The first time he sees you in lingerie - Male Avengers Headcanon

This wasn’t requested but idc, @scarlettsoldier and I were talking about plus size models lmao

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He’d be so taken aback, but in the good way. He’d look you up and down, drinking you in. He’d bite his lip as he would make his way over to you, absolutely lost in the scraps of lace and bare skin, then he’d look into your eyes before mumbling that you’re so beautiful, before kissing you so passionately with his fingers tangled in your hair. “You’re gonna kill me, darlin’” 

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Steve would be so flustered, having never seen a woman in lingerie in the flesh. He would be rooted to to the spot once he walked into your shared bedroom. His facial expression would make you nervous, “Steve…Do- Do you like it?” “Oh G-God yes I do, doll, you look marvelous” It would be you that’d have to make the first move, you would take his large hands in yours and place them on your silk covered hips. He felt like a virgin again, but Jesus H. Christ, he was going to try and not ruin those skimpy piece of fabric the moment he got a hold on himself.

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You’d be looking in the vanity mirror in your bedroom, catching a glance of the handsome man at the door in the reflection before smirking at him. You’d bought the undergarments as his birthday present. You blushed as his slender fingers made their way along your shoulders to move your hair out of the way. He would press kisses to your neck and mumble “happy birthday to me” whilst smiling as his hands wandered…

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You’d walk into his lab wearing a black trench coat over the top, of course. His head didn’t turn until he heard your voice say “FRIDAY, lock the doors please.” He’d cock a brow up at your dolled up form, his eyes would travel down your legs and then his brows would raise when he saw them bare, his jaw would fall slack but would quickly pick back with a sly smirk. As you would unbutton the trench coat, letting it slide to the floor (whilst keeping eye contact and also biting your lip) you’d hear the words “Oh, my beautiful baby girl, come to daddy…”

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You had definitely remembered to pack your black corset number in your bag before Thor took you to Asgard for the first time. You wanted this trip to be memorable as possible. When he first sees you in it, you’re both in his bedchamber, you’re coming out of the en suite bathroom and his mighty facade drops completely and he chokes on his mead, he’s completely awestruck, for he had never seen such undergarments, ever. He would gently pull you between his open legs, trailing his large hands across the rigid bones of the black corset, to the silk panties below, all the way down to the lace tops of your stockings. “Do you like it, my love?” “I love it, My Queen.”

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Loki: (slightly AU)

Loki had been down the past couple of weeks, trying to adjust to being an avenger and the people around him. You wanted to cheer him up with something new, you knew behind his hard facade there was a troubled man. So you rummaged through your drawers and found the one thing you needed, the unused white lace panties and bra. You hastily slipped them on before throwing a t-shirt and shorts on over the top, before calling Loki through FRIDAY. As he opened the door to your room, he would give you a small smile before laying down next to you. “I have a present for you, darling” you would say, “and what would that be, my love?” “me, now I want you to take me out of my packaging” As he would peel your shirt up, his eyes would widen at the unusual underwear you were wearing, his hands would come to cup your breasts but at the same time, admire the fine lacework, he would let out a soft groan as he saw your panties..

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Oh god, the GIF says it all. He’d be quietly reading in his room, when you’d just saunter in casually in your pyjamas. You both usually slept in underwear, or naked *wink wink*, so as you padded towards the bed, you began to remove your clothing, as Bruce caught a glimpse of purple from beneath his lashes, he looked at you like so, and put his book down. He would murmur ‘oh god, oh god, oh god’ under his breath as you crawled your way towards him, straddling him. You would grab his hands and place them just below your breasts where the purple lace finished, urging him into touching you. His touches would be delicate and curious at first, “You like it, Bruce?” “Uh- Uh yes, baby it’s beautiful, but not as much as you” he would proceed to grasp your hip tighter as his other hand brought your chest down flush onto his, he would moan heavily into your kiss at the feeling of the lace scratching against his skin

