@camillaluddington :  I am so excited to announce today that I am having a… girl! 🎉 I want her to grow up knowing how strong women are 💪. To be a little warrior who is not afraid to use her voice and stand up for what she believes is right. To navigate through life with courage and kindness, and to be one of the girls who says “you CAN sit with us..”. Special shoutout to #crystaldynamics for sending me her first #tombraider onesie 😎 .

Kiwi || Part One.

I don’t know what happened but i wrote something and well here it is. Let me know what you think and if i should write a part two… 

I’m having your baby, and it’s none of your business.”

It’s been a while since you last saw him, almost six months to be exact. six months since he walked out of your New York hotel room not turning back. Six months since you flew home from New York to find all of his stuff had been cleared from your shared London apartment. Six months since you peed on a stick that changed your whole entire life. 

You didn’t try and contact him to tell him, although you were still very good friends with his sister and it would have been easy to reach out you knew in your heart that a baby right now would just hold him back, and with an album release just around the corner you didn’t want to stop everything good that had been happening for him.  

The day Gemma found out she almost told him. She hadn’t seen you in months, but with your growing bump you thought it would be too risky to see her, but she persisted and persisted until you caved. So you put on you baggiest sweater and went to have lunch with her. She could tell you were off from the get go. You didn’t order any wine and you didn’t touch the cheese platter, she had finally figured out why you’d been avoiding her.. she thought that maybe you felt weird because she was his sister, she never could have imagined this.

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commisioned @karymarang​ to draw me pregnant Prompto back at Creator Super Festival last week!!! ITS so CUTE she even goT THE AUDACITY to ADD Noctis on it LIKE KARY JESUS CHRST MY HEART???

I love it so much I said “My baby Prompto is having a baby wow” and Kary just replied “DOUBLE BABY!” aND BOI I CAN’T. Also I love the fact u draw the v13 Prompto and so I draw v13 Promptis too lol

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Can you do 54 & 94 for Jeff? if possible, thanks!

I sure can! 

54. Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash?

94. You’re an idiot. I married an idiot.

“Hey babe!” she exclaims as she enters the house, “We should go out for dinner tonight.”

She rounds the corner to see her husband of three years leaning against the back of the sofa with a perplexed look on his face. She tilts her head in confusion at the face he’s making, she can’t quite put her finger on what sort of emotion it’s supposed to convey.

Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash?”he inquires, twiddling his fingers nervously.

“Why are you going through our trash?” she blinks in surprise. She was not aware that Jeff had recently taken up the hobby of dumpster diving. Specifically dumpster diving within their own home.

“I accidentally threw my wallet away with the leftover pizza box from a few days ago. I had to dig it out,” Jeff explains.

You’re an idiot,” she sighs, “I married an idiot.”

“Apparently you procreated with one, too,” he says hopefully.

“Well, I was gonna wait until dinner to tell you, which is why I wanted to go out tonight, but… I’m pregnant,” she squeals, clasping her hands together and bringing them to her mouth. 

“Really,” he beams, getting off the couch to embrace her, “You’re really pregnant?”

“Yes!” she jumps up and down in excitement.

“We’ve been trying for months,” he catches her in a hug, pressing a sweet kiss to her lips, then her nose, then her forehead.

“I know,” she grabs his face between her palms, “this is happening. It’s finally happening.”

“My baby is having a baby. Our baby,” he whispers, his eyes tearing up.

“You’re going to be such an amazing father, Jeff,” she whispers back, smiling so wide her cheeks are sure to ache later.

“And you’re going to be the absolute best mother. I hope the baby has your eyes,” he laughs, pressing his forehead against his wife’s.

She giggles, leaning up to kiss him again. He tightens his grip around her waist, pushing them as close together as humanely possible. They had wanted this more than anything, and they got it. They really got it.

“I hope the baby has your heart,” she whispers against his lips.

something that probably happened
  • Cayde-6: No one's gonna have my babies.
  • Shiro-4: I'll have your babies, Cayde.
  • Cayde-6: You'll have them? Thank you Shiro-see, Shiro's nice, Amanda, see, Shiro's nice.
  • Amanda: Cayde are you expecting me to say that I want your babies?
  • Cayde-6: No, I'm just pointing out that Shiro's being nice and you are not. It's common courtesy to offer to have someone's babies.
  • Amanda: Well I also say that I want babies from people, but not from you.
Political Animals-Part 10

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisers call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post.

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Parts in bold are text messages

I looked at Sam in surprise. “I’m sure it’s……I can’t be……..wait, what?”

He took my hand and kissed the top of my head.  “I said, I think you’re pregnant. I remember my Dad saying he always knew when my Mom was carrying his pup because she smelled different.“

I tilted my head, considering him. “Different how?”

Sam walked over until he was standing right in front of me. With our height difference, the top of my head reached below his shoulder. He leaned in, his lips ghosting over my cheek.

I instinctively bared my neck to him in submission. He scented the column of my neck from my ear to my shoulder.

“Normally you smell like flowers with a hint of warm vanilla thrown in. Now there’s something else. Something that wasn’t there before.” He whispered, his low voice sending shivers down my spine.

