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I have been in love with my best guy friend for three years. I lie to everyone and tell them that I have no feelings for him because my best girl friend likes him too, and I want her to be happy.

that must be tough .. i’m sure one day you’ll find someone who will love you back hun xo 

Its internet friends day and most of my most favourite people in my life are the ones I’ve become friends with through tumblr or twitter or whatever! Shout out to all my friends on here who are just the most wonderful people I have ever encountered in my life! It’s been crazy thinking about how even just as little as a year ago I had barely any people I could call my friend and I wasnt overly happy within my life but a year on I have so many wonderful, incredible and beautiful people that I get to call my best friends! I can’t tag everyone but just know that if we are friends that I thank you for all the good times, for all the memories ive made on here with you guys, for all the times youve all been there for me and for just being my friend and making me the happiest little vegemite in kangaroo land ever to exist! I love you all to the moon and back 💖

the signs as people i know
  • aries:my friend's best internet friend. She is so humorous and friendly towards everyone. She isn't very good at expressing her feelings but will always be there for others.
  • taurus:my best friend. He is very honest and so loving to all of his friends. When he is in love he will let you walk over him until you reach his limit. Then he will express how he feels and will not be forgiving. He is very logical and very funny. Also will protect you and be there for you always.
  • gemini:my ex-boyfriend. He was very sexual and rebellious. He was very sweet and always said the right things. He was quite depressing and liked to talk to alot of other girls. He loved with everything he had and cared alot too, even if he wasn't very good at showing it.
  • cancer:the new kid/ friend of mine. He is very awkward but fairly sweet. He is open with his emotions if he likes you or not. He can be veryyyyy lazy when it comes to school and homework. He is also very sassy and sarcastic lmao.
  • leo:my internet best friend/ my mum. They both are very materialistic and loves going on trips. They can be very over dramatic at times. They also can be very negative if something bad happens. They love whole heartily and will fight for you and your relationship or friendship.
  • virgo:my older sister. She has a very cheerful attitude but can be very feisty when angry. She always tries to be the best she can be. She is very honest and loves to be right. Has alot of friends and is very friendly all together.
  • libra:my other best friend. She is also very materialistic. She also likes to label herself and the people around her. She loves to be loved and will do anything for it. She will hang out with you and be with you until she gets bored of you. She is very emotional and can't sometimes control them.
  • scorpio:my emo cousin. She is very rebellious and likes to do whatever she wants. She cares alot about anyone she gets associated with. She would never intentionally hurt anyone or anything. That's why she usually gets hurt. But overall a great person.
  • sagittarius:my ex-best friend. She was very closed and lied about how she felt all the time. She got jealous over little things. She loved to travel and go on trips and have fun. She was very reckless/ careless and didn't care what others thought of her. She was a great friend overall.
  • capricorn:lmao me. Well i am very guarded with my emotions and it's really hard to trust people. Because when i do trust people i end up overthinking so much that i hurt myself. I'm pretty introverted and try to keep my friend count low. I care and love people so much if they make feel appreciated and loved. I like to respected and treated fairly. But basically i'm okay lol.
  • aquarius:my friend from school, maisie. She is very nice and friendly to everyone. She is very reserved and doesn't like talking about her feelings alot. She enjoys being there for others and she also likes having other people listen to her. She is very opinionated and stands up for herself. She tries her best to be perfect for everyone but she doesn't have too at all.
  • pisces:my lovely boyfriend. Oh man, where do i start. He is very sensitive and gets emotional about alot of things. He has very deep emotions and doesn't know how to control them half the time. He is very smart and creative. He likes to show love physically. He isn't very good at words. But pisces are very caring and loving to all close friends.

My friend had everything planned out for her phone call with Misha and it took her an hour and her plan was to compliment him and stuff but she didn’t want to be rude so she was going to throw in a question about GISHWHES  and then when she finally got through she panicked and stuttered, “OH MY GOD I- UM. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I REALLY HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY AND THAT YOU’RE NOT TOO OVERWHELMED WITH THE PHONE CALL THING. I JUST. OH. GOD. I LOVE YOU. BYE." 

i haven’t had time to post about this yet so i’m doing it now guys. monday was a heartbreaking day for me, it was my granddads funeral, and when i got home my best friend (awhwin), who went to meet the boys in manchester that same day, had bought me a cd and got it signed for me this was a perfect end to one of the worst two weeks of my life. i’m incredibly lucky to have her and many other great people in my life. so please guys, go follow her because you’re missing out and if you already are then i already love you!