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As soon as he would see you, his mouth would go completely dry, and if you were in a cartoon his eyes would pop out of his head. He’d mumble, “Oh fuck, YES!”  before making grabby hands at you, begging you to come and sit on his lap (I mean seriously, look at them thighs!) He’d become bold and immediately kiss your breasts over the velvet fabric as his hands would ping the elastic of your stockings. He’d tell you how sexy you’d look on top of him in such attire whilst his hand would come to softly grasp your throat…

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You would be getting ready for a party- you didn’t intend for him to see you in your lacy undergarments until after the party! It was supposed to be a surprise! But as Pietro would come through your door he would make said face, giving you a once over, (ogling at your behind, obviously) whilst having a devilish grin on his face whilst saying “Ah, princezná, all for me?” making you whip around in shock. 


hey so playing Sombra is frustrating 

Monsta X reaction to seeing his s/o, who always wears long pants and sweaters, wearing a bikini for the first time and has a beautiful body

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Shownu; By the moment you came out of the bathroom with a sheer over shirt, not really covering your red bikini, Shownu would be so stunned at the sight. He couldn’t believe that you have such wonderful body to begin with. Shownu would be at a loss for words when you flashed him a smile smile, twirling around in the process, only to give Shownu a good view of how proportionate your body was, especially with your assets. He’d be giddy about it to be honest, like he’d be praising you over and over and would actually be over-protective of you once the two of you are out to the beach or swimming pool. But then, when the two of you are just chillin’ around, he’d be looking at you with such loving gaze that you’d be blushing. He’d also blurt out compliments here and there, totally catching you off-guard, and that’s when the two of you are enjoying some watermelon, his face covered with watermelon juice.

What do you think, oppa? *smiles, twirls around to flaunt your swimwear*”

“*chuckles*…. *finally able to think of words to say* You look beautiful, baby. *pulls you into a hug* Aigoo, my baby is so beautiful~”

“Hehehe, thanks oppa. Now, let’s go to the beach! *pulls Shownu towards the beach, only to be stopped by him*”

“Wait a minute… *wraps his tanktop around your waist and proudly smiles* There. Let’s go! *wraps his arm around you shoulder*”

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Wonho; Wonho wouldn’t be able to stop himself from grinning widely to be honest. When you came back to the tent with your friend, he’d be speechless at the sight.  He would be really surprised at how beautiful you looked to be honest, may it be in sweatshirts and pants or bikini, you were overall beautiful in his eyes. Wonho would act a little bit dramatic to be honest like the one in the gif before he pulls you into a hug like a little boy. He’d be body praising you to be honest, especially at how your assets bring out those curves. But when he notices the stares of the boys, he’d actually spread his arms and would totally cover you since it was only a sight for him to see but it might also be the other way around like he’d be flaunting you like a proud boyfriend, his chest out while his arms wrapped around your shoulder. Wonho would also be really caring. He’d apply some sunblock on you like he’d apply sunblock on you first before he applies some on himself.

Baby, I’m wearing the bikini that you bought me. Look! *twirls around happily while smiling at Wonho’s reaction*”

“*acts dramatic* Oh my… how can a goddess smile at me? Omo, my heart can’t take at how beautiful my [y/n] is. *pinches the bridge of his nose before bursts out laughing, pulling you into a tight hug* Aigoo, my baby, how can you be so beautiful huh? Man, look at you! I’ve always known you were hiding something under those baggy shirts and sweatpants that you wear!”

“Whatever, babe. C’mon, let’s get into the water now!”

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Minhyuk; Just imagine Minhyuk with big, googly eyes. He’d be all smiles as soon as he sees you with your baby blue bikini. When you show him every angle of the your body, twirling around to show him how cute you looked with a pair of bikini. Minhyuk would totally find you really cute but sexy at the same time. But when boys starts to stare at you, just imagine Minhyuk glaring at them while protectively wrapping his arms around you. And once they’re gone, he’d be back to praising at how beautiful you are and that he’d remind you of the time when you felt insecure which he would also quickly tell you that there was nothing for you to be insecure as you were as beautiful as your heart. You have a wonderful body and he loves it as much as he loves you for who you are. He’d seriously flaunt you to the boys, telling them that they don’t have a beautiful gf like you.

