Something about “casti- cas -is my best fiend” tugs at my heart in a different way like

We know sam told dean his life story basically

Sam sat down and made sure he described his relationship with cas, made sure dean knew he always used a nickname for him

I wonder what else sam said

And I cry


My Best Fiend

Created by Pete Candeland and Stu Connolly

Cartoon Network Europe, 2003

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My Sims Story: My best fiend, (we'll call her V) used to love the sims so much, we were like 9?? She had Sims 2 and Sims 3 was about to come out when I came over to play it, I HATED it, idk why, just did. But I told her I enjoyed so V gave me a Christmas present the next year: The Sims 3, it was on sale at the time so she thought of me, I debated giving it away, but I ended up trying it and fell in love, so I bought each and every EP and everything for TS4. It's my true love.


Frosty Night (Christmas)

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Part I: Spooky October (Halloween)

Frosty Night:

December 1st:

You sat in your arm chair reading “The Polar Express” once again, because the magical story made you warm with happiness. You reached over to grab your hot chocolate as you finished the book you heard a knock at your door, causing you to cock your head to the side because Matthew told you hed be filming for most of the day but nonetheless you walked up to the door to see Matthew standing at your doorstep looking rather mischievous causing you to worry “Hello there (Y/N), I saw the most amazing place and couldn’t help but think of you because I know you’ve talked about wanting to go, so I need you to go upstairs and change. Make sure to wear socks.” He said stepping inside your home closing the door behind his as he shooed you away.

Running up the stairs in pure excitement you got dressed and met Matthew at the foot of your stairs “So? Where are we going?” you said as Matthew shot up and handed you your keys making a beeline to his car leaving you with no explanation, causing you to become even more curious as to what he had planned for today, you locked your house following him into his car and in no time you were pulling out of your driveway.

The ride was filled with christmas music but there was no singing along like usual only silence as Matthew focused on nothing but the road. “So.. where are we going?” you asked once more “(Y/N), you asked me that the first time and I didn’t answer it before and I’m not going to answer it now. It’s a secret, just wait (Y/N).” he said smirking slightly causing you to push further “Well I just want to make sure I’m properly dressed.. You know..” you said playing with your hands causing Matthew to laugh “You’re dressed fine. Now stop pestering me about it because I’m not telling you, we’re almost there.” he said in a matter of fact tone causing you to groan, giving up your obviously failed attempts.

You had finally come to a stop and what you saw across the street was a jaw dropping scene. “Christmas Town” the sign read as you saw the several decorations of reindeers, Santa Claus, candy canes, elves and so much more. “I was driving home, when I passed this place and immediately thought of you, but there is something inside the town and that’s the real reason we’re here.” he said stepping outside of the car leading you to follow in pursuit. He held out his hand which caused you to blush slightly as you carefully took it, you both crossed the street leading into “Christmas Town” there was white flakes that were all over the grassy ground, adding to the illusion of snow, that added to the trees decorated and lit up the area creating a Christmas vibe all around.

You felt Matthew tug your hand slightly as your eyes met what he wanted you to see, a beautifully designed ice skating rink, he squeezed your hand softly “The rink wont skate around itself you know.” he said as you both smiled at eachother laughing as you made your way to the rink. You payed for your skate, wasting no time to fasten them and make your way to the rink hand in hand, “Are you nervous you’re going to get hurt? Your heartbeat is so fast (Y/N).” Matthew causing you to shrug because it wasn’t the rink that was causing your heart to beat so fast, it was the physical contact that you and Matthew were doing that made your heart nearly beat out of your chest.

As you reached the gate you let Matthew step inside first and as he adjusted himself he held out his hand for you to take, which you did, cautiously feeling your legs betray you as you tripped but you didn’t fall because Matthew had caught you pulling you up. “If you keep falling on me, I’m going to start to think you’re falling for me.” he said laughing as you laughed softly trying not to be awkward about his statement. He held your hand tightly as you both slowly began to move your feet, it didn’t take long for you both to skate together in unison “This is beautiful Matthew.” you said looking around at the decorated “Town” “Only the best for my Christmas fiend. I know it must be hard because this is your first Christmas away from home, so why not bring Christmas to you?” he said smiling as he stood concentrated in making sure you both didn’t fall and get hurt. Which didn’t last long at all, since you were all caught in the decorations you tripped over your foot causing you to fall backwards but you felt Matthew’s arm grabbed you but this time you had both fallen on the ice, laughing at eachother “I think that’s enough for today.” he said laughing as he got up carefully assisting you as you both exited the rink.