“What?” I asked curiously.

“I don’t know. Something spicy. I can’t explain it.“ Sam admitted. “But whatever it is, it’s making me want to throw you on the floor and fuck you senseless.”

“So why don’t you?” I couldn’t resist asking.

Sam closed his eyes and turned, grimacing and wrinkling his nose as if he was in pain.

“Because we’re going to the drugstore to buy a pregnancy test.”

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Expectant Father!Soonyoung

Originally posted by fyhoshi

  • a/n: not requested but there actually was one similar to this about Soonyoung wanting kids but I will still do that one separately. PLEASE ENJOY THE BIRTHDAY AU FOR CUTIE SOONYOUNG!!!! THAT GIF BTW GOT ME CRYING
  • Expectant Father Soonyoung to celebrate the Birthday Boy
  • Soonyoung was kind of oblivious to the signs of pregnancy, he knew what they were, I mean he’s seen a few of his female friends go through it as well as his guy friends complaining about their wives or girlfriend
  • he just kind of thought you were having a bad flu or something
  • when things like you getting morning sickness, or you having quick changes of mood, or when you suddenly really hated your favorite dish that Soonyoung begged Mingyu to make, when all of these started to occur
  • Soonyoung brushed it off and hoped you would get better soon because he’s kind of scared now
  • You kind of ignored all the signs too, because you really did not expect to have kids just yet
  • but when you notice your period has suddenly become late, that’s when all the sudden ill feelings point towards one big thing: pregnancy
  • you started laughing when you saw the pregnancy test show a positive, you were laughing because ‘no. no. this can’t be right.”
  • so you do what any sane women would do, go to the doctor. And the doctor says the opposite of what you originally wanted “congratulations, you’re pregnant.”
  • that’s kind of an ‘aw fuck’ moment, you and Soonyoung had just gotten back from your honeymoon a few weeks ago and this was kind a quick
  • for the first few days afterwards you’re glaring at Soonyoung and he’s all like “What” with his mouth stuffed with noodles as you sit on the end of the couch
  • and in your head you’re thinking ‘horny bastard couldn’t keep it in his pants for 24 hours, making me do it with him in Seungcheol’s bathroom right after the 12 hour flight back from the honeymoon, I hope you suffer’
  • finally you decide to tell him
  • you sit him down, it’s late in the afternoon, Soonyoung is staring at you curiously as you give a deep sigh, and in the midst of all the silence, you say right out
  • “I’m pregnant”
  • it get’s really quiet for like 5 minutes, on Soonyoung’s face passes various emotions, surprise, fear, joy, anticipation, nervousness
  • “Is it mine?”
  • all in all, Soonyoung becomes this very excited puppy, his eyes are just lit up, his lips are curled into a permenant smile, and the way he’s reacting eases you about the whole situation
  • Soonyoung calls everyone he knows, screaming at the top of his lungs “Y/N IS PREGNANT WITH MY BABY! I’M HAVING A BABY” *immediately hangs up and calls the next person*
  • but then comes the whole financial issue after the excitement and Soonyoung is working so hard trying to make everything okay
  • like he has a whole list of things to help make sure you two are at a good financial point to be able to take care of the baby
  • “I’ll get a full time job, you can continue working if you want, we can borrow money from our parents and pay them back. And when you go back to work, we can ask the guys to babysit, 12 guys, one of them is bound to be free. Or we can just drop the baby off with Jihoon, he’s always in his studio anyways, all he has to do is remember to feed the baby”
  • The whole talk brings a smile to your face, because he’s so serious, his eyes are squinting at the list he made and all you want to do is pinch his little hamster cheeks
  • that one overly excited dad in the lamaze
  • he’s actually the one that signed you up for the lamaze classes and he pumps it up so much
  • goes to most of the doctor’s appointments with you but if he can’t then he forces one of the guys *cough*Jihoon*cough* to go with you
  • wants to know the sex of the baby soooo bad
  • he’s jumping everywhere in the doctors office and the doctor gives him a strange look but Soonyoung doesn’t mind because he really really wants a girl (and he bet on it with the guys)
  • “Congratulations, you’re having twin girls”
  • “TWINS?!?”
  • is the most excited dad in the entire world
  • says to the guys that since he’s having twins, they should give him double
  • at first you’re kind of freaking out bc “SOONIE I ONLY WANTED ONE! BUT NOW WE HAVE TWO! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO”
  • He holds you close, kisses the temple of your forehead, rest his chin on top your head, slowly stroking your arm in comfort, and whispers how everything is going to be okay, how everything will work out in the end because they were blessed with two girls, two wonderful girls that are going to be just as strong as their mother
  • and it’s the most comforting and soothing thing you’ve ever heard him say
  • sets up the nursery room in one day thanks to 12 boys diligently working (by 12 I mean 11 because Jeonghan is chilling with you on the couch talking about baby stuff)
  • Soonyoung will in fact run to the store in the middle of the night to get you anything you need
  • you just slap him across the chest and he’s yelling that he’s up, and he goes to the store with a list in hand of your weird pregnancy cravings
  • When your stomach gets really big, he can’t help but fall in love with it, he’s touching it, and laying his head on it and saying things like “it’s your dad talking, can you hear me”
  • starts screaming when the girls are kicking and he’s calling everyone once again because his baby girls are moving
  • Soonyoung was at work at the time you were going to labor
  • Lucky for you, Jihoon was visiting for some random reason (he actually cares about you), and so Soonyoung got the call from Jihoon to meet them at the hospital
  • Jihoon screaming in the car because you’re gripping his arm really tight and god when did you get so strong y/n
  • you’re lying on a bed since you weren’t dilated just enough yet, so the doctors are periodically checking on you and while you’re waiting you just see this figure zoom by before it back tracks and there he is
  • Soonyoung, all sweaty and huffing and puffing, he’s by your side in a minute, holding your hand as your contractions happen
  • 10 hours, you’re in torture for 10 hours before you are fully dilated, and in those 10 you have managed to strike immense fear into Soonyoung that he periodically had to leave the room to let you calm down
  • “Where’s y/n?”
  • Soonyoung with a dead look in his eye “she’s calming down after calling me a horny bastard in front of the doctor”
  • finally, it comes to the part where you’re pushing, and you’re holding Soonyoung’s hand so hard that he thinks you’re going to break it off and it hurts even more than any time Jihoon has slapped or hit him
  • he’s telling you everything will be okay and that you have to push more but you’re so out of it and in pain that you just kind of snap at Soonyoung but he brushes it aside because he knows you’re hurting
  • and after what seems like eternity, Soonyoung hears it, the first cry of the baby girl and his heart immediately drops because woah i made that
  • after the second baby comes crying out, you’re totally exhausted, Soonyoung brushes your sweaty hair out of your face and he’s giving you the biggest smile ever, telling you how great of a job you did
  • When the nurses hand you and Soonyoung the babies, Soonyoung has the most astonished look on his face
  • He can’t believe he’s staring at his creation, he’s staring at his little girl, the little pride of his life
  • Later, in the hospital room, when you’re sleeping, he’s hovering over the baby girls, a fatherly grin on his face as he watches them sleep soundly, and Soonyoung just vows to himself he would do anything for these girls, and when he looks back at your resting expression, he couldn’t have found you more beautiful than when you were swearing your head off at him while pushing his little girls out of your body.  
What We Created (9)