Baby, listen, remember the time when you felt insecure of all those girls out there? Don’t be. You’re beautiful. You have a beautiful heart and a beautiful body and a beautiful everything. Don’t let them bring you down. I love the way how you look as much as I love you for who you are. You have a wonderful body baby and you’re one of a kind! *cups your cheeks with such bright smile* Now, c’mon and let’s go to the boys.”

“Alright… thanks babe.”

“No problem, sweetie~ *winks at you and sees the boys* Guys! Look at how beautiful my baby girl is! Too bad you guys don’t have a girl like mine… Should I set you guys up?!”

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Kihyun; This boy would be so taken aback when he sees you for the first time in bikini. He’d be all smiles to be honest. He wouldn’t be able to suppress his feels and would literally be chuckling the whole time since he’s so giddy about the sight of you and your beautiful body. When you twirl around for him, he’d really find you so cute that he couldn’t keep his hands off of you. Kihyun would pull you into a hug, swaying the two of you while he plants kisses on top of your head. He’d pull away for a moment and would immediately pull out his camera, making you his model. And when you tell him that you’re not that confident with your body, he’d look at you with some look and would tell you that you’re utterly beautiful in his eyes and that you should be proud of that beautiful body of yours because you’re one of a kind. And of course, Kihyun would be over protective to the point the he’d let you wear his tank top to cover up when you feel uncomfortable with the stares of random strangers. And to be honest, he’d also be the type of person who’d post your picture with a speech underneath it.

Oppa, I’m not that confident with my body though.. I think I’ll pass–”

“What are you talking about? You’re body’s gorgeous baby and let me tell you, you’re one of a kind and be proud of that body of yours! You have such wonderful proportions and you’re really beautiful in my eyes baby, really beautiful. C’mon, let’s take some photos to commemorate this day.”

“Thanks, babe, for making me feel better about my body. But before we take photos of me, let’s take a photo together. *pulls you towards him as he lets the other members take a photo of the two of you*”

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Hyungwon; Chae Pepe will be unleashed. He’d be so meme by the minute he laid eyes on you in your bikini. He’d be so speechless that he’d be giggling for a straight five minutes. Once he’d finish giggling, he’d be complementing at how beautiful you are and how your assets are also gorgeous. He’d be so mesmerized at your beauty that he’d really ask the boys to take a photo of the two of you so that he’d make it his lock and home screen wallpaper. And he’d also take a couple of selfies with you before pulling you into the water. Once the two of you started to chill around in the pineapple float that you bought, he’d be really honest with you like he’d be complementing your body and you overall. That he’d reach to a point that he’d appreciate all of your style and would be like, you’re like a box filled with surprises and whatnot. Hyungwon wouldn’t actually like the attention that you’re getting from the boys to be honest that he’d be glaring at them until they look away. 

Hyungwonie~ how do I look? *twirls around with a gleeful squeal*”

“*giggling giggling giggling*….. *finally stops giggling* Baby, you look amazing! Damn, you really a beautiful body…. Yah, Changkyun-ah, take a photo of [y/n] and I for a second. *hands phone to Changkyun and pulls you closer to him with his arms on your waist*”

“Aigoo, don’t tell me you’re gonna make that as your lock screen and home screen wallpaper? *teasing*”

“I am! Daaamnn, Changkyun this one is such a wonderful shot! Nice one. Baby, do you want me to send you this photo? So that we can have matching wallpapers? *cute smile*”

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Jooheon; Jooheon was laughing really loud until you came to the tent in a bikini, making Jooheon shut his mouth real fast. He’d be eyeing you up and down before he proceeds to giving you a knowing smile. When you asked him if you looked horrible, he’d be reassuring you right away that you look absolutely beautiful. Like legit beautiful. Too beautiful for him to be honest. He’d actually pull you into his lap and hug you tightly, with a big smile on his face. Jooheon would actually take all his time to appreciate you and your body. When the two of you are actually strolling down the beach, he’d let you wear his jacket to be honest, not only to protect you from those lustful stares but also from the sun since he doesn’t want his baby to have that sunburn. And when you’re out in the pool having fun with the boys, he’d actually watch you with so much admiration that he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of you. And when you’re back in the hotel with your sweatpants, he’d be chuckling at how you can still be beautiful with those clothes.

