Hello and welcome to my first solo BOTM for December! And sorry for the shitty edit :3

  • Must be following me
  • You should totally check out my November BOTM
  • Reblogs only - likes will mot be counted
  • Must reach 40 notes this is my first solo botm and I don’t want it to fail
  • No poll because polls are evil
  • One winner, three runners up
  • Fandom blogs only
  • Nice url, clean and organised blog, awesomesauce posts
  • Nice blogger
  • Emphasis on nice blogger
Winner shall receive:
  • +follow from me if not already following
  • A terrible graphic from me or an amazing graphic from someone else announcing you as the winner
  • A post declaring how amazing you are
  • Link on my updates tab for the whole month of December
  • Up to 3 promos on request, and additional inclusion on any promos I do
  • My eternal friendship this is compulsory
  • If you want my first born you may have that too
  • Whatever you want
Runner ups shall receive:
  • +follow from me if not already following
  • Symbol link in my updates tab for the month
  • Up to 3 promos upon request
  • Love and friendship
  • Idk if you want my second born take it
Yay that's it guys, may the odds be ever in your favour!