“That was amazing Matthew, thank you so much.” you said tackling him in a hug as you made your way to the car, he stiffened up at first but he eventually relaxed as he hugged you back. “Anytime (Y/N).” he said wrapping his arm around your shoulder as you continued to his car, once you got inside the car Matthew turned on the radio as the car began to drive to the highway but this car ride was full of singing along horribly to Christmas songs. Once Matthew pulled up to your house front you went to kiss his cheek but he turned his face at that moment causing your lips to meet in a quick flash, you then stared at him wide eyed as you ran out of the car and to your home “(Y/N)! Come back!” he yelled from behind you but you didn’t stop until you closed your front door and slid down it in pure shock.

You had just accidently kissed Matthew Gray Gubler, your closest friend and secret crush. “Shit!” you yelled out throwing your keys across the room.

December 17th:

Weeks had passed and you hadn’t spoken to Matthew about the accident, you were embarrassed about how it all happened. You didn’t know what to say, how to feel, how he felt about the whole thing and you didn’t want to make a fool of yourself by admitting feelings that could ruin your friendship “(Y/N)! Matthew told us you were home, it’s just us ladies, can we come in?” You heard AJ say as she knocked on your door, you sighed silently because you needed girl friends to talk to but you didn’t know if it should be friends of Mathew’s but you didn’t have much friends.

Once you opened the door you saw the three woman pour themselves into your house with sweets in their hands. “Kitchen?” Kristin asked looking over her shoulder “Straight down the big double doors on the left, they slide.” You said realizing that Matthews kitchen was big and connected to his living room by the bar counter dividing the rooms. You followed behind the women as you held your head down, not knowing what to say exactly. You sat at your dinner table as you waited for the women to finish up they were doing “So Matthew told us what happened..” Aj was the first to speak “He was taken off guard by the whole thing, but he was more afraid when you ran away from him.” Kristin continued “But us as women, we know exactly why you ran away, so.. when did you start liking our little Matthew?” Paget said smirking as she leaned closer to you.

The shock was evident on your face, you sat there while all three woman smiled at you wholeheartedly “I.. I honestly don’t know.. the feelings just sort of happened..” you said unsurely not truly understanding why you were sharing that information with these women who are very close to Matthew. “I think it started at the pumpkin patch!” Kristin said excitedly “No, no it must have happened over the movie date.” Paget said in a formal tone, you had began to wonder how the women knew about all the things that you and Matthew did but then it hit you, he talked about you, about the things you did together, how he felt about you. “No ladies, I’m thinking more of the Halloween party.” AJ said calmly smirking at you as if she knew something you didn’t.

“Ah! Before I forgot, Matthew wanted us to give this to you.” AJ said handing you a box that was wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper with a bow in the center of the box. The women then got up and said their goodbyes to you leaving you alone with your box. As you opened it you noticed the card inside the box that read:

We can hardly stand the wait,
Please Christmas don’t be late.

From your favorite Chipmunk.. hopefully you’ll wear this ugly sweater Christmas Day and send the holiday at this address.”

You smiled as you pulled out the ugly Christmas sweater, you had told Matthew how much you wanted one. You pulled out the address wondering what exactly the destination led to, but shook your head leaving everything in the box as you heard a knock on your door, as you walked to the door opening it to reveal a huge bear being cuddle by Matthew “A forgive me gift?” He said simply shrugging causing you to laugh “I think I should be the one asking for forgiveness?” You said allowing him to enter “We both should. But I brought Sir Snuggles Claus and sweets with Christmas movies.” He said walking towards you DVD player “I’ll get the popcorn and soda.” You said walking to your kitchen smiling.

It’s back to you being you and Matthew being himself, but better yet it was you both back to being with each other.

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Elucien Headcanons (starting a relationship)

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Elucien Headcanons (starting a relationship)

-Feyres having a hard time in the Spring Court. Lucien is incredibly suspicious of her and Feyre is lonely. The decision is made that as a political ploy and to provide the best distraction and help for Feyre (much to the disdain and full blown anger of Nesta) Elain will be sent to the Spring Court as a sign of ‘peace’ from the Night Court.