Wear this jacket, babe. *helps you wear this beach zip jacket and smiles at how cute you looked with his jacket* Omo, baby, your bikini matches with my jacket!”

“You’re right! But, honey, wouldn’t it be too hot for you with just that tank top and beach shorts? *pouts*”

“Aigoo, don’t worry baby. It’s alright. C’mon and let’s go buys some ice cream from that stall over there. *points at a not really visible stall from afar*”

“Oki doki *links arms with Jooheon*”

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I.M; Changkyun would be pretty calm about it tho. When you showed up with your red bikini, he’d be proudly smiling at you since he already knew that you have such wonderful body. He’d be wrapping his arm around your shoulder and would smugly smile at his hyungs like she’s mine sorry. But then when you’re starting to get a lot of attention from random strangers, he’d be a little bit whiney as makes you wear his tank top. Changkyun would also be the type of boyfriend who’d shower you a lot of love like when you’d suddenly feel insecure about your body after a couple of women passed by, he’d be like no, baby, you have an amazing body and you know what, you’re the only apple in my eyes. you’re beautiful, okay? and many more. Sometimes, you’d catch Changkyun staring at you with such loving gaze but then sometimes, you’d also receive sassy comments from him but in a good way. Sometimes, you’d also catch him taking a lot of candid photos of you.. .and even videos to be honest. When you’re gone for a while, he’d be staring at the photo’s he’d captured and would actually make a collage and make it like into some aesthetic or something.

Oh my goodness, my beautiful queen has finally arrived with that beautiful body of hers! Flaunt it baby *winks at you before wrapping an arm around your shoulder*”

“Babe… I think this will be the first and last time that you’d see me wearing a bikini–”

“Ssshhhh, don’t say that *places a finger on your lips and then turns around to face his hyungs who are looking at him with a ‘._.’ look* Sorry, hyungs, [y/n]’s mine. But hey, guess what, we can try to hook you guys up you know *wink… minhyuk in the background: hey! that’s my job!!!*”

Princess of Themyscira

Prompt: “You’re going to die. Please stay!”

AN: ANGST, ANGST EVERYWHERE, you have been warned. Diana won today, and I really wanted to do something special with her. I really hope you guys enjoy this.

AN 2: So, I’ve decided to turn this into a series which means the second part will be re-written. If you even remember it. This is just the start! 

Words: 976

“She’s already lost her father Diana, are you going to take away her mother too?”

          Your grandmother’s voice is fraught with emotion, with a plea to your mother to stay. To live. Your mother’s voice is filled with determination. She’s made her choice, she’ll die a warrior, just like your father. “I am a warrior; this is my fight. This is my world. And I will save it so that my daughter has a chance to live in it.”

          You don’t peak out from your hiding place. You know your mother’s jaw is set in a firm line, and that her eyes are hard with determination. She’s approaching her death, the same way she approached your school principal when you were being bullied.

          You wrap your arms around yourself. Your grandmother sighs “Very well my child. Do what you must. Your daughter, my granddaughter, she has a place among your sisters.”

          You want to laugh at that. You’re sixteen and you’ve never even met the woman who calls herself your grandmother. Your mother had been banned from Themyscira, due to her relationship with your father.

          You can hear the heels of your mother's’ boots click across the floors, as she walks away. You step from your hiding place, when you can no longer hear the sound. You gaze out from the open temple as your mother’s figure slowly vanishes from sight.

          Your grandmother smiles at you and says, “You’re as silent as your mother. When she was young she would hide and listen in on my council meetings. She taught you well.”

          You shake your head, “My father taught me how to move. Neither wanted me anywhere near fighting, but my father wanted to make sure I could escape. I am the reigning hide and seek champion of Wayne Manor. My father and brothers couldn’t find me. Only Mother could. She says we think alike.”

          Hippolyta’s smile fades for a second, before she regains it, “I see. You enjoyed your childhood.”

          You nod, “There was always someone with me, even when the world was ending. Especially if the world was ending. More often than not it was one of my brothers, or Alfred. Titus was always there, but he passed away several years ago.”

