Bubbled AU: In which the Crystal Gems rescue Steven and Eyeball from the vastness of outer space just before Eyeball could stab Steven. Garnet see this, unfuses, and Ruby proceeds to beat the ever-living daylights out of Eyeball while everyone else watches.

Oh, and the Ruby Squad were saved!


Blindspot ► Jane…I was looking for you.

seeing that clip of lacey out during the night looking for her danny really warms my heart. Even though she is hurt she still out here sticking her neck out for him. I really want a scene where danny asks her why she did all of this for him and tells her how much it means to him. Then she tells him that she did it because deep down she has always believed that he was still that same person that she was childhood best friends with, that she always knew that the boy that she fell for was still there despite it all. Then I want them to hug and and say that they will always be there for each other and I want danny to tell her that he loves her, them I want her to say I love you too, then I want them to kiss and then I’ll proceed to die from feels 


Remember when in Tallahassee Emma told “I can’t take the chance I am wrong about you”. She knew that she can trust him but Emma was to scared to trust herself

But in 3x12 Emma would take a chance that she can be wrong about him. She wouldn’t only trust Killian but also herself because even if she doesn’t remember him she can’t avoid feel connected