I have stuff like this, I don’t see why I can’t use that.” “You will not be using oil as my eyeliner. Ever.”

Travis and Katie: 

“Babe, you’re using concealer as lip gloss.” “That’s not what it’s for?”

“You’re having too much fun with this.” “What can I say? I find it fun painting your face pink.” “Wait, what?!”

Percy and Annabeth: 

“That’s mascara, Seaweed Brain, it’s not for eyebr- Percy, no!”

“Oops.” “You’re saying that to scare me.” “…Sure.” “Give me the mirror. GIVE ME THE MIRROR!

Piper and Jason: 

“I apologize in advance for everything.” “Jason, you don’t need to do th -” “Hell yes I do.”

- “You have so much stuff. Why do you have so much stuff?”

Grover and Juniper: 

*points to eyeshadow* “Is this for, like, that extra sparkle on your cheeks or something?” “…I can’t say.” *groans*

- “Give me a sign, please.” “Well … you’re not doing that bad.” “You do realize that doesn’t make me feel better, right?” “I’m trying.” “So am I.”

Frank and Hazel: 

“Frank, honey, you don’t put lipliner on my eyebrows.”

- “Where’s the rouge?” “The what?” “The rouge, the stuff my mom used to use.” “…Blush?”


My Boyfriend Does My Voiceover 

ok but a lazytown social media/youtube au

  • stephanie’s a craft channel
  • sportacus is a health/fitness channel ofc
  • robbie’s a goth channel
  • stingy’s a blog/channel that gives positives reviews on products that companies send to him that he doesn’t really like/use otherwise
  • Trixie and Pixel are gaming let’s play channels
  • Ziggy’s a comedy blog 

New video is up!


My boyfriend does my makeup. LOL

SPN boyfriends doing your makeup

Dean: Ruins your makeup brushes by aggressively stabbing your powders and eyeshadows and then wonders why you look like a cake-face. Consistently says “what the fuck is this god damn bullshit who the fuck invented highlighter, what the fuck is this, is this the right shade? where does this go?”  Constantly swears as things go wrong and tries to wipe the mascara smears off your nose and eyelids with his spit. Accidentally stabs you in the eye with eyeliner. Finally settles with drawing a huge red zig-zag on your face and declaring a David Bowie masterpiece. 

Sam: Actually tries to make things look nice and apologizes profusely when he totally pours out half of your foundation onto his hand. Completely over draws your eyebrows and laughs the whole time, saying how beautiful you look and he thinks you should really let him do this everyday so he can practice for when you have a daughter together. He applies too much lipstick and lets you kiss him so he can look like a clown too. 

Castiel: Does a flawless application of everything, stating it was one of the things he learned from his pseudo-father bonding time with Claire. 

Crowley: Makes one of his servant demons do it then kills them when they make you look like a total fool. Uses fifty makeup wipes to clean your face. Grumbles about how good help is so hard to find as he flips through a Cosmopolitan magazine to try and figure out how to make his Queen look like a bad ass bitch from hell. 

highlights from the video

• “I’m gonna need a friend… and I’ve only got one”

• 50 SHADES OF PHAN (followed by “k Phil hands together”)

• “oh my god pHIL”

 heart eyes howell

 love eyes lester

“I feel like thats your good side” 

• Dan doing a very spastic, nose giggle while Phil was applying lipstick 

• ear tinting

• “Let’s get a little bit more juice in there *sex noises*”

 Dan sticking his hand in Phil’s mouth

• “close your orifices”

 Lipoo Stickoo

  “You made my nose blush”

 Dan’s hyena laugh 


  *dan starts freaking out about lipstick in his carpet*

  “Why is there a cleaver on the floor?”

  Facial Sacrifice 

Fun Phil Facts:

• There is no mouth in Phil’s eye

 Phil has fascinatingly smooth cheeks

 He is very glad this video will be on the internet forever