          “An elder?”

          You laugh, “A dog. I was never alone. I think they had all spent so much time alone, that they never wanted me to be that way. Just like they never wanted me to see the ugly in the world, so I wasn’t trained.”

          “I’m surprised either of your parents would permit that.”

          You sit down on one of the steps, and a moment later your grandmother sinks down next to you. “I’m not. They wanted me to have a normal life. They didn’t want me to go through the pain or the suffering. It was a noble hope I suppose.”


          Another moment of silence passes and you say, “They always said I looked more like my grandmothers than I did them. They said I inherited the best traits of both you and my father’s mother.” You feel the first tear start to slip, “I’m alone now.”

          Your grandmother’s arms wrap around you a second later, “No child, you have me, you have your mother’s sisters.”

          You smile a bit as another tear rolls down your face, “I don’t belong here though. I saw the looks they gave me. I come from man’s world. They’re weary of me.”

          “They will learn child.”

          You shake your head, “They’re right. I know of this place, my mother told me stories, but I do not belong to this place.”

          You stand, as your grandmother’s arms retreat. You give her one look before saying, “I wish I had been able to know you when I was young.” And then you’re running.

          You hit the sand right as your mother is about to take off, but she stops at the sight of you. Her arms open to you, and you throw yourself into them, wrapping your arms around her neck, “You’re going to die. Please don’t leave me.”

          Her fingers tangle in your hair, and she kisses your forehead, “Oh my sun and star, how I wish I could stay.”

          Your voice is going somewhat hoarse, “Then stay, please stay.”

          “My beautiful daughter. My baby girl. We’ll be reunited one day, hopefully on a day that comes no time soon. When it does come, your father and I will be waiting. But until then, make sure you live, and that you love, and that you let yourself be loved. You are beautiful, and smart, and so strong.”

          You pull back, “I don’t want to be alone.”

          She smiles at you and looks over your shoulder. Slowly you turn to see what she sees. Surrounding the two of you is an army of amazons. She smiles, “You are not alone. You are my daughter. That makes you the Princess of Themyscira.” She looks towards your grandmother who nods, and her smile widens. “That makes you an amazon. And that makes these women your sisters.” Slowly the women around you nod their heads as they all hold out their hands.

          You turn to your mother, and she places something in your hand. The locket you father had given her on the day you were born. She opens it to reveal a picture of your entire family surrounding her, and you, on the day you were born. You stare at your father’s face, your brothers’ faces, Alfred’s face and the tears come harder. “Do not forget where you come from my daughter. And most certainly don’t forget who loved you.”

          She pulls away, and the arms of two women you don’t know wrap around you, and they hold you. You watch your mother leave with pain in your heart. That’s the last time you ever see her.

"So, how long before you rescue a tortoise?"

I may be adopting an old (shelled) friend of mine…

I met her two years ago during my first internship. I barely lasted a minute before I fell completely in love her. Just the thought that we may be reunited has me in tears. I want her to have a forever home, and I’m prepared to give her just that. :) No more being passed on to different people.

***Yes, I realize she is pyramiding. I haven’t seen her in two years so I’m not sure if the pyramiding has gotten any worse. There is no need for any hate, everyone who has previously owned her has done what they thought was best for her.  I promise you that she is loved by many people.***

Perfect girl (BTS Namjoon x Reader) (Smut/fluff)

Requested by anon! I enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it ❤


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 You were going through your morning routine as always, but this time you couldn’t do it peacefully. Namjoon woke himself up just to whine and beg you to stay home. You were even running late! This morning he was unusually clingy, and it was kind of adorable. “Joonie, I’m going to the gym.” You pinched his cheek before taking a bite of your banana. Unexpectedly it was taken out of your hand and replaced with a poptart. You softly sighed and set it down, looking at your loving boyfriend with soft eyes. “Why are you doing this?" 

 "Why are you trying to lose weight?” He quickly responded to you, leaning on the kitchen counter and staring at you intently. 

