“It was almost an animal presence that he had. I learned something special from him from his physicality. I later called it the ‘Kinski Spiral’ meaning an appearance from behind the camera. If you enter the scene from the side, showing your profile and then face the camera, there is no tension. He developed something. Standing next to the tripod, he would twist his leg around and this way his body had to spiral itself organically into the picture. If you were the camera, he would position himself right next to it and twist into frame. This created a mysterious, disturbing tension.”  - Werner Herzog on Klaus Kinski


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STREAM: My Best Fiend | "Cracking Eggs"

There’s something overtly nostalgic about Brooklyn rockers My Best Fiend. It could be that “Cracking Eggs”, the band’s debut single, echoes some of the best music from the last 20 years; like the sexed-out grunge of Jane’s Addiction, or the intoxicated space rock of Spacemen 3, Spiritualized and Galaxie 500. Inevitable comparisons aside, the recent Warp signees have a firm grasp of how to utilize noise to enhance a strong melody’s impact, something that’s almost become a lost art of sorts. The song’s opening blues riff starts with a whimper and ends with a searing blaze of flange-heavy guitar –- a climactic explosion of sound best absorbed at maximal volume. And like their aforementioned predecessors, My Best Fiend have the heavy hitting rock swagger of a group who will rise as high as their promising talents will take them.

From In Ghostlike Fading; out February 21st via Warp.

My Best Fiend (1999)
Mein Liebster Feind
Directed by: Werner Herzog
Writer: Werner Herzog
Starring: Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski

Great lines…
Kinski: I am not the Jesus of the official church who the police, bankers, judges, hangmen, officers, church bosses and other powerful people tolerate. I am not your Superstar.