Original Imagine: Imagine getting hurt during a fight, and Stiles being your nurse for the night.

Author: Anon

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 630

Warnings: Little bit of blood, fluff and Batman.

“Scott do we have to tell Stiles about this.” I beg motioning to my injured body. 
“He’ll find out as soon as be sees you Y/N. Then we would both be in trouble.” Scott replied as he kicked open the door to Stiles house. 
“He has a first aid kit in the cabinet over there above the microwave and there’s another on up in his room.” I tell Scott. 
“Scott, Y/N? You guys back from- oh my god Scott what the hell happened? I thought you were going to see Derek.” My boyfriend said panicking. 

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but just imagine, how before Frankie stopped at Rance family house, Zach was probably so so nervous. And he was panicking and checking himself out in the mirror, wondering how his family will accept Frankie, and looking through the window every 5 seconds if he is already there. And even if Zach didn’t consider this as “meet my parents” kind of thing, everyone in his family knew that this is exactly what it was <3

and it looks like it got over okay

which is why i like this pic so much :)

The 50/50 Mind Split of Being Single (and 30)

Growing up I was never the kind of kid dreaming of a wedding day. I played house but there was never any man or kids in the picture..just myself. My barbie was even a career woman (a newscaster in fact.)  I don’t know why but perhaps I couldn’t envision another person in my future? I was always picturing myself independent.

I’ve had boyfriends, almost got engaged (heard he bought a ring and I panicked), done plenty of the one nighters, menu dated, etc. nothing really stuck. No one has ever wow’d me enough for me to want to spend my life with them. I have always felt when it was my turn it would happen. No big deal.

Turning 30 and being single has created so much pressure.  People are pairing off & starting the next chapter of their lives filled with weddings, house buying, &  kids, people start to remind you- you “only have a few more years” for starting a family, and your family starts to grow concerned about your single status. My mom particularly is slightly worried I will forever be alone & who will help “take care of me,” some day. My grandmother is mentioning it weekly.

50% of my brain says: WHO CARES to all that. I can do this shit on my own, “I got this.” I work hard, I support myself, it’s not the end of the world if I have to continue my life as a single person. If it was meant for me to find someone – I would. I’ve got plenty of time (I’ve said at 24,25,26…)! I don’t want to be disappointed if I am actually alone forever, so telling myself “who cares” is partially a coping mechanism….I won’t be disappointed if I prepared myself.

The other 50% says: WHAT.THE.FUCK. Do you really want to be alone? Never have someone to come home to? What are you going to do at 40…50…60…? Do you want to come home to lean cuisines, a dog, and your DVR forever? You probably need a person. Who is going to make sure you are even alive in your house?

I don’t know what part of my brain is going to win over or if there is even a right side but turning 30 has partially been a reality check.  What do I really want and how do I feel happy in the outcome? 

Preference #115 You/He catches your teenage daughter in bed with a boy:

You whistled as you got home from work and started making dinner. Darcy had asked if her boyfriend of four months could come over for dinner, you and Harry of course said yes. You both had met her boyfriend Conner once or twice and very much approved of him. “OH MY GOD” you heard your daughter shriek. You panicked and ran up the stairs and burst open the door to find Darcy and Conner in bed together. “Ahh” you screamed closing the door quickly. “Oh shit” you heard Conner say through the door, chuckling slightly. “Um I’d like to talk to you when you uh have a chance Darcy” you said calming down a bit. After a few minutes Darcy and Conner had met you downstairs, holding hands. “Hey guys, would you mind setting the table for dinner? Harry should be home in ten minutes or so” you said. They both had this blank look on their face. “Did you hear me?” You asked as they stood still. Darcy gulped. “Yes mom” and with that they started to set the table as you had asked. “We’re finished” Darcy told you. You glanced over at the table. “Oh it looks great guys” you chirped. They looked at each other cluelessly. “Is something wrong, you two seem rather quiet” you said. “Uh don’t you…um…well- ” “aren’t you gonna lecture us about sex?” Conner said bluntly, interrupting your stuttering daughter. You laughed lightly. “Look I’m assuming that was your first time together?” You questioned. They nodded. “I know your first time with someone is special, and I’m sorry I interrupted…I mean anything I can lecture you about I think you both already know. Use protection…you used protection right?!” You panicked. “Yes mam’” Conner answered. “Please don’t tell Dad! Please mom it’ll be sooo awkward Darcy blurted out. "Let’s make a deal guys, I won’t tell Harry if you promise me to ALWAYS use protection, make sure consent is always given, and please, please make sure no one else is in the house” you said, laughing at the end. “We promise” they said in unison. “Okay if this happens again, I’ll be having this talk with you two and Harry as well” you said sternly. “It won’t” they said and almost on queue Harry walked in. “Hello everyone, what are you guys up to?” He asked. “Oh we were just having a little chat” you said smiling at the two.
“Yeah and then he was-” Niall stopped in the middle of his sentence. You were siting against Niall on the couch, your back pressed to his chest and your legs lazily intertwined. You turned you head to face him. “what’s wrong?” you wondered. But rather than getting an answer from him, you got a “Shhh”. As Niall had a concerned look on his face. He was listening for something. You tried to listen too, but you didn’t hear anything. You studied his face his expression some sort of mix between shocked, confused, angry, and nervous. “Niall, baby what’s happening?” “They’re fucking” he muttered. “They what?!” you almost yelled, though you had heard him clearly. “I can hear moaning. Paige and Matt are fucking upstairs” he said slowly as if he didn’t even want to let the words leave his mouth. “What the hell do we do?” you panicked. “Should we go up there?” Niall wondered. “And risk seeing them or even hearing them? No thank you!” “Good point. Well if they aren’t done in 5 minutes I’m going to set off the fire alarm so they’ll quit it” he told you. You laughed “Good plan. I mean this day was bound to come right?” “I guess, but while we are here in the house? Really?” he questioned. “You know when we were her age, we were much worse…” you said softly. “Yes remember when you came over and met my parents for the first time and I gave you a tour…and then I showed you my room, and I showed you my bed” he whispered, his warm breath tickling your ear. “How could I forget?” you laughed. Niall leaned down to kiss your cheek and down your Jawline. “Woah are we interrupting something” Paige chuckled as she had just made her way downstairs, Matt right behind her. “You should not be talking young lady, we could hear you two from down here so keep it down next time!” Niall warned as both of the teens blushed deeply. “Or just wait till were not here, Damn it” you added.
“Welcome home honey!” you said, greeting Liam with a hug and a kiss as he got home from work. “Hello, beautiful” he smiled. Just as he was about to ask about your day you both heard a loud shuffling/banging sound. “What was that?"he wondered. "Well Taylor’s upstairs with Kyle” you said nonchalantly. The banging noise grew louder and you thought you heard a moan. “Oh no…she told me they were studying.” you said quietly. You looked at Liam as he started to tense. “Oh hell no” he said starting to storm upstairs. “Liam no, stop!” you said holding his arm, so he couldn’t go any further. “Can we talk about this first?” “no” he muttered, continuing upstairs and pounding on the door. “Get your damn clothes on and Kyle get the hell out of this house” he said without daring to open the door. He came back downstairs to find you sitting at the table with your hands folded, an unpleased look on your face. “What?!” He questioned sitting across from you. You ignored him and moved to sit on the couch. “You aren’t actually giving me the silent treatment right now are you?” he said following you. You glared at him then turned your back to him. “(Y/N) What did I do wrong? Come on talk to me, lets talk through it”, almost instantly you whipped your head around “Talk through it? I tried to talk to you before you stormed upstairs and yelled at our innocent daughter and her boyfriend!” you yelled. Liam looked shocked. “innocent!? They were fuc- they were having- well you know what they were doing!” he said, struggling to put his words together. “Yes I know what they were doing…and I hate to admit it but honestly I think she’s old enough.” you trailed off, knowing Liam’s protective nature would disagree with you. “What?!” he almost yelled. “Liam she’s 18 years old, she’s practically an adult, we approve of Kyle and I’m sure he treats her well, they’ve been together for over a year so it’s not just some fling, and I think if she believes she’s ready for sex, then she is” you said, unsure of how Liam would respond. He sighed and put his head in his hands. “Was everyone ready for this besides me?” he croaked out. You rubbed circles on his back. “Aww baby, I know our little girl growing up fast, but we can’t hold her back from doing the things she’s ready for” you told him, pressing a kiss to his temple. Kyle then came down the stairs, his hair messy, his clothes thrown on, looking as embarrassed as ever. “You can stay Kyle, we’re sorry for um intruding…” you trailed off. He smiled brightly, “He can stay? really?!” Taylor said, coming down the stairs shortly after. “Yes, I’m sorry for how I acted, just in the future…please be careful…and Kyle, please just treat her right” Liam said. You knew it was hard for him to say, so you placed a reassuring arm round him. “Of course sir” Kyle said.
“Louis?” you said, turning to him. “Hmm?” he wondered. “Did you hear that? I think that Megan and-” you were interrupted by your daughters voice. “Ahh Yes!!”. Louis’ eyes widened, though he didn’t look mad. “she must have forgot that we’d be home early today” you said awkwardly. “Maybe we should leave?” Louis wondered. “Yeah lets do that” you laughed as the moans started to get louder. “We should leave them a note though” he said with a smirk on his face. You weren’t quite sure what he was up to but he grabbed a sheet of paper and a pen and started to scribble some words. ‘Dear Megan and James, we hope you’re having a blast, actually we know you’re having a blast because we can hear you all the way down stairs. To give you some privacy, and so we don’t have to hear you guys have sex. We are going out for lunch. Use protection! , With love mom+dad’ the note read. “Lou she’s gonna be so embarrassed.” you laughed. “She should be”
“Zayn can you tell Valerie and Tommy that dinner is ready please?” You asked your husband. “Sure.” he answered. “VALLL! TOMMY! DINNER!” Zayn yelled from the bottom of the stairs. But there was not reply. “ugh I swear those kids have hearing problems” He joked, though slightly annoyed. “Hey why don’t we go upstairs to sneak up on them and then scare them!” you recommended. “Okay lets do it” Zayn agreed. So you both tip toed up the stairs and down the hall to Val’s room. You heard a bit of shuffling and soft whispering coming from the room, but were only focused on the surprise attack you were about to do. “okay on the count of 3” zayn whispered. “1, 2, 3…. SURPRIS-” you started as you opened the door. But instead of seeing them jump in fright, you and Zayn had jumped too, because you had just walked in on your teenage daughter having sex. “OH MY GOD GET OUT RIGHT NOW” Val screamed. You shut the door as fast as you could and tried to erase the image from your mind. You and Zayn rushed into your shared bed room. “Oh my god” he said. “ugh, I- I- Oh my god….what even…” you panicked. You sighed and looked at Zayn. He looked rather embarrassed and you were sure you’re cheeks were red too. Before you knew it you and Zayn were laughing at the awkwardness of the situation

