the beautiful and talented @neenka and I did a collab and I’m so happy !!!! 

PLAGG AND TIKKI. AREN’T THEy CUTe. I love their design sobs they’re so tiny and cute and cinnamon rolls///o(*≧□≦)o 

She did the beautiful lineart and I colored. I feel so blessed to be able to collab with so talented friends ;___; thank you neenka !!

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Robbie Kay or Evan Peters?? Robbie I think is so adorable but there's something about Evan that makes him absolutely beautiful in my opinion.

absolutely agree with Evan Peters. I first noticed him in American Horror Story as Tate Langdon. he is cute but apparently he is a bad guy but he is cute and he is sad and he is beautiful.

baby dont cry

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mark me down as scared and horny

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i love you too

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and him as Quicksilver is sooooo cute (◕‿◕✿)

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put two celebrities in my ask and i’ll say which i think is hotter

( ps.i have a tag for this as #sebuttianstanscelebpick so those who dont like to see it can blacklist this tag. I will also put all the result as a link in my blog description. just for your entertainment)

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I've always wondered how well would 2p america, 2p canada, 2p germany, 2p prussia, and 2p france do at taking care of their baby (5 months) while S/O is out shopping or at work? This is my first ask so im sorry if i did it wrong. Great blog btw

They would all do so well (with the exception of 2p France bc y'know). Like??? ‘OMG MY BABY IS HERE WITH ME AND ONLY ME I MUST PORTECT’. They’ll probably fall asleep together and when you get home you’ll have to try not to wake them up bc of the cuteness.

So my bro and his GF have a baby. (Baby is actually turning 1 year old in 4 days. o.O)

His GF works in a private school, and her schedule is approximately 10 AM to 6 PM, Mon-Fri. My bro does HR work, and his schedule can fluctuate, but his shifts are always 12 hours long. During the school year, he works the weekend and just one week day, so they only need to have someone watch baby one day a week. Otherwise, my bro takes care of her during the day. 

Man, the fucking gender bullshit he puts up with for being a semi-stay-at-home dad. Women especially always bust his balls about it–Saying his GF is awfully trusting of him to take care of baby. And he’s like “???? She’s my fucking kid, too, you backwards assholes.” 

We went out for lunch yesterday. Baby, of course, came with us. She’s apparently an objectively cute baby, and she was drawing in a lot of attention. 

Everyone kept directing questions about her to me. Everyone. Even though my bro had her sitting closer to him, was holding her periodically, was carrying the baby bag, was breaking up food for her–Was doing all of the parent stuff while I just sat there. Even if they were right in assuming I was mommy, which yanno NO, why ask me? Why not ask him? He was clearly the far more attentive one. He was clearly just as able, if not more so, to answer all the fawning questions. He is far more experienced and knowledgeable about childcare than I will ever be. 

I don’t know, man. We just seriously need to abolish the idea that men aren’t capable and willing and excited to take care of their kids, too. 

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I watched the first wbb episode with the baby bears, and my god was it cute. I don't remember the last time that I found something so cute for 11 minutes straight.

ohh, you mean the road? that ep is straight up one of my faves, the song has been stuck in my head all day ;v; it’s so adorable and sweet!! look forward to more baby bear eps, they just keep gettin better

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Top five Spencer moments

Oh hey anon. My top favorite Spencer moments are:

1. When he sees and holds Henry for the first time. (cause obviously he’s adorable with kids.)

2. On season 11, when you see him interacting with Henry and Jack. To see him so excited to see Henry and then doing his magic tricks. He’s so cute when he’s around kids.

3. When Henry decides he wants to be “his favorite profiler” and you just see Spencer break into the biggest smile he can manage. That scene just brings me so much happiness.

4. When he’s being patronized by that agent after the thing with Prentiss went down and he’s just such a badass and so self confident and that brings me so much joy because look at my baby, look how far he’s come from the shy boy who Gideon always introduced as “Doctor” because he knew people probably wouldn’t take him seriously. And we all know we love that episode.

5. On season 11, when he meets Cat and says that he always wins. And he damn well knows that he does. He’s so confident and I love him so much. Even though I hated watching that episode, because why would you hurt the sweet cinnamon roll like that?? 😭

So there you go anon. Those are the ones I could think of. Obviously there’s a lot more. 😬

Ikon Reaction: You give him those dirty valentine gift cards.

Requested:  ikon reaction when you give them those dirty valentine gift cards ;)

A/N: This is so cringey. *Hides behind Admin S* I hope you like it. 


Han would be into it. The message you left on the card turned him on and he couldn’t wait for your date night. 

“Just wait until tonight baby girl.”

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Jin would not be able to take you serious. He would try not to laugh when he read the card. He found it so cute instead. You had never been one to dirty talk but he secretly liked it. 

“Aish jagi where did you get this from.”

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He would be so turned on he left the company early, wanting to start your valentine date early.

“Already on my way baby girl.”  

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like bobby Junhoe would be turned on, although he would not leave. He would tease you all day long with dirtier texts ;)

“You know you love it baby.” 

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He would tease you as well but more on the playful side. Yunhyeong would laugh and send kisses and winks when he saw you. 

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Donghyuk would get shy and walk out of the room he was in and far away from people not wanting anyone to see, knowing he would never hear the end of it. He would call you right away telling you to stop teasing him so much. 

“You’re gonna be the death of me.” 

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He would turn so red and immediately hide his phone the members would catch on and tease him. Chanwoo would hide his fance in his hands but be smiling and waiting for you date.

Bobby: “Chanwoo is getting laid tonight!” 

Chanwoo: “Hyung stop!” 

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~Admin C

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it's amanda (sugakookiefactory lol) hobi, yoongi, wonho, kihyun, jackson and yugyeom ^-^


  • do the sexy love™ with  — yoongz my bf
  • sacrifice myself for  — hobi <333
  • kick  — jackson coz he’d prolly kick back lmao
  • take to prom  — yuGYEOM IMAGINE HOW CUTE N SWEET HE’D BE
  • abandon in jurassic park  — kihyun omg i feel so bad

Send 6 Characters/People and I’ll tell you how I would…

heya!! so my dash is a little bit dead and i need more blogs to follow! like/rb if you post any of the following pls!

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K: KFNAKKGKSKFJOAKD MAMI YOU LOOK SO CUTE I SCREAM AKDNKAKDKDKSJAJK I'm glad you're back for the weekend!!!!(I think you're back for the weekend????) how has your week been? Anything exciting happen? Apparently the pocket chat is under the belief that I sound like a 12 year old lololol and then they there's me speak in Vietnamese and then they now believe that my voice is cute when I speak in Viet! Almslk you're the one with the cute child voice tho lololol I refuse to believe I sound like a kid

Omg Ryn baby I’m so sorry I didn’t reply last weekend -.- school has actually been Hell and it got so bad that this week I went to see a psychiatrist to get medicine  for panic. Like…it was honestly terrible. 

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Anyway, I have to agree with the pocket chat - your voice is fucking aDORABLE and NO my voice should not sound cute! I! Am! An adult! Hahhaa!

I’ve missed you, babyy! I hope your week was better than mine!

♥︎Mami K