-Not that she would ever tell Nesta but it was her idea to go. She still loves her fiancé (can she even call him that anymore?) but she’s curious about the red headed Fae who gave her his jacket at Hybern. She still has it, she hid it from Nesta, and every now and again she will take it out and wonder about that man who had given it to her.

-She’s delivered to the Spring Court by Amren, with shackles around her wrists and a gag in her mouth. She knew that no harm would come to her from Amren but she couldn’t help but feel a little scared. Especially when it came time to dump her with the note. It needed to be believable, that it could really be from the Court of Nightmares, and Elain, full of ideas and having heard Mor’s tragic story, took it upon herself to nail the note into her ribs, right where Cassian told her it wouldn’t be fatal, after assuring her that she didn’t have to do it.

-She could be strong for Feyre, just like she had always been for her.

-Amren made sure she was in range of Spring Court sentries before making a show of magic to get their attention, and then leaving Elain, shaking and bleeding.

-She was taken straight away to Tamlin’s study where he, Ianthe, Feyre and Lucien were.

-When Lucien saw her it was like he could finally breathe after nearly drowning. He tried so hard to convince Tamlin to rescue her, he knew he would need his High Lords help, but Tamlin always refused claiming that they had bigger problems to deal with.

-First he noticed her torn clothes and the wound at her side, the nail an obvious reminder as to what his brother did to Rhysand’s third, her matted hair, her delicate features, the colour that had drained from her face, and finally the iron engagement ring she wore on her left hand.

-He approached her carefully, scared to frighten her after the horrors she was sure to have seen at the Night Court, but before he could reach her she was being slammed into for a hug by Feyre and then taken away to a healer before he could speak to her.

-He didn’t waste time though, and as soon as the healer let people into the room he was the first in line.

-Elain noted his features as he came into her room. Tall, broad shoulders, fiery red hair, one russet eye and one, was it metal? And jagged scars slashing one side of his face. She thinks that he is the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen.

-He pulls up a chair and sits next to her. They just sit there, watching each other, when Lucien introduces himself.

-He starts talking when she interrupts him. “I don’t want a mate.”

-He goes still, of course he thought this was a possibility but he hoped that maybe the bond would snap into place with her too.

-“It’s just that I’m already engaged.” She says, to which he replies “to a man who gave you an iron ring?” He doesn’t mean to say it so coldly, but he can’t help it when he feels so frozen inside. Elain can see straight through it though, and knows that she hurt him. It wasn’t her intention, she just needed him to know that she couldn’t have a mate. What she couldn’t tell him was because she wouldn’t be in Prythian long, and hoped that one day she could go home.

-“but I would love a friend.” She says gently. He half heartedly smiles and says it would be his pleasure.

-For a friend he sure avoids her a lot.

-Like to the point she has to hunt the idiot down. She even enlists Feyre to help her, to no real avail.

-They don’t start spending time together until one day she sees him in the corridor and literally slams him against the wall and demands his attention. She doesn’t know where all this rage and strength is coming from but she does know she’s getting really sick of Lucien avoiding her.

-They start by walking around the gardens, Lucien explaining what all the flowers are listening and answering to all of Elain’s questions. He also takes her to the pool of moonlight and tells her she can swim of she wants, but she refuses every time.

-They have become good friends, nothing more, and Lucien can sense how much she wants to see what the moonlight is like on her skin. One day when they’re taking their daily stroll (after Lucien finishes his duties everyday, Elain refuses to let him go to sleep before he’s had some time to himself first, and he can’t really say no to her) he pushes her into the pool as a joke. She immediately starts sputtering and struggling and that when he realises that she can’t swim and jumps in after her. He apologises and apologises but he still hasn’t taken gotten her out of the pond yet. He’s just swimming while holding her tightly to him, arms wrapped around her waist.

-Elain says that she’s fine and it’s okay, she knows he didn’t do it out of malice, but she’s not moving either. Instead she presses a quick kiss to his cheek and lingers there, her nose grazing the side of his face. He cant help but turn his face so that their noses are touching, and he’s about to lean in when she clears her throat and moves away. Well as much as she can when he’s still holding her.

-He takes the hint and awkwardly helps her out of the pond before telling her that he has a job he forgot to do and hurries off, leaving her wet and at the stream.

