hOSHIT 1000 FOLLOWERS WHA- I’ve recently hit 1000 followers which i cant believe at all is this even real? Since i have hit this HUGE milestone for my blog i will be listing my most favorite blogs/friends! Unfortunately I can’t list all of my mutuals because as I said last time its a very long process and this post will be super long and nobody likes that so without further ado here is the follow forever! Favorite blogs with be italicized and friends will be bolded!

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and a little follower s/o to those who helped me gain: wenjunhuitrash kimbapkidding je-onwonwoo lovecheol jihhoon devilishhansol vegtaebles milkshua hongjiswoon junhoe-dont-do-it leeseokminnie yojeonghan joshuaslips hansolence ultimatekpoptrash heyywonwoo vernol

Thank you all so much for following this trash blog that I made and expected to get like maybe 10 tops but now i got 1000 of you cuties! I wanna hug all of you and give you a cookie or something

first off, ignore the terrible graphic! here is my first follow forever! i recently hit 500 followers and it’s my blogs sixth month anniversary, so i thought i would celebrate by giving a shout out to all of the amazing blogs that make my dash enjoyable! i’m sorry if i forgot anyone! i didn’t realize i followed so many blogs. mutuals are bolded.

 the main bae

blazealldayariday: you should totally go follow ariana because she’s my best friend and favorite person in the world tbh


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1,000 Cuties

Omg I’m at a lost for words. I woke from a nap (bc I wasn’t feeling well) to see 1,000 followers. I never imagined getting this far, saying not many people choose to take liking to me and often get bored. So never did I imagine 1,000 cuties hitting the follow button to my blog. It just makes me so happy to think 1,000 people are some what taking a like to me. I’m legit about to cry tears of happiness lol. 

Thank yall all for everything. For making me feel loved. For making me feel special. For being my friends. For trusting me. For letting me be me on here. For sending me sweetie messages. For talking to me. For actually liking me writing. And my liking me. 

I will post a giveaway (and maybe I will do this au idea to write) later once I sort out all the ideas in my brain.

Again I love yall all so so much! Thank you for getting me so far! <3    

First follower milestone reached! :D

I’m sorry…what?! This is so cool! I mean, I know that people do these things when they reach a major follower milestone, but to me, this is HUGE! When I started this blog I’d never thought I’d get even one follower. But now there’s 150 of you pretty, beautiful things and oh lord, I think I’ll cry! You actually put up with my random ramblings and my rantings and my blog, which doesn’t quite fit into booklr, writeblr or studyblr. It’s a mutant blog in between all of  these. And you’re all okay with that?! Wait, what?! Yaay!

Thank you so much for this, really. I started this blog when I hit quite a low point in my life. Slowly, gradually, ramblings of Miss Rehman (that’s me, that’s me! :D ) pulled me out of that hole. When I started I was lonely, slightly depressed and had no inkling of inspiration. Now I’ve started to become someone I quite like. Slightly more confident, standing proud at 4 ft 9, and with a knack for poetry I never knew I had. What I write is a weird mix of poetry and prose, but I’m still learning.

But most of all, I have strong, tolerant and unbiased people who follow me on this blog and who’ve helped me in more ways than I can list. So today I want to thank some of those pretty people from the bottom of my heart.

books-and-cookies MaryBoo! You are a treasure to the world, a soft, sweet, raw human who’s love for books has given many people a new perspective.  I’m sorry that you have to put up with so much shit at times, because booklr does not spare you when it disagrees, but I want you to know that I’ll always be part of your cookie crumble army. You are one of those people who are brave enough to consider and ponder over something that you might not agree with, and still have the courage to step back and examine things objectively. Not a lot of people can do that. Thank you for acting as a friend and a big sister on multiple occasions.

loquaciouslyliterate Graham!! Honestly, you are one of my favorite book blogs on here. Whenever you pop up on my dash, it makes me incredibly happy. We still on about the rooftop thing? Thank you for having such an infectious personality and for being this constant ray of positivity! The world needs more of that, and you are slayyying it, ma boi! I hope you find lots of books that make you insanely happy and attack you with feels. I also hope we get a chance to get to know each other better!

tilly-and-her-books Tilly! Your book vines are the epitome of relatable, quality bookish content! Thank you for letting me know I’m not the only bibliophile that suffers this way. But more than that, thank you for the smiles and positivity that you spread to everyone! It means a lot.

brian-a-navarro Brian! Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement! Every time you reblog anything of mine, it makes my day. You’ve always been there with encouragement and support. I hope you know that that works both ways. I’m here if you ever need anything at all. It’s the least I can do!

zosraus Your work is inspiration in prose. There are times when you read something, and it pings at your heart. It just resonates with you and you feel like someone put your thoughts into words. Your works has been that for me on multiple occasions. I only hope I can one day be as incredible as you are. You’ve been a mentor without even realizing it. And I want to thank you for that.

paellego Izzzyy!! You were my first ever follower, and for that reason I will never forget your URL. But more than that, you were and still are, a ray of hope for me. That maybe I could get to where I want to go. One person believed. Maybe you didn’t feel this way when you hit that follow button, but to me, it was a boost like no other. Also you need to give me selfie tips! Every time your smile pops up on my dash, it makes me all warm and fuzzy. Thank you!

fritesavantgars Dude,  I no nothing about you, but you’ve been such an encouraging element for me! For that I just had to reach out today. You’ve liked more of my work than anyone else has, and you kept me going. I thought of thanking you many times, but I just couldn’t reach out. Thank you for liking and appreciating my work. You have no idea what that means to me!

And to every one of you that’s following me, thank you so much for this. It’s a huge deal of me, and every single one of you deserves credit. If you ever need me, I’m here. I’m always here. Please don’t ever be hesitant to reach out. It’s the least I can do for you all.

Thank you all so much! :D

-Miss Rehman

If you are borderline, you may experience your life as fragile and flickering, lacking in substance and permanence.  You may, at times, burn brightly and intensely with emotion and, at other times, feel empty and bored.  You may dart wildly about, following your impulses in a frantic effort to soothe the pain inside and create a shred of identity.
—  Richard Moskovitz, MD, Lost in the Mirror: An Inside Look at Borderline Personality Disorder, Taylor Trade Publishing

Why is it so goddamn hard to respect people. Why. The boys are humans. They have feelings and their feelings are valid. Please for the love of whatever the fuck you believe in STOP throwing things at the boys, stalking the boys, sexually harassing the boys, and whatever else you wouldn’t want people doing to YOU.

For fucks sake people. Find some goddamn respect for the people you claim to love so much.

at first i didn’t ship it and i really didn’t want to but now it’s my otp: an autobiography

i’m at the doctor as a Certified Adult for the first time all by my lonesome and i have already managed to not only fuck up the paperwork but also bang my elbow against some medical equipment this is really going well


Nickelodeon star and singer Ariana Grande has given an interview to J-14 (October/November 2012) in which she sticks up for her gay brother, out producer/performer (and former Mr. Broadway) Frankie Grande:

“Frankie would come pick me up from school and they’d be like, ‘Oh my god, is your brother gay?’ and I’d be like, ‘Yeah, is there something wrong with that?’…I was infuriated.”

Grande uses the article to express her opinion that homosexuality is natural:

“Everyone is made the way they are for a reason. Everyone is the perfect version of themselves.”