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The next week after their dinner under the stars felt like a whirlwind, since the set about getting all of the details they discussed about their wedding in place. Emma went to Granny’s that Monday for lunch and confirmed with Granny that they would love to have her cater their reception. Granny was ecstatic. “I haven’t had time to get a proper catering menu together, but here is a list of all the platters that I plan on having once I am able to,” she said as she handed Emma a stack of loose-leaf papers cursive writing and the prices of each.

“I will show these to Killian, Mom, and Dad and get back to you for sure,” Emma said.

“Sounds like a plan! I know it’s only a little over two months away now, but don’t wait too long to put the order in,” Granny said as she winked at her.

“I don’t plan on it,” Emma responded.

On Wednesday, she met with Belle and went over to Game of Thorns to look over the floral selection. “Are there any flowers you had in mind for the bouquet?” Belle asked.

“I want to have something with yellow roses, and buttercups.”

“That sounds lovely! Are you going to have Killian and the groomsmen have yellow roses for their boutonnieres?”

“I had not thought about that, but it’s absolutely perfect.”

They met with Belle’s father, Maurice, and discussed her bouquet, the smaller bouquets for the bridal party (Elsa, Ruby, and Belle), the boutonnieres for Killian and his groomsman (Henry, Will, and Robin), and the flower pins for Mary-Margaret and David. Even after only completing two of the tasks on their list, she felt that it was starting to come together.

By the end of that week, she had also met with Regina to ask her if she would be interesting is making the cake for the reception. She was admittedly a little nervous.

“Miss Swan, are you seriously asking me to make a wedding cake?”

“Yes…?” she answered tentatively

After pausing for quite a while, which made Emma start to sweat a little, Regina replied as a smile began to creep across her face, “You realize that at least one of the layers has to be apple spice? It’s Henry’s favorite.”

Releasing the breath she didn’t know she was holding, she walked up to Regina and hugged her. “Thank you, Regina. Seriously, thank. We would gladly pay you.”

“No need. I admittedly messed up your parents wedding, so I need to make sure this one goes off without a hitch. And taking you money just wouldn’t sit well with me. Consider this a wedding gift.”

“Well, I really appreciate it,” said Emma, “Now, as for the other layers…”

They went over the layers of the cake. It would be four tiers: the bottom one (and the largest) would be red velvet, a universal favorite; the second, white cake with strawberries (her parent’s favorite; the third would be the apple spice; and the fourth, the one they would cut into, would be chocolate mousse, her and Killian’s favorite.

After the day at the dress shop, she really meant that she would discuss everything with Killian. She told him every morning her plans, and what she wanted, and if he was on board, she went ahead with her meetings. So each day after she completed something on her check list, she would call Killian and have him meet her at the loft and discuss everything with him and her parents.

“Regina is doing the cake!” Emma shouted as she entered the loft.

“That’s wonderful to hear, dear. She has become somewhat of an amateur baker here, so I’m glad she will be able to test her skills,” said Mary-Margaret.

“How much will she be charging?” asked David. In typical modern-day tradition, her parent’s volunteered to pay for the wedding. Killian asked to chip in, considering he had no family to speak of coming to the wedding, but they wouldn’t have it. They told him it was his day, too, so to just simply enjoy it.

“She won’t be. She said to consider it a wedding gift, and she said that she kind of ruined the last wedding she went to, so she’s making up for it, in some small way.”

“What was the last wedding she went to?” Killian, asked curiously.

“Ours,” her parents replied in unison.

Understanding her need to make up for what she had done, Killian said, “Yes, well, ‘small way’ is putting it lightly, I’d say.”

Emma smacked him over the arm, and he winced. “Hey! At least we have someone to do the cake!”

           Nodding while cradling his arm, he said, “Right you are, love. By the way, have you started the invitations?”

           “Started?! Try finished!”