-Elain goes to Feyre and cries. She doesn’t know what’s happening to her and she feels so confused. She is engaged to another man who lets be honest probably thinks that she is dead, and while he’s grieving she’s off dallying with another man. A very attractive, funny, man. Who’s has hair that she wants to run her hands through, and a laugh as sweet as honey. It makes her wonder what else about him is sweet. Then she scolds herself for thinking such things.

-Feyre reassures her that what she is feeling is perfectly fine but Elain can’t help but feel guilty, not just because of her fiancé but also because she is still just using Lucien to further the agenda of the Night Court.

-The next day when she sees Lucien she tries to talk to him again but he brushes her off. She grabs him arm and is like “don’t make me beg, Lucien, please.” His knees go weak for her and all he wants to do is make her smile again but he did a lot of thinking and realised some stuff.

-He realised that she would always be at risk with him. For cauldrons sake when Rhysand sent her he nailed that note into her. That wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t her mate. And he couldn’t bare it she got hurt because of him. For fucks sake he’s in love with her. He fell hard and fast and she’s in love with someone else and it’s fine as long as she’s happy but he knows that she isn’t and it’s kills him inside.

-He does something that he hadn’t done in a while, and that’s be honest to her and honest to himself. He tells her that it’s too painful to watch her loving someone else, and longing for a man that isn’t him. He tells her that she is the best friend that he’s ever had, but it’s not enough. He will always care for her and if she ever needs anything he’ll be there, but right now he needs to do his job, because he needs a distraction from her. Because just looking at her causes him to fracture when he knows she’ll never be his.

-Elain cries as she watches him leave. Then she calls out “Anything I need?” He turns towards her and nods slowly. “Then take me home.”

-Feyre thinks it’s stupid, Lucien thinks it’s stupid (but he would never really deny her anything), they aren’t even going to bring it up with Tamlin, but Elain is determined to return to her fiancé to see where they stand and to work out her feelings.

-Lucien Winnows them in the middle of the night to the edge of the wall, from there they find the weak spots and then Winnow again.

-They are both are nervous approaching the house, which resembles a prison with the high fence surrounding the place.

-Lucien waits while Elain goes in alone, but close enough so that he can hear if anything goes wrong. All is silent until he hears screaming and smashing. He runs in with his sword out to see Elain being cornered by the Lord and his whole family.

-He’s never been so infuriated in his life. Elain is obviously terrified and she’s standing in the hall way, shaking and begging for them to stop and she just wants to explain. But her fiancé is shouting at her, saying that she isn’t Elain, Elain isn’t a monster.

-Lucien doesn’t kill them all, but fuck is he tempted. Instead he just goes to the sobbing Elain and Winnows them away to the forest.

-He doesn’t ask her what happened, he doesn’t need her to tell him because he knew deep down that her fiancé would never accept her this way, despite the fact that she is still the beautiful, sweet, pure woman she was before.

-Elain cries even harder when he tells her this, and in a moment of weakness confesses everything to him about the Night Court, Rhys and Feyre, and the real reason she’s at the Spring Court.

-He doesn’t say anything, just picks her up in his arms and carries/winnows her back to the mansion. She continues to cry and he takes her all the way to her room, still not saying anything. He sets her in her bed and tries to go but she wraps her arms around his neck and doesn’t let him. “Please Lucien, we need to talk about this.” “So that you and Feyre know I won’t tell Tam?” “No, because you are my best fiend and only real friend I’ve ever had. No one has ever wanted to spend time with me for any others reasons than they think I’m pretty and my father has money. And the I met you… And you appreciated me. You made me feel special. And you never judged me because of my past.”

-Her arms are still around his neck and he’s kneeling on the ground and she is sitting in front of him and it’s like someone else was controlling his body when he leaned up and kissed her.

  -And when Elain kissed him back it was like something slammed into her. She pulled back and gasped because she knew what it was, it was like the instinct was running through her veins. You’re my mate you’re my mate you’re my mate you’re my mate.

-She kissed him again, with every fibre of her being. She slid off the bed until she was straddling him and she thinks she just might be able to do this for the rest of their immortal lives.

The Boyfriend Tag

Request: Imagine you and Gerard are youtubers recording a vlog together

“Hello everyone! Today I have a very special guests. My very good friend and fellow youtuber: Gerard Way!” I said cheerfully, holding my smile in place while Gerard entered the frame, taking a seat next to me. Gerard mimicked my smile, waving both hands wildly at the camera.


