Ten Song Shuffle Challenge

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1. Cold Blooded - The Pretty Reckless

2. Dear Maria, Count Me In - All Time Low

3. No One Does It Better - You Me At Six

4. Where Dreams Go To Die - The Downtown Fiction

5. Voo Doo - Ghost Town

6. My Understandings - Of Mice and Men

7. Happy Little pill - troyesivan

8. Zombie Girl - Ghost Town

9. The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy

10. Somethings Gotta Give - All Time Low

thanks for tagging me, Autumn! :D I love doing these :3
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OK taking votes. What instrument would Sunny play in the Band Geek AU, which I am only qualified to write because my mother was a band geek and I love her for it. I have recently effectively made her a Stranger and am writing this for her :) she never gets on here but whatever she is awesome and deserves it.

So… Sunny? Instrument? Ideas?

my tags (last updated 6/29/2015 but liable to be updated again whenever i find myself adding new ones/remembering old ones)

so i’m a pretty big fan of tags (even if that usually means specifically weird-ass ones that i use more for organizing my posts than for, like, making them findable by other people)!!

most of my favorite tags are already linked on my profile (”this is a good one” for the writing i’m most proud of, “my face and i take full responsibility for it” for pictures of me, “my ridiculous life” for crazy things that have happened to me, “ask”/“anon” for exactly those, “FAVE” for my favorite posts of mine, and “marching band”/my side blog detail-swag-hace for my oodles of band geek-related posts) but i have quite a few more that i typically use/that are important to me so i figured i’d use them here and keep a list!

(trigger-wise i try to tag common ones whenever i can remember to and i also usually title potentially upsetting posts something like “tw: suicide mention” or whatever instead, but if you have anything specific you want tagged please let me know! as for me, i don’t use blacklist so i don’t need anything tagged hahaha. oh and i don’t talk about fandoms much but when i do i generally tag that.)

tags i use often:

“work tag”–tag chronicling my summer job working at wawa

“rant”–pretty self-explanatory… and also pretty frequent hahaha sorry!!

“personal”–….. literally all of my posts are personal tbh but these are just, like…. more so??? aka most of them are either really really really depressing or really really really happy lol

“dream” and/or “dreams”– also pretty self-explanatory 

“i converse”–responses to people who have commented on my posts 

“tag”–challenges/memes/anything i’ve been tagged by another user

“squad”/”college”–posts about my adventures at school or my group of friends

“question”–posts i’d like people to respond to with answers/opinions

“art”–art that someone has kindly drawn for me, usually either of an oc of mine or a cartoon-ized version of me

“submissions”–things people have submitted to me (… usually just more art)

“reblog”–things i’ve reblogged (which tbh is like 95% either ask memes or “reblog this and i’ll draw something for you”, which i usually delete a few days after reblogging thing)

tags that are “complete” (i.e. collections of posts pertaining to specific phases in my life or people i’m not in contact anymore, and therefore probably won’t be used much if at all in the future)

“we’re IN georgia!”, “my dear sweet petunia”, “towel and a bobby pin”, “mahalo jesus!”, “lodge ‘roni pizzer”, and “ANUS ANNIHILATOR!”–posts pertaining to the marching band trips I went on in high school (to atlanta, boston, chicago, hawaii, boston again, and disney, respectively)

“BH penalty!”–posts pertaining to the two-week summer course i took at princeton going into my junior year of high school

“miles”, “about  that guy”, “richard”, “smores”, “O boy”, “major developments”, “black am spirits”–tags about various crushes i’ve had over the years (some are still ongoing but most aren’t)

tags i don’t currently use (much) anymore but might start up again some time:

“mems”–random stories or memories from my childhood that sometimes crop up that i just want to catalogue

“my day”–long, rambly, diary-like posts describing everything that happened to me in a day

“smiles”–generally short and sweet posts  about pleasant little things that happened to me in a day

“fam”– posts about my family 

“roadblogging”–posts made from my phone, usually during a trip in the car of some kind

writing tags:

“flavors”– writing/info relating to my visual novel about fourteen dead teenagers participating in a reality tv show hosted by the devil for the chance to win their lives back

“the block”–writing/info relating to my novel about a set of high-school age triplets growing up in the suburbs and the various drama and angst they all face

“the bronze rebels”–writing/info relating to my plot about a bunch of idealistic dorky middle schoolers who scheme to overthrow their dominating band teacher, and the variously fucked up people they become in high school and beyond

“fratricide”–writing/info relating to my plot about a gay teenager whose incredibly homophobic twin sister want him dead, plus the trials and tribulations of his boyfriend and their group of quirky friends

“toons”–writing/info relating to my plot about a motley crew of high school students who happen to enter their school during summer break and must fight to save the world when they discover that the principal is actually an evil wizard using it as the home base for a world domination plot using his teacher minions

“letters to samuel”–writing/info relating to my plot about a man who suffers a mental breakdown after falling in love with and being rejected by childhood best friend

“dangergirl”–writing/info relating to my plot about a lonely, sombre girl who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a silly, outgoing boy and ends up learning more about the world and herself than she ever imagined someone like him could teach her

“people series”–a series of pseudo-serious artsy-esque writings about random characters–friends, acquaintances, neighbors, practical strangers, anyone who left some kind of lingering impact– from my life (i only do these very rarely, but would actually like to start again)

“initials series”– a series of vague and generally sort of crappy poems similar to the people series, except nowhere near as good and with the initials of the people as the titles instead of their names (i don’t do these anymore)

funny part about my music is that my parents were very much against me playing instruments bc it was lame and no one did that in their country and they thought i would never make friends

best part is how most of my friends were the band geeks :’) even my bf was the ONLY cellist in my orchestra until last year

Daily Thank Yous from Yesterday!

I’m so sorry I didn’t get to these yesterday and I didn’t post much! I was so tired and had so much stuff to do! So I’ll do yesterday’s thanks today!

Thank you to photographyylana for liking and rebloging my post! You’re amazing and I LOOOOVE your blog because it’s photography and I love that stuff! (if you can’t tell lol!)

Thank you to bubba42200 for following my blog! Band geeks unite! I’m a percussionist myself and the captain of my high school’s pit! BAND IS LIFE!

Thanks to fields-of-falafel for the likes! You’re so amazing and I really appreciate you liking my photography! :)

Thanks bunches to alltimehellalow for liking my post! You’re awesome and I’m really happy that we’re mutuals! :)


One of the showstoppers was @bellsatlas, who not only had amazing stage presence which set the vibe for the night, they demonstrated their appreciation for (and mastery of) world music, as well as their appreciation for challenging percussive patterns. Their sound was reminiscent and current, simultaneously. Brought out my inner band geek!
#la (at Hotel Normandie Los Angeles)