In lieu of Park Jinyoung possibly deleting his Instagram account, I have taken it upon myself to save all of his videos and pictures from Instagram and store it in a google drive folder shareable to all. I will be updating the folder if he continues updating his Instagram. Anyways, enjoy while it lasts:

PEPI_JY_’s Instagram Videos + Pictures

Unpopular Opinion TM

I’m both excited for and I dread A Lot season 2b of Shadowhunters, where malec is concerned.

I can’t help but feeling a shred of hope and happiness when I think about my favorite characters and having them on screen again.


Seeing how rushed and cut short their moments were during 2a, I don’t trust that the people involved actually realized what they did wrong, especially seeing as they’d continuously patted each other on the back during the whole season, thinking they did such amazing things for malec, and their reactions (or lack thereof in certain cases) when people pointed out that no, they took a step back where the couple and representation were concerned, not one ahead.

I know that fandom is elated about the scene in 2x10, about them saying I love you, but for me to enjoy it (and I do, because Matt and Harry did a great job and it is not fair to take my frustration with the writing&directing on them), I have to forget basically everything they did during 2a, I have to forget that we had no on-screen development for them to get there so fast.

No, having some cut short moments where they say important stuff is not enough, if you avoid actually showing them talking about themselves and being casually intimate like the m/f couples were shown, even when they did not have the same emotional investment that malec has.

Once again, the only intimacy they were willing to show us, happened in the finale and was made into a statement.

Look at their kisses: the ones that have some weight, are a statement, the other ones, are awkwardly directed, filmed and cut short- or they don’t happen at all- and THAT’s the only kind of physical intimacy they dare to give us the whole season -bar 2x01, but that was written by Michael Reisz when Ed Decter was still around. For the whole season, these two guys were barely left to be just two guys getting to know each other and developing their relationship. I mean, the only conversation they had where they were trying to know each other is in 2x06.

The more the season advanced, the more I felt like they were just quickly scratching points off a bullet list where malec was concerned, in order to get over them to concentrate more on other characters and their drama, instead.

I don’t even want to mention the ways in which they “toned down” Magnus, taking away many aspects that made him unique in s1 (his looks, his attitude, his pride, his sexuality etc), and the way he was sidelined during the finale, because, come on, rendering Magnus powerless for no reason, just because you’re too lazy making his powerful self part of the action, is an awful slap to the face.

There are some good things that were given to malec, like them actually aknowledging Alec’s suicide attempt, thank the lord, but they don’t erase the bad, like the bad does not erase the good.

And all of this? All of this makes me afraid for the way they’ll handle them in 2b. I have faith in the actors, but not so much in the people responsible for writing and representing these characters, anymore. I want so badly to hope for there to be more and more good in 2b, instead of the bad, but I also don’t want to be crushed if they ignore their mistakes and continue on this path.


Nico: It’s not about us trying to conceive. I want to try for a baby if that’s what you still want, but I think we should explore surrogacy. I don’t want you to lose your life trying to have a baby, Allie. But… I’m not upset about that. We’ll cross that bridge later.

Allison softly: Then what, Nico? Why are you troubled? It’s something to do with that assistant, isn’t it?

Nico inhales sharply. His wife knew him too well. 

Nico: I guess so. You know me, I like to control everything. It’s hard delegating my work to someone else. 

Allison: You have to let go, Nico. You’re way too controlling. I’m sure your assistant is very competent if Angelina hired her, babe. So, what’s she like? Is she-

Nico abrupt: She’s nothing. I don’t want to talk about her. 

Allison gazes at her husband’s face, wonders at the tightness in his jaw and the hard look in his eyes. Nico was more than upset…he was angry. But why? What was it about the assistant? Allison decides to let it go for the time being.

Allison: I’m going to check on Lala, okay? We can talk some more later. Take some Tylenol and go rest so your headache will ease.

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vixx most to least likely to be a sugar baby

um holy shit i’ve been waiting my entire life for this ask???? thanks anon??

