You know what the one thing that really gets under my skin when reading a Sterek fanfic is?

When everyone (everyone) warns Derek not to hurt Stiles and no one ever gets protective of Derek. I undersand Scott or the Sheriff telling Derek not to hurt Stiles but honestly?? if you’re going to give Stiles that family care than you damn well better give it to Derek too. Do not act as if Derek does not matter in this equation, this is a man who has been emotionally and sexually used on multiple occasions, a man who has had his entire life ripped away from him, who can barely live with his guilt. And you know what? He deserves to be cared about too. Give me Boyd going up to Stiles and telling him not to fuck this up because Derek is trusting him with this. Give me Isaac pulling Stiles in for hug and telling him that he better not dare hurt Derek, better not put him through that. 

It’s gets under my skin because Derek hasn’t had anyone to be protective of him in a long time, but now? Now he does, now he has a pack and people who care about him, people who know what he’s gone through. I just want it to be acknowledged that Derek is fragile and damaged and broken, and although I know that Stiles wouldn’t, couldn’t, ever hurt Derek I want the pack to show that Derek is there family and he is just as important as Stiles is.