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To Choi Minho, he wants to show what can’t be seen. Shared a conversation with the 26 years old Choi Minho about ‘ Manliness’.

Althought ‘It’s still far to be mature’, Choi Minho who treats what’s his, preciously expressed ‘Man’ with his whole presence.


You should have watched <Derailed> many times, so how is it different from the first time you watched?

I see more lacking points in terms of my acting. I take the reactions from the people I invited to the VIP movie premiers seriously. But, I am glad that they are focusing (on the movie). I also felt strange to see myself appearing on the screen. Anyway, because I could really feel the sincerity when people say ‘This movie was well chosen’ ‘You’ve worked hard’, I liked it.

Recently when we asked MaDongSeok about ‘Manliness’ he said ‘Responsibility to the family’. What is ‘Manliness’ to Choi Minho?

Being able to take responsibilty to the words we said, and being respectable by others. When I was young, I vaguely thought that a man like my father is a manly man. However after I grew up, those kind of men are serious men. No matter how we see it, the warm side of a man that takes responsibility of his family  can be said as manly too.
Then,how manly can we say the 26 years old Choi Minho is?

There is still lots that I have not acheived. Still as young , wanting to experience a lot of things and play around. However , there are times when I wish to get married because I really like kids, if I do it I will do it, honestly I do not have the confidence. My ideal type is a a woman that is passionate and someone who has faith. Anyway, I want to focus on my work now. The age I wish to get marry is around 33, but the possibility of it being later is high. I think it is 100% going to be later. This is the age my mom wants.(Laugh)

I heard you are a huge fan of soccer. Who is your favorite team and player?

My favorite team is Asernal. Asernal prefers ‘ Passing Football’ and the midfielder starts the attack. With one movement he knocks down all the defenders and did a goal. I like it because the players are charming (interesting). It could be also because my dad likes these kind of players, I came to find interest in them too. (Shows his phone case) My favorite player is Fernando Torres! I like good looking players. Following the flow I like Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham too. Especially, when I was young I really looked up onto David Beckham. He is good at sports , does lots of good deeds and even domestic (family) side was handsome(cool). I suddenly thought of ,during the 2002 world cup , Beckham did a chicken hairstyle once, I followed that and got scolded by my mom for that.

Your father is holding the role of GangWonFC’s coach. Heard that your original dream to be a soccer player was opposed.

Thats right. Firstly, it was because he knew that the road to be a soccer player itself is tough. And also, I only heard about this after I became an adult that my father does not want to heard talks about me just following my dad’s fame (like how he is only recognizable because of his dad’s fame). No matter how, there will be rumors about being who’s son. Half-jokingly half-seriously, he said I do not have the ability for it. That I am not a person to play soccer.

With you liking soccer so much, did you gave up your dreams easily?

I could not. I cry and yell and made a ruckus. I decided to be a player when I was in my 4th,5th grade but at 6th grade my father said I definitely cannot, even till death I cannot and cut it off like that. From them I lost my dream but suddenly I received a streeting casting. Asking me to come and take the audition.


It must have been really unexpected for you since you have never dreamt of becoming a celebrity.

I thought that I would sure failed the audition. I was so nervous that I couldnt do anything so I sang the national anthem. My mom too,asked ‘You couldnt have passed it right?’ but unexpectly I passed. The thought of ‘Ah , I will have to go this path’ just came right into the young me but this time my mom severely objected it.  ‘What celebrity do you think you are going to be’ I will give up on the way so why even bother starting it said my mom. But it is my mom that liked it the most after I debuted. Now my mom is my strongest supporter.

You were a middle schooler when you took the audition? You must have been popular among the female student if you managed to pass by singing the national anthem.

(Shaking his head)No, really it isnt. It was really just normal.(laugh)

What kind of student were you then? No matter what, debuting at such a younge age, there should be lots of huge changes.

I was frivolous when I was young but after debuting I started to get shy. I have my puberty at that time too. It was scary to meet people while going around in the broadcasting station. I couldnt speak well. I did not reveal myself because I had the thought that I would cause a huge trouble if I said something wrong. I could not even say a word when I went on variety shows, and couldn’t show my ability on music shows. But as time goes by, at a certain extend I get use to it and me showing myself gets more comfortable. No matter what, it seems that I got use to it as my experiences pile up. Actually it is that way for acting too. Even though there are lots of parts that I felt pity for but when I when I looked at the acting I did at first, I will think ‘ Why did I do that’ . I was like ‘ I guess I just threw it out without knowing anything, it was really bad even when I see it, it should be critized badly’.
Were you a idol debut team when you entered your company?

