So I saw there was a new stage and was pretty excited until I saw Yixing. I don’t know if he’s feeling ill or if his waist is bothering him again but I can’t believe SM let him go on stage maybe they made him or maybe he said he would be fine but even so they shouldn’t of let him go up.

This is just what I picked up on, excuse me if my timings are off a bit -

> When I first watched it I noticed at 0:23 he looked tired/his movements seemed more tired

> At 0:49 he grabs his waist for the first time and this is when I started to get worried

> 1:26-1:29 he grabs his waist again, walks to the front and continues to dance like he’s okay

> 1:52 he slouches slightly whilst he dances to the back but coming back he’s stood straight again

> 2:15 he holds onto his waist again

> 2:19 this part when sehun and chanyeol through him to the front/middle look at his face he looks pained and they don’t through him as much as normal but he continues to dance

> 2:33 he slouched a bit again but keeps singing and then kneels to the ground to continue but holds his waist again

I’m worried for him, I hate that he’s pushing himself or if SM are pushing him! LET YIXING REST PLEASE!!!!!