  2. leo
  3. hongbin
  4. jaehwan
  5. hakyeon
  6. ravi (the resident sugar daddy tbH)

If Amy does get pregnant again… I hope she finds out near the end of the season (not the last moment of the season) & even that she’s already a couple months along, so most of the pregnancy happens over break, then she can have the baby (but a BOY this time!) around the 4th episode (that’s been a big one lately). Then, we can actually see her Ty as parents to a NEWBORN. Still won’t ever be the same as with the first baby, but it’d be better than nothing and they’d now have to adjust to have two kids.

And I’m not saying I want this to happen next season, I’m just speculating into the unknown future. So maybe it’ll never happen at all, but if it does- I just don’t want another ENTIRE season of her being pregnant.

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I'm not fucking kidding you I scrolled down and saw that about lollie having a baby March 16th and her name being odile and my heart literally skipped a beat. holy shit. like the surrogate theory made sense but I didn't, like, think about any of this seriously, you know? holy shit anna. holy shit. this isn't a coincidence

holy shit, anon, holy shit your message made me giggle :)))

I’ve never been too interested in the ‘babies and bearding’ aspect of the Js, I would so much rather focus on them and how they’re head over heels for each other. But I agree, this is super weird and it’s making me squirm because I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! and usually i don’t care

What i don’t understand is, even if Lollie was a surrogate and carried both (unrelated) babies at the same time (which i suppose is possible with IVF), why in the hell would the babies’ names be so damn similar?

Did G hear the name Odile and liked it so much but couldn’t use it for obvious reasons, so found the next closest thing?


imma go drink now. Thanks for the message, darling :)

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So, knowing the chestnut family lived on Kame island for a long time, dya think they took marron in the ocean since she was little or did they get one of those splash pools for her and fill that up first until they thought she was big enough to brave the ocean?

Hmm, well I think they waded in with her as a baby, like hold her and gently let the water lap at her feet or hug her close/have her in their lap while carefully sitting down in the shallow part of the water. But a splash pool is definitely an option I think they did. That way Marron can safely play and get used to being in the water and be shaded from the sun under a sunbrella or something! So I guess, in my head, a little of both as and answer to your question!

Also I couldn’t get baby!Marron in a splash pool outta my head so I doodled it.

What she says: I’m fine

What she really means: most ships that sail early on in a show mean they aren’t endgame which is really upsetting bc bughead have just got together like 5 eps in and I know my little babies are now going to have a bumpy ride at some point cos they can’t just be ‘boring’ and unproblematic or nobody would pay attention to them but I just want my babies to have an easy ride bc they deserve all the happiness in the world and I love them so much but on the other hand if they break up then Beronica can rise so I’m kinda torn between what I’d rather happen and my brains kinda fried right now my cinnamon bun Betty Cooper just deserves happiness

*Stiles Stilinski Imagine*

Readers POV

I can’t believe this! Stiles is going to be so happy! Stiles and I have been married for seven months and we have been trying to have a baby for awhile now. I’ve been having some morning sickness lately and sometimes I can’t stand the sight of food. So I went to the doctors this morning and found out that I am finally pregnant! So now I am driving home, ready to share the exciting news to my loving husband. I pulled into the driveway and all but charged into the house.

“Stiles! Are you home?!” I shouted. I heard feet come running down the stairs frantically.

“What is it baby? Is everything okay?” He asked worried.

“Stiles, I’m pregnant!” His face grew into a giant grin and he picked me up, spinning us around. He set me down and kissed me all over my face.

“We’re going to be parents, baby.” He said excitedly.

“I know and I can’t wait.”

2 Months Later

I woke up one night to a hushed whisper. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Stiles leaning over my growing belly.

“I don’t know if you are a boy or a girl but I do know that you need to grow faster so that you can come out of your mommy’s tummy. I want to see you and I’m excited to meet you. I love you.” Stiles said to my stomach.

“Stiles I love you but it’s 3AM, please go to sleep.”