No. I was actually preparing for acting. I didn’t know I would debut this fast. My house is in Incheon so coming back and forth was a problem so I could hardly practiced at all when I was in middle school. I started working hard to practice at full scale starting from high school, and suddenly at that time I became a debut preparee. If I were to go in at that timing, if I were to able to get approval by my parents earlier, I would have wanted to practice more. Pitiness was left in me when I unexpectly debuted without knowing anything.
Even thought it was tough during the training period but it wouldnt have been any better right after debut.

I am not able choose when was tougher. Thats because before debuting, there will be worry about ‘when would I be able to debut’ and after debuting there will be worries about how will I be viewed by the public. Both are tough. It is exactly right to say that stress was received at a young age.

For idol preparing for debut at a young age do not really have time to make friends. What kind of people are Choi Minho’s closest friends?

I am still meeting my middle and high school friends well. We have the 8 of us in a group chat, if only for a moment I do not look at it 150(messages) will appear. I play soccer , watch movie and drink when I meet with those friends. Even though those friends that know me after I debut will see me as ‘ Celebrity Choi Minho’ , my friends from school days will see it as ‘ just Choi Minho ‘ who became a celebrity. They know my actual real self so it’s the most comfortable. During the early stage of my debut , they will be shocked when I did something cool. They will ask what kind of celebrity am I (laughs). I invite them to concert and because I showed my cool side, they will say ‘ yah you really seem like a celebrity’.


Heard that there is this strange atmosphere about ranking among men.

Not sure whether is that neccesary. But if there is , wouldnt it be the different level of confidence? The guys with overflowing confidence will lead the group and relatively the less confident ones will be the opposite of it. I am the kind to read characters.

You are well known to have a good personality so if had a conflict with your friend or when you are angry , how do you resolve it?

If there is a trouble in the relationship with another , I would not just leave it but will talk about it . I dont think there was even once that it went even further apart when I said whats from my heart. If something made me very angry, before I start throwing sparks at others,I just sleep from the evenings. I am simple so I will forget all about it after I wake up after sleeping. If I still feel angry after waking up I will have a drink.

Then what is the most extreme thing Choi Minho has done up till now. You said you tried smoking for the first time in <Derailed> , are you always a ‘Honest life man’? (Laughs)

When I back tackle when I am exercising? It is ungentlemanly too even when I think about it but I was really angry.(laughs) Ah, I was so angry at that time that I kicked a chair that was beside me hardly and it was crushed.

How much do you drink? Heard that you have already quitted smoking.

I have quitted smoking. I quitted it while pinching my tights(bear/control it) I am not the type that enjoys drinking. I don’t think of alcohol when I am alone. I only drink when there is something that makes me happy happens, but I really like to talk so when there is gathering (with alcohol) I am the kind to stay till the end.

Among the people around you, who do you think is the manliest?

Not really sure, our SHINee members have one personality so we are similar. If I were to choose from the whole SM entertainment, it would (Jung) Yunho hyung? naturally the ‘Real Man’.


Heard that you have a 2 years older older brother. Heard that you have been compared to him a lot when you were young.

My older brother studies well. I have been mainly compared with him about studies. My older brother was 1st or 2nd place in class while I was in the center. Actually , according to my standards, that was quite good. Comparing to others, I didn’t attend academies, play what I can play, isn’t it very good that while playing I am still able to get 1st among friends that worked hard for it? (laughs) But when I enter the house I will get nagging on why am I not studying. I dislike studying even more.

But there is still many good points being a younger brother. You could learn a lot from your older brother.

Of course. I don’t listen as well as my older brother when we were young. But there were more times that only my older brother received the scolding when the both of us did the exact same mistake. Our personalities are a little different too. For example, in soccer if I am the attack , my older brother will be the midfielder. I am livelier and my older brother is more serious. As I grew older , I seem to take on that side of my older brother little by little.

Even though you said your studies aren’t that good, you entered Konkuk University Art department through the SAT examination in the midst of your busy schedule.

After transferring school in the 1st year of high school I began to neglect my studies. But SAT is the greatest examination in life so I though that I have to sit for it no matter what. I started  to cram 3 or 4 days before the exam. I went only with the grasp of the questions after solving those that was released in the recent 3 years. How could I do extremely well through cramming. Even so I was shocked that I could at least apply for the university I wanted.

Basically isn’t this consider being good including your head (smart). This could be called as ‘ A son that mother’s will compliment’ though.

It isn’t that I really did well (the exam). However, I think my memorizing skill is good. Even in middle school, I could get above 80 marks if I start to study for a memorizing subject 2 days before. One thing that I am sure for Arts , even though Maths is fun and I like it, my result doesn’t come out that well. Naturally, I threw away Maths (Laughs)

If Choi Minho were to pick the 3 precious things in his life?

Family, Fan and original intention. SHINee members are included in the Family. Because we are really like a family now.This 3 things are my driving forces that allows me to not break and to go forward in the future.

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