“Before we bega-begawalel,” I stammered over my words, making Gerard bust up laughing. I sighed and cleared my head, I was way too nervous. “Okay, 3…2…1…Before we begin, Gerard and I have some news.” I glanced over at him, signaling for him to pick up the commentary.

“Well, we’ve been reading your fanfictions and looking at your fan art and decided to date,” Gerard said with glee, throwing his arm around my shoulders. “Because it’s all just so hot we have to at least try.” Gerard and I have been friends and making videos together since I first started YouTube, and we have been shipped together since day one. At first, it was extremely awkward, seeing drawings and stories of you fucking your best friend? Very weird. It’s still a little unsettling even now, but it’s funny than anything.

“So we decided that it would only be fit for us to do the very basic, Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag. We’re gonna do 15 on my channel and the other 15 on Gerard’s channel. Ready Gee?”

“So ready. Let’s do this,” Gerard chuckled, cracking his knuckles.

“Alright, i’m expecting you to get these all right by the way.”

“Oh shit, we might as well just turn the camera off right now then.”

“Shut up. Okay, question one: Where did we meet?”

“We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party. August 24th to be exact.”

“Not bad, not bad. Question two: Where was our first date?”

As Gerard cracked jokes and made shitty puns, my nerves began to ease. It didn’t feel like a super important video, just another collab with my best friend. “What can I spend hours doing?” A smirk spread on Gerard’s face, his laugh echoing throughout the room. “What’s so funny?”

“Do you really want my answer?”

“Keep it PG, I don’t need my video getting flagged.”

“Alright alright, how about…making videos? You film and edit a lot.”

“Don’t try to butter me up now with compliments on my editing.”

“Your editing is on fleek though, huge turn on,” Gerard giggled, nudging me with his elbow.

“Last question: Who is my best fiend?” Gerard dead panned for a moment, acting like the answer was obvious.

“Me! It is me right?” 

“Of course, Gee. I have no other friends besides you.”

“Awesome, because you’re also my only friend.” I mentally noted the special effects I would edit in right here.

“Well on that note, that’s the end of the tag. Click on Gerard’s face for the other half of the tag where I prove how i’m a better girlfriend than he’s a better boyfriend. Feel free to like, subscribe, and comment. Anything to add, Gee?”


“Perfect.” I got up and turned the camera off, the annoying red light finally dying out. 

“See? That wasn’t so bad,” Gerard said encouragingly, rubbing my shoulders. I’ve been uneasy about this video for awhile.

“Do you think this is a good idea? Telling everyone?”

“I think so. I want everyone to know you’re my girl. Especially the haters.”

“I love you, Gerard.”

“I love you too baby.”

“Time for your video?”

“Sure! Okay, standout of the frame, I want you to tuck n roll in as the intro.”

Die deutsche Sprache ist eine der schönsten und ausdrucksvollsten aller Sprachen - wenn man sich ihrer Kraft bedient!
—  Klaus Kinski (1926-1991), a German actor, who appeared in more than 130 films, including in Werner Herzog films such as Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979), Fitzcarraldo (1982), and Cobra Verde (1987). He was considered a controversial figure in Germany. Some of his violent outbursts were filmed in Herzog’s documentary My Best Fiend. His daughter Nastassja Kinski is an internationally successful actress as well. (The German language is one of the most beautiful and most expressive of all languages – if you make use of its power!)

New Video! Got so many requests for a new whats on my phone vlog and wanted to share some of my favorite apps with you guys! ♥♥♥

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I want to join you all! How do I start? Right now I am just an ordinary, mundane person just trying to survive in a difficult modern world. Any tips on finding that step into the unknown? Where to find my first best fiend? How to make an evil plan?!

You travel to the deep seas, you seek out and find lost libraries.

You search for old graveyards that are overgrown with memory, with ghosts, with vines, with secrets, bones, dirt, flesh, magic. You build labs of mechanical horrors, traps and lasers and doomsday devices.

You write love letters to the moon and all of her charges.

You gaze into the dark and you stare with unfathomable amounts of love at The Things That Stare Back. You rush, headlong and laughing, into their waiting claws and jaws.

Your doom is assured, but what of it?

A lesser life lived, without monsters, without ghosts, without darkness, without evil, is no life you could bear to tolerate.

Your doom is assured and you welcome it.