Fandom: Akashi is a tactical mastermind… a genius, if you will… a master politician… all fall to his grace and razor-sharp strategies

Akashi: *gets caught eavesdropping by Nijimura*

Akashi: *immediately gives away that he’s been watching Kuroko upon meeting him, even after going through the ruse of not knowing who he is*

Akashi: *accidentally insults Kuroko when recruiting him*

Akashi: *leaves the fight settling in Teiko to Kuroko because he can’t deal with it*

Akashi: *makes a minimum point count for everyone on the team when it makes no sense tactically and the team’s doing fine anyways, just because he feels anxious*

Akashi: *tries to hold onto friends by bullying them*

Akashi: *says “fuck it” and sticks to his terrible plan^ even after snapping out of it because he’s afraid his friends don’t like him anymore*