Let me talk to you about James Sirius Potter. I’ve been co-writing a very long fic from his perspective, and I want to share the way I see him. Because in my personal opinion, he’s too often portrayed as the dumb/asshole jock. I mean, c’mon guys. This is the first born child of Harry freaking Potter and Ginny bamf Weasley. We can do better than that, dig deeper than that. 

These are my own personal, carefully-conceived headcanons for him.

  • He is a surprisingly quiet and solitary guy- has one or two good friends in Gryffindor, is best friends with his brother and sister, and friendly with his cousins. And of course politely friendly to everyone else, because he’s just nice like that.
  • He is talented in Quidditch of course, and plays Chaser like his mom and granddad. 
  • He’s Quidditch Captain and Head Boy in his final year at school, but only because he’s actually a really good leader and legitimately earned it.
  • He is incredibly kind-hearted and compassionate, but also occasionally reckless and brutally protective of the people he loves.
  • He gets good marks in school, but he does have to actually work hard for them.  
  • He’s very stereotypically attractive, and has a popular reputation at school for being a hottie, but he’s actually a bit insecure and incredibly dorky and clumsy, so he has a hard time understanding the image people have of him.
  • He carries an immense amount of weight on his shoulders. First born Potter, first son of the Chosen One and named after another war hero. Most of the things people see about him- Gryffindor, Quidditch, Head Boy- only add to that image. But he doesn’t like that.
  • He’s expected to be a Quidditch star like his mother, or an Auror so he can be on the same path as his father and namesake. But he doesn’t want to be them. 
  • He wants to be his own person, but he has no idea what that means because he’s spent so long trying to be the kid they expected him to be. He has no idea what he wants to do after school, so he just studies hard, keeping all his options open.
  • He’s bisexual, but he watched the stress his younger brother went through coming out as gay, and is afraid to come out for a long time. 
  • When he does come out, the gay community at Hogwarts flourishes, because if their popular jock Head Boy can be queer, then they don’t need to be afraid. 
  • His very best friend is his brother. To each other, they’re Jamie and Ally. They’ve always shared beds, held hands, played together, and whispered secrets. And this doesn’t change all that much as they get older. Lily is close with them, too, but she’s more independent of her brothers, more like her mother. Of course these children are all good friends, because why would you want anything else? Harry deserves a family that loves each other completely, not bickering sibling rivalry. He wouldn’t raise his kids that way, and no child of his could turn out to be a dimwitted asshole. 

tl;dr James II is an incredible, multi-faceted character with so much potential and I love him with all my heart.