 "Joonie…“ you smiled softly and looked down at yourself. You felt disgusted every time you saw yourself, and you thought Namjoon might feel the same way. You sighed and grabbed your duffle bag as well as your water bottle. "I’ll be home in a bit.” Just as you put your finger tips on the door handle, you were grabbed by your shoulder, turned around, and pinned to the door in one swift motion. You were a little surprised by the intensity in your boyfriend’s eyes. You wrapped your fingertips around his wrists gently but didn’t try to push him off. Instead, you listened to what he had to say. 

 He was staring back and forth between your eyes, and he looked so sad and lonely. “You go everyday. You don’t come back for 2 hours and when you do come back, I’m already gone. I never see you.” He leaned in and kissed your lips, pressing his body to yours. 

 "I need to lose weigh-“ 

 "Sh.” He looked at you as if he’d just been insulted. “Need to? No. You don’t need to lose anything baby.” He cupped your cheeks and kissed you once more. “You’re so perfect.” He whispered and sighed softly. “I fucking love everything about you so why would you try to change?” He sounded so sad. 

“Joonie I don’t like my body.” You began to get choked up because you knew how sincere he was. It made you feel better about yourself but at the same time you just wanted to lose weight and look better for him. You wanted to impress him. 

 "But I do baby…“ he grabbed onto your hips and rested his forehead against yours. "Must I prove it to you..?” He whispered. “I could give you the best workout of your life right here.” He was getting a little fired up. You two haven’t had sex since you started working out a couple months ago. Your heart jumped in excitement at his sudden attitude change. You looked in his eyes, smiling sweetly. 

“You’re fucking amazing.” You said before wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him. 

 "I love you (Y/n), please don’t go.“ He whispered against your lips, squishing your cheeks together and staring into your eyes with hope. He slowly started to walk with you, backing you up until the back of your legs hit the couch. He pushed you on your butt and leaned down over you, putting his hands on either side of your head. He licked his lips and watched as you got all flustered. It made him chuckle. He stood up straight and pulled his black shirt off. 

"Joonie don’t you need to leave soon?” You asked breathily as you watched him. He shrugged and got on his knees in front of you, helping you take your clothes off. 

 "I have more important business here.“ He said I’m a husky voice. He got a little irritated when you tried covering your body. "Don’t hide things that belong to me.” He grabbed your hands and intertwined your fingers. “Look at me.” He demanded and squeezed your hands to grab your attention. You looked down at him, chewing on your lip. His stare gave you chills all throughout your body. 

“Joonie I just-" 

 "I love your curves.” He started off, moving his hands down your sides to your thighs and squeezing gently. “I love watching you walk and showing you off to everyone. You’re stunning and anyone would agree.” He smiled and laid his head on your thigh. “Plus I have the perfect pillow.” You giggled softly at his silliness and ran your fingers through his hair. 

“Thank you…” you lifted his head and ruffled his already messy hair. He scrunched his nose and laid you down, crawling on top of you. The aura slowly became hotter, and it was very exciting. You haven’t felt so carefree in the longest time. The look in his eyes yelled danger but you felt so safe. 

 "Lets have a day all to ourselves.“ He whispered hotly against your skin before gently planted his lips on your neck, trailing down to you chest and occasionally sucking. Soft moans escaped your lips and encouraged Namjoon to go further. His thumbs hooked onto the waistband of your panties and pulled them down slowly to build onto your anticipation. 

 You grabbed onto the back of his neck and pressed your bare chest against his, moaning as his hand grabbed your ass. "Joonie…” you breathed out, missing his touch. You closed your eyes and bit your lip softly as his hands touched your body and sent you to the sky. He reached down and pulled his cock out of his boxers, too impatient to take them off. You watched him with lust filled eyes and felt all tingly. “Baby you’re being slow…” you grabbed onto his jaw and looked in his eyes. He grunted softly and gave you a daring look before pushing himself in without warning. You gasped and moaned, closing your eyes tightly. 

 "I missed this so much.“ He tipped his head back and groaned. "I’ve missed you… so so much.” He spread your legs as far as they could go and squeezed your thighs roughly. He looked at you again to check on how you were doing, and your facial expressions drove him absolutely crazy. You drug your nails into the linen love-seat and bit your lip, closing your eyes tightly.

