Yo, just a quick update! I know I haven’t really been posting much lately, sorry about that. I’m working on something big right now. Originally I wanted to post it by Thanksgiving, but as you can tell from above it’s hardly ready. So I have to push back the release date. Until then I’ll try my best to get some art/comics out to keep the blog alive. It won’t be much but I hope you guys will stick with me. I’m really looking forward to showing you all this comic!

I hope you all have a happy thanksgiving :)

Sooooo my sister and mom decided that they are going to drag me to the movies whether I want to or not which means that I might not be getting the next two parts of the comic out when I’d like. I’m gonna try and finish this one part and see if I can post before I have to leave, but the second one will probably be posted fairly late since it’ll be after the movie when I get back home. Sorry!