4 Months Later

“Okay I’m just going to put this gel on your stomach and we will see the sex of your baby.” The doctor told me and I squeezed Stiles hand eagerly. I turned to look at him and he smiled at me excitedly, then I heard the most beautiful noise. It was the heartbeat of our baby.

“Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Stilinski, it’s a boy.” I laughed happily and turned to Stiles once again with tears running down my cheeks.

“We are going to have a beautiful baby boy! I’m going to be a dad to my son!” Stiles cupped my cheeks in his hands and kissed me. He pulled away and pecked my forehead and nose.

“Thank you for doing this for us, Y/N. Thank you for giving us a family. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

6 Months Later

I was putting away dishes, trying to put some plates away in a cupboard above my head when a hand rested on my waist and grabbed the plate from me, putting it in it’s proper place.

“You should be relaxing baby. You need to take it easy.” Stiles said.

“I’m not made of glass, you know.”

“I know, but I still worry about you and the baby.” I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

“I love you, but you know you don’t have to worry so much.” He pulled me closer to him so that there wasn’t an inch of space left between us. He nuzzled our noses together and I giggled.

“I bought something for our son today?”

“What is it?” I asked curiously. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards our sons already made nursery. He walked us over to a wall where I saw a baseball bat hanging on a shelf on the wall that wasn’t there before. Stiles reached up to grab it and handed it over to me. I spinned it around and saw that he had gotten the bat engraved with our sons name on it.

“He’s gonna need it one day that’s for sure.” I said chuckling while remembering our teenage years and all the adventures we went on with Scott and the pack.

“You are going to be such a good dad, you know that?” I told him sincerely.

“And you are going to be a fantastic mom.” He said while wrapping his arms around me.

“Some first time mom’s are nervous and scared with their first born, but not me. I’m not scared or nervous because I know that we are going to be the best parents that we can be and love our child unconditionally. With two parents who will always watch out for him and protect him, I know everything will be fine and our son will have the best life possible.” I said and he placed his hand on my belly.

“I love you and our son so, so much.” He pulled me in for a passionate kiss and I happily kissed back.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better life.”

For: @irosietorres

unhappy but trying to not rip my own head off and punt it as my final dying motion

chewing tropical bubble gum and refusing to acknowledge the slow decline of all life on earth

but! kinda coming out of my fog, and seeing where to put my feet on the steps

think about a new baby girl crawling up the stairs
grabbing a cape mom hung on the doorknob
slipping the cape on, floating over the violent town

I look up to people who raised themselves

see me pop my bubblegum underneath
flickering florescent light

do people raised by wild wolves ever get tired?

do wild wolves ever get tired of raising babies they found somewhere, crying soft in the darkened forest?

picturing wild wolves having to go to a PTA meeting

picturing wild wolves bringing a child to tee ball

picturing wild wolves having to meet their adoptive human son or daughter’s prom date and the wild wolves sitting on their haunches, knowing this’ll all work out

wild wolves thinking ‘okay, try me’

earlier today I accidentally cut my hand wide open and I purposefully let the blood fall on the snow and make a heart shape

a big ol’ heart shape

hope you can see it from up in the pink clouds

if you’re separated for me, I’ll continue to believe it’s because you are out secretly saving the world from forces I cannot comprehend.


A baby seal kissed my knee under a waterfall

Okay, so as requested by @derse-screamer, further explanation on this post - part 2!

August of 2016, I was in New Zealand and went on a road trip across south island. During that trip, we stopped up at this little town on the east coast. 

It was the time of baby seals growing up, so we got to see loads of families with baby seals along the coast. Seals do this thing where, during the time the parents go off to hunt for the pups, they’ll leave them in a safe spot.

One of these places is inland, up a stream that leads to a beautifully sheltered waterfall that creates a pool at the bottom.

When my friends and I arrived, the two pups in the picture above were playing with each other in this pool. Loads of wrestling and it was already suuuper adorable, but eventually the one in the foreground got sick of the games and got out and ran away downstream toward this path we were on.

