It’s that moment. That moment of being so sure that you can give your everything to someone. It’s the way they can reach past every one of your barriers and break down all of your walls without you even noticing. It’s the way you want to feel vulnerable and embarrassed with them, but you really can’t. It’s the way there’s suddenly all that trust between you, trust that seems to have come up out of nowhere. That’s what it is. That’s love.
—  💜 - @itsfangirlalex
Do you mind if I spare a few words for you, my love? I’d say that I’ve bled you out completely in ink–black and red and blue, but there’s too much of you for that well to ever run dry. Do you remember what I said? That I didn’t know what would happen to me if something happened to us? I meant it, but not in the way that you understood it. When the boy took my heart and ran away with it, I didn’t know how to survive without him. I didn’t know what it meant to be a person separate from him because he had sucked that away from me, and I believe that that’s the control that you’ve warned me against forfeiting to another soul. But that’s just not the case with you. The difference with us is that you’ve taught me how to be a person, how to stand. So if you were to leave me, I’d survive just fine. I just wouldn’t really want to live.
—  @itsfangirlalex; You’re my inspiration. 🖤
Omg Guys

My best Frendo made a Tumblr!

She’s a writer as well

Her Tumblr is @yaoiismyfuckingaesthetic

She’s an Ereri/Riren fan too, but shes very big on doing all types of snk ships

Meanwhile, I’m just…

Yeah. Eren x Levi all the way.

She’s new, and I’d love for you guys to meet her and stuff

She’s an amazing writer, trust meh, you’ll love her

And she’s a full blown fangirl, so you could ask her about her face ships, why, her interests, stuff like that. She loves people

I hope you guys will love her as much as I do!

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😊 *sweats nervously*

Maddy! Oh my, don’t be nervous at all, I adore you! You are one of the nicest people on the entire planet! I love talking to you; you are one of my best friends. You are my Tyler Posey to my Dylan O’Brien! Every day, I scroll down and see your stories, how you write Malia is sometimes more accurate then the show does it, especially in season six, but we’ll ignore that BS. You always like my fanfictions, which always makes me blush, no hesitation, as I look up to you for our writing, I truly do! You’re my rolyplaying hero.

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