 "Mm~“ you curled your toes, gasping when his tip hit your cervix. "Oh fuck Namjoon” you arched your back and ran your fingers through your hair. The feeling was indescribably magical. Sex with him has always been amazing but it’s when all the sexual tension built up that it felt the best. 

 "You like that baby?“ He spoke smoothly, making butterflies go wild in your tummy. He kept one hand on your thigh firmly and brought his other one to one of your hands. Intertwining your fingers, he thrusted his hips at a faster pace. 

"More Joonie..~” you moaned and tipped your head back, squeezing his hand tightly. He smirked softly and rubbed your thigh, bucking his hips when he was deep inside you to hit your g-spot. “Oh~” you inhaled sharply and heavily sighed in relief. He loved the faces you made, and the way you squirmed as he pleasured you. He felt lucky to be the only one able to make you feel this way. He leaned down to kiss you, pressing his body against yours as he roughly fucked you. 

The skin-ship threw you over the edge. You loudly moaned against his lips as you orgasm, squeezing his hand tightly. As you came down from your high, you suddenly felt empty. You opened your eyes and watched as Namjoon planted kisses all over your body. Especially over the areas you were most insecure about. You smiled and hugged his head, giggling softly. 

 "Joonie you’re so good to me.“ You said in a tired voice. He laid his head on your shoulder and closed his eyes, rubbing your sides slowly and gently.

 "That’s because I love you baby. Everything about you…” he kissed your shoulder blade and across your chest to your other shoulder. “Don’t try to change…” He hovered over you again and kissed you once more. “Because I don’t want my beautiful baby girl to change.”

birthday// roman reigns smut


“where are you guys taking me!” you whined and folded your arms. roman, dean, and seth blindfolded you and put you in a car. you didn’t know where you were going.

“shhh!” seth shushed you as sighed.

“calm down baby girl, we’re almost here.” roman whispered in a low voice in your ear, making shivers run down your spine.

“i swear to god if this blindfold messes up my makeup i’ll-”

“we’re here!” dean yelled interrupting you. the car cams to a halt causing you to jerk out your seat, but the seat belt caught you.

“jesus.” you said out of breath as roman chuckled.

“come on.” roman took your hand and guided you out of the car. he closed the door behind you. he stood behind you and untied your blindfold.

“aww guys!” you were stood infront of an applebee’s. you looked straight ahead to see all three of them smiling at you.

“i wanted to take you to a more fancy restaurant, but roman insisted we take you here.” seth emphasized. you looked at roman.

“you know me so well.” you said smiling.

“and that’s why you’re my girl.” he kissed the temple of your forehead and you all headed in to the restaurant.

    you all were seated in a higher booth by the window with dim lighting. dean and seth were chatting it up about football while you and roman were quiet. you looked at roman and saw him staring at you. taking in all the details of your face. your beautiful colored eyes, your skin he loved kissing, his hair he loved running his fingers through that made you fall asleep. he really loved you, and he was happy your relationship made it through another birthday. you smiled at him and rested your hand on his thigh as he sighed in content. you both turned back around to see dean and seth staring at you.

“you guys are weird.” seth said laughing as dean chuckled.

“what, i can’t look at my beautiful baby girl?” he said smirking down at you. this man still made you blush. the conversation topic was changed to sex. you weren’t really surprised, after all, there were three men with you and you were pretty sexual yourself.

“(y/n), have you ever had a threesome before?” seth asked smirking as you sipped your drink. you squeezed romans thigh and he looked down at you.

“well no, but i want to. and besides, roman’s all i need.” you said, smirking up at him. you started to stroke his thigh as he puffed out his chest.

“ha, see that? i satisfy my girl better than two other people.” dean and seth laughed. you stroked your hand up higher and higher towards roman’s crotch. you saw him gulp and you smiled.

“that doesn’t mean i don’t want it though.” you paused as everyone looked at you.

“maybe… even… a foursome.” you said biting your lip. the thought of all these big, strong, and handsome men on you made your womanhood tingle. you lightly placed your hand just below roman’s crotch making him hold his breath.

