I don’t take the title ‘Best Friend’ lightly.
If I bestow it upon you it’s because you are quite literally the best human being I know and I’m lucky enough to have you as my friend.
If I call you my best friend, it’s because out of every friend I've had throughout the years - YOU are by far the greatest.
It’s because you’ve been there through everything…. You’re the ultimate cheerleader - you're always the first person to celebrate anything good that happens in my life, no matter how small. You encourage my every crazy idea, adventure or scheme and best of all you laugh at even my most terrible jokes!
You’ve seen my every relationship come and go and you’ve been there through all of them to remind me that none of them were ever good enough for me anyway…. From the immature ones that just didn’t work out - right through to the ones that completely broke my heart.
You’ve made me laugh when I’ve wanted to cry - and that is no small miracle! You’ve talked me through a bad situation more times than I could count and you did it by simply reminding me of just how loved I really am.
So please know that when I call you my best friend it’s because you’re my flesh and blood, no matter who your parents are.
YOU are the family I get to choose…. and there is no-one else I’d rather have by my side in the rain, the hail or the sunshine than you.
Thank you for being who you are.
Thank you for being my best friend.

Ranata Suzuki

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Prince Hans Redemption + Helsa Survey Results

Tonight I went to a baseball game in the hopes that I could ask kids around the ages of 6, 7, and 8 about their perspectives on Hans becoming good and ending up with Elsa in a possible Frozen sequel. While walking around the concourse, I encountered many kids and asked many questions, receiving different responses from everyone. This is what I recorded and deciphered.

Redemption of Prince Hans:

  • 8/10 little girls liked the idea of a Hans redemption
  • 6/10 little boys liked the idea of a Hans redemption
  • Important Notes: Most of the agreeing kids said that they would like Hans as a hero because they liked nice Hans in the beginning of the movie, they also want to see him interact with Sitron more. A large amount of the kids said he would have to say sorry to Elsa and Anna for his actions and promise to be good.

Idea of Helsa/Iceburns/Hansla In the Possible Sequel:

  • 7/10 little girls liked the idea of Helsa in the sequel
  • 5/10 little boys liked the idea of Helsa in the sequel
  • Important Notes: Many of the kids were confused at first when asked about this pairing, and three boys shot it down immediately, but only because they didn’t like mushy romance. One little girl, around the age of 8, liked the idea of Helsa because she said, and I quote, “They would be different, REALLY different. Different for Disney is nice!” I explained about three positive qualities of Helsa and rounded up a couple more shippers.  

Frozen fandom, I ask that you take some of these things into mind. If you have any questions about this survey, make sure to ask!

While talking about the One Direction drama
  • My Friend:I'm really done with boy bands... The Jonas Brothers were it for me.
  • Me:....... ?
  • My Friend:**Starts singing 'A Little Bit Longer' quietly to self**
Hannibal Re-Catch: Savoureux

Welcome to my recatch of Savoureux, aka the episode title that I didn’t know how to spell until I wrote this intro. I swear I learn something new each recap!

What else did I learn this episode?

Well, Will’s life pretty much sucks because someone *pointed look at Hannibal* went and framed him for murder (But, guys, his heart was in the right place. Intentions are more important than actions, right? RIGHT??). Alana dodges bullets, but still feels wounded. Jack is really hung up on the idea of Will being an intelligent psychopath despite his abysmal clock-drawing efforts. And the Wendigo is actually a pretty cool guy once you get to know him. 

Join me as I revisit the Season 1 finale of Hannibal and view it through the lens of the entire… Well, hopefully you know the drill by now. I’ve written twelve of these things already. (LOL what is my life?) 

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