I crouched down so I could get a picture of the cuties and immediately after taking this photo, adorable seal pup number one wiggled his way out onto the path and came right up to me.

He ran into my knee and honestly it was the cutest thing I have ever been involved with. I think I audibly squealed and couldn’t move until the cutie decided to move away again. 

It was well and truly a disney princess moment.

tldr: “You can’t pash the seals, but the seals can pash you”

Part 1 (jellyfish hugs) here

@ms-nacl @fireheartedkaratepup @kingsshade @omegathenotsoomniscient y’all have also asked for stories so I’m @ ing you lovely lot


“Africa” and I in talks about my surgery! 🙏🏽I want to come out and tell him about my cellulite so that there aren’t any surprises and said if he couldn’t deal with it I understand. He mentioned if I wanted boobies too 🤗I know his writing is terrible but he got that shmoney 😜and that’s a language I can understand . I really don’t know which surgeon to go to; I wish I knew who did miraclewatts body! If you guys have recommendations let me know- Remember those goals I posted , yeah I’m really gonna check them off. 03-27-17
"Bubble Blowing Bubble Baby! (Updated Version)" by Joshua Carpenter | Redbubble

Have some baby gummy stuff!
Not really trying to get money or anything. I just want people to rock some cute Gumball clothes or whatever else you may want is all!
I hear RedBubble is pretty easy and quite reliable so yea!
It’s here if ya want it, I’m not trying push anything on ya it’s yer choice! XD
You can look at my portfolio, course I’ll post a few more links later. I just decided to do this one first to tired to post em all at once.

for @dreamingcellardoor, because it’s all her fault.  oh my god.

Sass Verse, Edward’s new daughter Emily. 1st->8th grade.

Emily moved to New York just before she started first grade.  The whole family: Father, Mother (Anne) and Mama (Mary), lived in the attic suite of Uncle Desmond’s house because, as Father liked to put it:

‘Your stupid brother needs to be supervised.’

but Mother said,

‘Haytham’s going to have a baby.  Do me a favor and try not to have any babies when you’re nineteen.’

and Mama said,

‘I don’t think we’ll be here for very long; they’re just doing some paperwork.’

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I’m Jay (or Jake)! 

I’m just a small baby. This is my regression sideblog!

I’m part of the teenietot community!

I’m 17 but regress between the ages 2-4. 

I’m a nonbinary trans kid who is typically male aligned.

I mostly regress because of early childhood trauma (yucky!), but also from the stress of day to day life and my mental illnesses. 

I have BPD, OCD, C-PTSD, MDD, and generalized anxiety. 

Life gets tough when you’re a soft baby bear like me so I come here to relax!

I’m a very friendly lil boy and I like friends! I’m kinda shy though and get anxious when meeting new people but I promise I’m very nice!










Also do not follow or interact if you ENGAGE WITH or SUPPORT those groups. 

Thank you 

If you do, I will nicely ask you to please remove the content from your blog and cease interaction. If you refuse or are rude about it, I will report you to multiple blocklists and to tumblr.

Please just be nice to me.

My Tinder Sugar Game Be Like...
  • Him: Wow you are gorgeous-- but I have to ask... why is a beautiful girl like you interested in a situation like mine / someone like me?
  • Him: I'm looking for *insert blah blah blah*... what about you?
  • Me: Because I'm looking for a successful, intelligent, ambitious man who knows what he wants and wants to help me achieve my goals as much as I enjoy being with him. I like spoiling and being spoiled... *angel emoji* I like real connections but I live such a busy life I can't and am not looking to be a "girlfriend" at the moment, what with texting all the time etc... but I do like sharing genuine moments with someone whose company I genuinely enjoy.
  • Him: So you're looking for a sugar daddy?
  • Me: What are you looking for?
  • *drops mic, leaves the ball in his court*
  • Him: Much of the same thing.
  • Me: To make sure we're on the same page... I am looking for a sugar daddy. If this at all interests you, let me know and we can talk details. If not, hey, I totally understand! :) Let me know xo