“i mean,” you paused, “i’ve seen roman naked, but im pretty sure you guys look hot as fuck as well.” you smirked as seth fake flipped his hair.

“well…” seth said sarcastically as dean laughed.

“thank you guys so much for taking me out. i really had a great time tonight. love you guys!” you said to seth and dean and they smiled.

“any time sweet heart.” dean said hugging you.

“bye! have a good time tonight.” seth said smirking as you and roman walked to the car.

roman mumbled something under his breath before opening the car door for you.

as soon as you got home, the first thing you wanted to do was plop down on the bed and watch some tv, but roman had other plans in mind. you went into your shared bathroom not leaving the door completely closed. you took off your outfit and makeup, leaving you fresh faced with your favorite cheeky underwear on.

“(y/n).” roman said in a deep voice which made you jump.

“babe! you scared me.” you said with your hand over your chest. “whats up?” you asked cluelessly, although you had some idea of why he was in here. he snickered.

“what’s up? what’s up?” he shook his head slowly.

“princess knows what she did, and daddy’s not too happy about it.” his voice rumbled. your eyes widened and you stood up. he walked over too you and pulled you in by the waist.

“daddy’s gonna punish you. and you wanna know why?” he looked down at you and you swallowed.

“why?” your voice trembled which made roman chuckle lowley.

“because you’ve been a bad girl.” he smashed his lips onto yours and lifted you up. you squealed, and roman took this opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. he turned both of you guys around, kicked the bathroom door open and threw you on the bed. his eyes roamed your body and your breathing started to get heavier. you didn’t know what was going to happen.

“you wanna flirt with other guys? huh?” roman asked you as he threw his shirt off. he pulled you onto his lap.

“count with me princess.” you nodded biting your lip. roman snatched your underwear off and you gasped as the cool air came in contact with your wetness.

“one!” you squealed as his hand came in contact with your backside. he rubbed it before spanking you again.

“two…” you groaned out in pleasure. how in the fuck were you enjoying this? he continued for about three more times before your wetness was dripping down his leg.

“you’re really enjoying this aren’t you?” he chuckled. you whimpered and he turned you around and placed you on the bed. roman pushed your legs apart and pushed his boxers down his legs. his hard cock sprang free.

“fuck…” you groaned and roman shushed you.

“no speaking unless spoken too.” he swiped his two digits through your flowing juices and shoved it in your mouth.

“taste your self princess.” you sucked on his fingers and he pulled them out your mouth. some of your juices dripped down your wet mouth.

“fuck!” roman yelled before slamming his hard cock into your pussy.

“shit! fuck!” you screamed as your body banged against the head board multiple times. his cock thrusted deep into you. roman groaned at how good your warm hole wrapped around his hardness.

“god, your cunt feels so nice.” he moaned as his body draped over you. this caused his pelvis to tilt up and his cock rammed your g-spot.

“fuck!! god right there, shit!” you wrapped your legs around his sweaty torso.

“fuck imma cum baby.” roman moaned in your ear.

“me too.”

“at the same time?” he managed to moan out a sentence. you gasped and nodded.

“1, 2, 3.” you both came around and in each other.

“fuck baby girl. i hoped you liked your punishment.” roman said smirking which made you giggle.

“i should act out more.”

Skype call with daddy
  • Baby girl: Hiiii daddy
  • Baby girl: *waves hand like crazy*
  • Daddy: *smiles and laughs*
  • Daddy: Hey baby, I missed talking to my beautiful princess
  • Baby girl: No daddy! I'm not beautiful!
  • Daddy: Yes you are, baby. Now come on, say it with daddy. "I am beautiful."
  • Baby girl: beautiful
  • Daddy: that's right, baby girl. Now show daddy that beautiful smile.
  • Baby girl: *smiles and giggles*
  • Daddy: There's my baby. My beautiful baby.

Summary: You return home after the war

Pairings: Lord Elrond x Daughter!Reader

Words: 540

Part 1

Master List

It had been nearly two years since you last stepped foot in Rivendell. The dwarves had won their mountain back and their King had finally come unto his throne with his two heirs by his side.

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