Sebastian Stan x Reader (pregnancy series)

Summary: A one nightstand with the one and only Sebastian Stan changes your life and his forever

Word count: 1,308 (short because sadly the storyy is coming to an end)

Warning: fluff, gender reveal

A/N: Seriously so sorry for taking this long to update. I started real estate classes and my first day i took so many notes my hand started swelling. Life is really draining me right now, on top of keeping my Instagram and YouTube updated and getting ready for college. I hope you understand. Hopefully part 10 comes faster than this part did. Also lets pretend Anthony Mackie has social media, okay?

What We Created Masterlist

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EXO WOLF: Reaction to their mate going into labor

Xiumin: “What do I do? My puppy is on their way, but my baby looks like she’s in a lot of pain”

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Luhan: “Baby, think about our puppies. They are going to be so much fun. Don’t hit me, I’m scared… I mean… Baobei, Jiayou!”

Originally posted by callmeminseok

Kris: “My baby is coming within a few hours… I hope the baby likes me.. What if  I’m not a good father?”

Originally posted by galaxychen

Suho: “I’m worried.. What if something goes wrong?”

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Lay: “Here’s a bouquet for my love. Baobei Jiayou!”

Originally posted by daenso

Chen: *Bought the whole pack* “Hey baby! How are you feeling? Kyungsoo is here to make food for you and kai… I don’t know what he’s doing here”

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Baekhyun: *you screaming at him that it’s his fault* “well you agreed to do the thingy with me so it’s your fault too. I still love you nonetheless”

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Chanyeol: “Let’s go in there and help my mate as much as we can! Fighting!” 

Originally posted by angel-in-slow-motion

D.O: “You’re doing great jagiya. Keep up the good work, our baby is almost out”

Originally posted by baekhyuntella

Tao: “My baby is having a baby. A little pup..”

Originally posted by pockysooo

Kai: *He gave you a bottle of water, but you threw it to the other side of the room due to contractions. 
“Well then…Could’ve just said no” 

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Sehun: *when the baby come out* “she is pretty, like her father” 

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“Oh my God.”  Craig repeated over and over again as he rushed around the house.  You had been prepared for this, but he was still frazzled.  Snatching up your to go bag and and anything else he thought that you might need while at the hospital. You, on the other hand, were feeling especially calm.  Relaxed, even.  One of you had to be.

“Okay.  Okay I think I have everything.”  Craig triple checked the armload of things he had before looking over at you and nodding.  “Yeah I think we’re good.  Ready to go?”  Laughing quietly you nodded, slowly making your way towards the car.  “We’re going to have a baby.  Oh my God we’re having a baby.”