• Someone: Yeah, I don't really like Jinyoung....
  • Daehwi: Unfriended, unfollowed, blocked. My mom is calling your mom and you're not invited to my super sweet sixteen beach birthday bash

I made muffins😇 #VEGAN VANILLA BLUEBERRY MUFFINS to be exact👌🏼✨
Super soft, fluffy + delicious while also being 100% good for you ~ oil, gluten + refined-sugar free✔️✔️
Definitely my kind of muffins and the PERFECT nourishing snack for any time of the day, especially after a Saturday of exploring my favourite beaches with @cathy93🌻
You can find the recipe for these in my Ebook (link is in my bio), or check out yesterday’s post on how you can WIN A FREE COPY of the Ebook💛
Have a most beautiful day!

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I KNOW. IT’S RUINED RIGHT? that song is all i can think about and one day a decade from now some buff beautiful boy is going to ask me to marry him and as i stare down at the love of my life gumball’s falsetto is going to come back to me singing about spanking and i’m going to break down laughing right there on the private beach my guy rented just for the occasion and ruin everything. i can literally see it. it’s like a waking nightmare.

Happy Birthday, Love Beach

My sincerest apologies, everyone! As it turns out, I’d switched the dates of two albums around. It’s not Brain Salad Surgery’s anniversary today. Instead, it’s the anniversary of Love Beach.

Yes. It’s this one. Love Beach, released November 18, 1978.

This does not mean, however, that we need to put the party on hold. Rather, we still have an album to celebrate. Love Beach has been much maligned over the years by prog fans, and even blamed for “ruining” prog as a whole. 

Is this reputation really deserved, though? Today, we aim to prove that it should not be seen as the death knell for a movement, and by that token ELP are not the killers of prog. Rather, the world had changed and shifted as a whole. Some made the transition more or less smoothly and continued on. Others suffered hiccups along the way. But no single album was the end.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s judge Love Beach on its own merits. There may be some misfires, but there are also some gems. Enjoy!

EDIT: Over 1k notes! I’m shook! If any of y’all wanna follow more of my cosplay antics feel free to check out my instagram!

I’ve been a bit busy so unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to post a lot from ColossalCon East, but this was my favorite part of the con! Squatting like a Slav in my Slavyatta (beach version) cosplay and my buddy Mike sporting my 3D printed Reaper mask to be @markraas ‘s squatting Reaper!
Photo credits to DeathCom Multimedia!

TSInktober Day 17: a good memory from the past year and the story that accompanies it.
Continuing to cheat by using my iPad because I’m busy, lol.
Back in June our senior class went to the beach and my now-boyfriend and I finally talked and decided to actually date (We’ve liked each other since middle school). Our first official date was ice cream and walking up the lighthouse!

  • Coran: Bonding time! Name three things you like!
  • Pidge: Computers, peanut butter, and maybe Hunk.
  • Hunk: Cooking, Lance, and Pidge.
  • Shiro: Sleeping through the night without dreaming, mood boards, and the idea of growing my hair out.
  • Lance: Oh this is easy, I can go on forever! The beach, my mom, Blue, Keith-
  • Pidge: Wait Keith?
  • Keith: I like Red, Lance, and hugs.
  • Allura: This is turning out differently than I thought it would.