I don’t understand, why does doucheface Christian Grey have a fanbase when Ian Miller does not?

You know, Tula’s husband from My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

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Like, Tula was so in charge of that relationship because he wanted her to be, he followed her lead all the way. He never coxed her into doing anything she didn’t want to. In fact, when he pulled up to his apartment he totally kept it low key. He made it clear that he wanted to be intimate with her, but gave the reins to her. (Which, she excitedly took once they were upstairs. LOL)

No guilt trip, no emotional cohersion …. nothing. 

Imagine that, though, a straight white guy in a movie/book/ect that didn’t make a woman feel like she owed him sex.

And Tula asked a lot of him and he NEVER complained!!!! 

He is an A++++++++ Dude

But, we talk about wanting more good guys and hating the bad straight white boys (there are plenty of those) but how about we actually give good guys the love they so totally deserve?