That boy has spirit, he’s the best dang dog. As a recap, he lost function of his rear legs, tail, & bowels 2 weeks ago. You were all kind enough to either donate, or spread the word about this, and we were able to have enough for treatment + my aunt offered to buy him a set of wheels. Through all of this, that dog was never once unhappy. He continues to bark, and play as much as he would with the use of his legs, hes become somewhat accustomed to the wheels, and nicest of all, has regained small functions, including tail wagging, balancing on his back legs, and a little control on his bowels. He’s recovering at a remarkable rate, and it’s thanks to all of you. Axel loves you

hinata has a first-years only sleepover and natsu sees yamaguchi and absolutely has to use her star stickers <3