are you shitting me

Mystery Pearl Headcannon/Prompt

Imagine Mystery Girl/Sheena making Pearl blush for the first time and it’s just for a second but suddenly she’s hit with the realisation that Pearl’s blushes are blue.

So she immediately starts kissing Pearls cheeks, saying really sappy stuff until Pearl’s face is glowing bright blue and she can’t help staring because; dang is that pretty colour, she thought it was just the moonlight the first time, her alien girlfriend is adorable and she has a new favourite colour.

Very soon after she’s dyed the ends of her hair the exact same blue and Pearl is confused, intreaged and flustered when she finds out why.

jstor is a wonderful resource, but it’s also dangerous because you’ll start out reading articles related to your lit essay and then before you know it it’s 3am and you’ve wasted the whole night reading about the perceived threat of witchcraft towards fishing vessels in 18th century dorset

You will take this ship and Kat Morris’ poster from my cold dead hands.

Inspired by Kat Morris’ poster THE SHOW and featuring a shitty scan.