Some pretty rough Rabbit pictures ya’ll!

What I loved about Rabbit as a guy….was that while he was clearly ‘male’, he had a lot of femine-style to him along with crazy humourus eccentric-ness….hard to explain but, I liked that. I indentified with that.

As a girl, I imagine our new lesbian Rabbit to retain 'masculine’ charsteristics, that is, quite a bit butch. (though I doubt Bunny will keep such masculinity and instead make Rabbit much more femme than this) Until then I’m satisfied with thinking about fem-designing the usual outfit….adding in perhaps an ascot or ruffled cravat….and definitely instead of the sash, a fluted pleated jacket vest. Sweet man….! I’m keeping that idea right there. 

On another note….I’m sticking with this butch-ish Rabbit during our 'transition’. Its taking some mindspace to convert from guy Rabbit to girl whilst the band and her figure out the complete design and plan. In comparison to the other band members I related the most to Rabbit, so I’m taking it nice and easy to convert to relating to lesbian Rabbit….and with this look, there has been no change in my head at all. It works for me until canon is completed! 

Luckily I’m not straight, so adding in 'not only with boobs but lesbian’ is like 'WELP THIS KEEPS THINGS FRESH AND MIGHTY ISN’T IT.’ as I sigh over my diary entries about my dates and past relationships with the fairer sex….


My first horrible messy effort with chinese ink on chinese paper.
Extremely difficult, worst then watercolour: you can’t remake nothing, every movement must be sure and precise! It needs much training and discipline.
I publish it just as a bad example for others. Western artists should try it in order to understand how many hard work is hidden besides the “simple” flowers or landscapes.