I could even learn how to love
like you ♪

Felt like doing something like this after the 3 Gems and a Baby ep, I know Pearl’s got a bit of hate from it (mostly from reading comments on @pearl-likes-pi) I think more than anything it just shows how much she’s grown as a character (and they all have too) but seeing that contrast I feel gave a huge insight on Pearl in particular and how much has changed. Storytelling A++

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Playlist: holy fuck I love you

past lives - borns
work song - hozier
tear in my heart - twenty one pilots
dogwalk - pity sex
WILD - troye sivan
hourglass - catfish and the bottlemen
affection - cigarettes after sex
past lives - borns
open arms - RKCB, demo taped
all i want - passion pit
take care - beach house
my favorite part - mac miller, ariana grande
off to the races - lana del rey
stop the world i wanna get off with you - arctic monkeys
john my beloved - sufjan stevens
a million ways - kai straw
cold cold man - saint motel

Nanny Logan

Summary: Someone has to chaperone the summer trip to the beach. Somehow it ended up being Logan.

For @kitachan21, who gave me a prompt while under the impression that I still wrote Logan fanfiction. Sorry for switching allegiances. EDIT: Also, thanks for giving me ideas on how to make Logan suffer more.

Logan held the door for Jean Grey, Jubilee and Ororo as they marched out of the rented house with their towels and backpacks. The boys were already past the sea oats playing frisbee. Finally, with the last umbrella dutifully following its telepath out of the house, Logan closed the door and sat down on the porch rocker with his beer. He could see the group from here, and Kurt had volunteered to be lifeguard for the day. Logan was putting an awful lot of trust in the elf, but he also had no reason not to. All of the kids had proven themselves extremely good at staying alive.

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Feysand AU Part 4

My modern AU where Feyre and Rhys meet on a plane and they are both going to Cassian and Nesta’s wedding in Hawaii. 

All characters belong to Sarah j Maas. 

This chapter contains a bit of Feysand banter but the real Feysand bonding will come in the reception after the wedding!! Thanks so much for the support and I can’t wait to write the wedding scene. 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Chapter 4 - The dinner 

Nothing. I had nothing. I thought I would be able to paint the view that I had seen earlier in Nesta’s room however, I couldn’t quite remember the shades of colors of the water or the look of the beach and my view was utterly pathetic. Buildings and shops and restaurants filled with people dressed in swimwear. I liked more nature views with very minimal people or disturbances thus rendering my view useless.

I got out my sketchpad again and saw the very rushed drawing I did of the eyes of the man from the plane. They really were magnificent and they were so blue they appeared violet. So far I hadn’t quite found the right color to replicate them but maybe when I got back home I would try again. As I was just lifting my pencil to start another piece a knock came at the door.

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