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“I have terrible separation anxiety; and my boyfriend is a senior while I’m a sophomore. I’ve been panicking even more since the school year is almost over about him graduating. One day I came home sobbing about it. To calm me down, my mom turned on Disney Week on Destination America where they talk about the Disney parks and hotels. It cheered me up so much; I even started planning a trip for my family to get my mind of my boyfriend going to college. It has helped me so much!”

we need to educate ourselves on mental illnesses more.

because my mom doesn’t think i have depression; she thinks it’s just stress.

because my ex boyfriend told me that i should fix my anxiety before i get in a relationship with someone.

because my dad said that my anxiety attacks don’t just come from nowhere.

because my teammate gives me shit for missing class when my depression holds me hostage in bed.

because my coworkers don’t think my anxiety is real because i’ve never panicked (on their terms) at work.

stress shouldn’t be the reason suicide has crossed my mind multiple times over the past 5 years.

anxiety isn’t something you fix.

anxiety isn’t something i can control, and it’s not always driven by something.

nothing has to be “wrong” for depression to decide that it’s gonna act up today.

panic attacks aren’t always heavy breathing and shaky hands.

we need more mental illness education so i don’t always have to fight with people to prove that something’s wrong with me. i don’t like my issues either, but i don’t make excuses about them.

anonymous asked:

How old we're you went you came out and how did you family respond

I was about 15/16 when I came out to my mum, though tbf, it was my brother that outed me in the car whilst driving home from school one time! He was like “mum, alex has a girlfriend”. She asked me if I was gay and because I knew nothing about it all back then and they way it was announced, I panicked and say I was bisexual because I thought my mum would understand easier!
Over the years it’s been ok! Though my mum used to say things like, “don’t you want a boyfriend? Why don’t you try it? A girl won’t be able to protect you as much as a man” etc.
She wouldn’t say these things in a horrible way, she just thought, being my mum, that she knew what’s best!
That’s all stopped now, my family know, including my nan and grandad and my grandma!
I’m lucky that everyone is cool about it!

random cis guy i met at a BLM rally messages me on facebook

asks if i wanna smoke with him. i say i can’t because of court and such. (this is our first time talking since that event, btw)

he asks me where i’m staying. i say a hotel, but won’t tell him which one. then he asks if he can come over. and, panicking, i say, “i don’t think my boyfriend would like that”.

his response?

“don’t tell him.”

nice, asshole. consider yourself blocked.

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I was at a meeting and my roommate decided to invite his boyfriend over do they could "do it." So while I was in the middle of the meeting, the boyfriend calls me panicking cause he handcuffed my roommate to the bed and couldn't find the keys.

-thats why its always good to keep multiple copies of keys, no matter what they belong to

and bolt cutters

never shy away from having tools just because you think you dont need them, because sometimes people get into dumb situations and then you have no way to help