Brielle was born at 8:38 am August 15th, weighing exactly 8 pounds.

She is so perfect, I didn’t know it was possible to love anything this much. I’ll post a birth story and proper update later when I’ve had more sleep. I’m trying to soak up every single second I have with her while she’s this little. I’m exhausted but she’s so worth it.


Rory looked at her mom skeptically
before her eyes widened. “Oh my
god! No! The library is going to
find out I accidentally took that
book and then they’ll cancel my
library card and I’ll never be able
to go to the Yale Library again –– !”

“Okay, honey. 

            I was kidding.

                      And you need to calm down.”

I am so in love with this girl…oh my Gods, she is so sweet, so compassionate, so pure. She is pure. She is so fucking adorable, literally the most precious human being in existence. She is kind and genuine and she fills me with hope. Nothing is forced. Everything is honest, this is an honest love. I trust that she will never touch me with a selfish hand, and I know that as my palms meet her skin they will have a generous nature. For the first time in ages, I’m not a concept. She won’t try to change me. I never feel inadequate with her. She loves me. She’s in love with me. Wow…she’s in love with me…unconditionally. <3