           Emma enthusiastically rose from the table and made her way to the stairs that lead to her room. She maneuvered a box from under the stairs in her grasp and carried it to the table. She laid the box right in front of him and urged him to look inside. Once the box was opened, he removed one if the many invitations. The background was put white, but the paper was raised so that an image appeared without their actually being a drawing. It was an image of a heart, but the left side of the heart was the neck, head and beak of a swan, and the right of the heart was a hook. He kept running his fingers over the image as he read the words that were written in elegant script:

Their Majesties Queen Snow White and King David of the Enchanted Forest

Request your presences at the marriage of their daughter

Her Royal Highness Princess Emma Swan


Killian Jones, Captain of the Jolly Roger

On Saturday, July 18th, 2015

At 4:30pm

**Reception to follow**

It took a few moments for Killian to actually speak. “These are perfect, my love.”

Emma, staring down at his head while standing behind him, said, “I’m so glad you like them. I figured since this is our day, our titles were more than appropriate.”

“You, again, are right.”

“God, I love it when you say that,” she said as she leaned down to place a kiss on his cheek. “So invitations, flowers, catering, cake…what else was there?”

“The music, but you already said you were going to make the playlists,” Killian said.

“Exactly, but I can’t help but feel that I missed something…”

“EMMA! YOU DON’T HAVE A PHOTOGRAPHER!” her mother shouted.

Smacking her head against her palm, she groaned, “Son of a…”

“Language!” her mother yelled, again.

“Sorry, but I seriously can’t believe I forgot to find a photographer…” Emma said as she began running her hands through her hair. “Who do we know that could possibly do it?”

The four of them sat at the table and began going through everyone they knew in town. Some were decent suggestions (Nova, Archie), and some were just completely laughable (Leroy). They wracked their brains for what seemed like fifteen minutes until a lightbulb seemed to have clicked in David’s head. “I think I’ve got it, I just need to make a phone call.” David whipped out his cell phone and clicked on a contact in his phone. “Hi, Regina. Yes, thank you for agreeing to help, we appreciate it beyond words. Now I have to ask: Do you have Sydney’s phone number?” The rest of the table collectively groaned, as if to say that they should have thought about that before.

Ten minutes later, David hung up the phone and joined the group. “Sydney has agreed to be the photographer,” he said, all smiles.

“Oh, this is fantastic! Everything seems to be coming together!” Mary Margaret said joyfully.

“You know what, it really does seem that way,” added Emma.

Killian turned to Emma and said, “Well, I guess there’s just one more thing we need to search for, it seems.”

Unsure about his cryptic comment, Emma asked, “Oh? And what is that?”

He took her hand in his and staring gazing into her eyes, he said, “Mrs. Jones, what say you to finding the home of our dreams?”

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hiss-hiss-im-a-basilisk asked:

Hello I see you love PJO and I wanted to offer a headcanon about Leo. I've always seen him as a Slytherin? When he was getting information about the physician's cure and planning his own death behind people's back I was like 'ah yes my sneaky baby' and I'm writing that off as killing for your friends because he literally blew Gaea up. As an orphan switching from foster home to foster home, I can see him getting very cunning and ambitious to get recognized by authority figures. Thanks, bye!

Those are some really good points! To be honest, I personally find, almost in a similar way with Annabeth, that while he still shares some similar traits with Slytherin, I find that his Ravenclaw traits overpower the Slytherin ones. I believe that his creativity and smartness over weighs his cunningness and sneakiness I guess you could say. I also think that ambition can fall under Ravenclaw as well.  Also, I took his self sacrificial death as more Gryffindor than Slytherin. But it’s always cool to hear what some else thinks. Thanks!


My scrabble game gave me some sass. I know I need to do yoga. GET OFF MY BACK MAN!
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so i just have this thought that maybe charles could be holden or dean. im kinda leaning towards holden idk its just a theory, any thoughts?

eh, neither of them seem like a big enough role to be A. but i’ll take holden so he can come back i miss my baby.

I’ve been bored with The Cotton’s and Aphotic’s. I think I’m gonna try a 100  baby, PGC or something ……hmmmmm  I  will   come back to my babies though