yo i just hit my next k and i my blog has changed a lot since the last time i did one of these. anyway, thanks for giving me quality shit to reblog and whatevs.

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A Small Studying Masterpost!

This is my way of saying thanks for over 200+ followers! so thank you guys and I hope this is useful for all of you! P.S once my personal blog ( Go follow it here  ) hits 200+ followers I’ll do a non studying related masterpost over there

Free Studying?!?!? WOAH

Duolingo is amazing

MIT online courses

Open2Study (I so far love their courses)

A masterpost? omg



Free Books? I got you.

textbook torrents



audio books

Free books masterpost!!! 

list of free textbook resources!


Duolingo can I emphasize how AMAZING this is?!?!

101 languages

Write blog posts in the language you learn and get them critiqued by natives!

Make Flashcards

amazing language masterpost


Biology thinggg


again make flashcards, trust me.

Crash course

HOW to make flashcards if electronic ones aren’t for you

handy textbook tips

Writing / English!

Writing masterpost!

Writing Program Masterpost

How to annotate a novel

alternatives for common words

Essay masterpost

Proofread better! yeah man!


Crash course has history stuff too!

Bibliography’s are v important

AP world history post

AMAZING history technique for studying

History help post

Music to study to yo’

1  2  3  4  5  6

Time out stuff

10 minute guided meditation

yoga youtube channel

Horror masterpost spooooooky

yoga masterpost

Stress relief masterpost

learn how to code!

I know this isn’t as big and fancy as others but I hope this can help atleast some of you. I love you all, have a good day <3


Nickelodeon star and singer Ariana Grande has given an interview to J-14 (October/November 2012) in which she sticks up for her gay brother, out producer/performer (and former Mr. Broadway) Frankie Grande:

“Frankie would come pick me up from school and they’d be like, ‘Oh my god, is your brother gay?’ and I’d be like, ‘Yeah, is there something wrong with that?’…I was infuriated.”

Grande uses the article to express her opinion that homosexuality is natural:

“Everyone is made the way they are for a reason. Everyone is the perfect version of themselves.”


I just hit my first major milestone on this blog of mine, and thought I’d give something back to all of my wonderful followers. A neat little theme pack. 

Like / reblog (or both) if using. Don’t claim as your own, don’t use as a base code and please don’t redistribute. Of you notice any faults with the theme, or just need some help, just send me a message.


- 4 custom links
- 64x64 sidebar icon
- 500px posts
live preview
- code


- 2 custom links
- 64x64 sidebar icon
- 500px posts
live preview
- code


- 2 custom links
- 64x64 sidebar icon
- 500px posts
live preview
- code

I hit 4k followers like a week ago but I’ve been too lazy to say anything until now ahahaa.Thank you to those who are following me; I feel very loved by you guys. I love you all asdfsdfs. 

I also hit 100+ followers on my Gangsta Manga Blog so cheers to that :v

A short S/O to some of my friends; thank you for being a friend, and thank you for being the biggest piece of shit with me lmao. I’m sorry if I don’t keep in touch with some of you as I used to, however I still consider all of you as friends (If I’ve forgotten any friends I’m so fucking sorry I love you just as much you can punch my dick)

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In my previous FF’s I’ve done the whole alphabetical thing for the 683 blogs I’m following, but I’m so fucking lazy so I’m listing blogs that I’ve been following since day one of my monochrome blog, or mutuals that’ve been known me i think through hell and back- I love you guys a lot im sorry 

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