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I told them!!! It took everybody a second to relize what i said, then they started shouting and his face paled 😂 he looked at me with his mouth hanging open "your pregnant?" and i nodded yes and something must have clicked because he started crying. "Theres a baby in your tummy? Right now? Im going to be a daddy? Oh my god my baby is having a baby!" he started sobbing, so did I and he grabbed my face and kissed me all over. I havent seen him cry like that since our wedding.


Feysand Pregnancy Announcement Headcanon
  • After the war, the Inner Circle spent a lot more time together. They went out for meals or to bars often and passed the time in each others’ company. Because of this, no one thought it odd when Rhys invited them all to a restaurant in the heart of Velaris for dinner.
  • It was common knowledge that Mor and Feyre drank red wine together at these meals so Mor naturally picked up the wine menu after taking her seat on Feyre’s left. She scanned the list before turning to her friend, asking what she wanted. Feyre’s response had the required reaction.
  • “I’m not drinking tonight Mor, order what you want.”
  • Cassian responded, “Are you alright Feyre? Are you sick?”
  • “No, not sick. I’m pregnant.”
  • There was a thud as Cassian fell off his chair onto the ground, attracting the attention of everyone in the restaurant. He quickly stood up and braced his hands of the table. “Pregnant?”
  • It was Rhys that replied, a smirk on his face. “Yes Cassian, pregnant.” He let out a soft chuckle at Cassian’s facial expression.
  • That night was the night they heard the most from Azriel in their whole friendship - he was constantly asking questions, a huge grin plastered on his face.
  • Nesta and Elain were blabbering on about their neice or nephew that they were going to have until Rhys chips in and says that regardless of the lack of blood relation, all the inner circle are family therefore Az, Cass, Mor and Amren would all be aunts and uncles to their child. Cassian starts to cry at that since he’s never felt like a proper family - never had a proper family - but thinking of the baby Feysand calling him Uncle Cassian makes him happier than he’s ever been before.
  • The topic of conversation rarely drifted from the subject of Feyre and Rhys’ child. The couple were bombarded with questions throughout the meal.
  • When the time finally came for them to leave, no one was willing to leave Feyre’s side, especially Cassian and Mor. They didn’t want to leave their pregnant high lady, even if she would be with Rhys.

Part II here

@camillaluddington :  I am so excited to announce today that I am having a… girl! 🎉 I want her to grow up knowing how strong women are 💪. To be a little warrior who is not afraid to use her voice and stand up for what she believes is right. To navigate through life with courage and kindness, and to be one of the girls who says “you CAN sit with us..”. Special shoutout to #crystaldynamics for sending me her first #tombraider onesie 😎 .

commisioned @karymarang​ to draw me pregnant Prompto back at Creator Super Festival last week!!! ITS so CUTE she even goT THE AUDACITY to ADD Noctis on it LIKE KARY JESUS CHRST MY HEART???

I love it so much I said “My baby Prompto is having a baby wow” and Kary just replied “DOUBLE BABY!” aND BOI I CAN’T. Also I love the fact u draw the v13 Prompto and so I draw v13 Promptis too lol

Kiwi || Part One.

I don’t know what happened but i wrote something and well here it is. Let me know what you think and if i should write a part two… 

I’m having your baby, and it’s none of your business.”

It’s been a while since you last saw him, almost six months to be exact. six months since he walked out of your New York hotel room not turning back. Six months since you flew home from New York to find all of his stuff had been cleared from your shared London apartment. Six months since you peed on a stick that changed your whole entire life. 

You didn’t try and contact him to tell him, although you were still very good friends with his sister and it would have been easy to reach out you knew in your heart that a baby right now would just hold him back, and with an album release just around the corner you didn’t want to stop everything good that had been happening for him.  

The day Gemma found out she almost told him. She hadn’t seen you in months, but with your growing bump you thought it would be too risky to see her, but she persisted and persisted until you caved. So you put on you baggiest sweater and went to have lunch with her. She could tell you were off from the get go. You didn’t order any wine and you didn’t touch the cheese platter, she had finally figured out why you’d been avoiding her.. she thought that maybe you felt weird because she was his sister, she never could have imagined this.

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BTS reaction to finding out their S/O is pregnant

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Jin’s eyes would get as big as saucers and he would not believe you at first. When you start crying out of joy, he would pick you up and spin you around while laughing loudly.

“I can’t believe it!!!”

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Yoongi would be frozen for a few minutes upon hearing you say that you are pregnant. He would need a second to register what you are trying to tell him, but once he got it he would drop everything end kiss you hard.

“You aren’t kidding right?? This is happening??”

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Namjoon would be so overwhelmed he wouldn’t be able to say anything at all. His eyes would just kind of flicker from your face to your stomach and back up. He would also make all kinds of faces, but wouldn’t say anything at all.

“Oh god, I think I broke him…”

*after ten minutes of blank staring*


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(This is literally what I had in mind)

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Hobi’s eyes would get so big you were afraid they were going to fall out of his head. He’d pick you up and spin you around while laughing loudly and yelling that he’ll be a dad soon.


*imagine being Yoongi*

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I think Jimin would just kind of break into tears because he’d be so overwhelmed by the idea that he’ll be a father. He’d carefully craddle your face and kiss your nose and forehead tenderly.

“I can’t believe this! Stop crying, we can’t both be crying!”

*imagine being Jin*

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Tae would literally run out of the house and down the street while screaming that he’ll be a father until everyone knows.


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Kookie would be so dumbstruck at first. He wouldn’t be able to process what you are saying at all. Once he got it, he would immediately call the boys and tell the the good news.

“So….you’re saying… that there’s a baby? Our baby……”

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This year you and Harry had decided to host Thanksgiving dinner. Yes it was an American tradition but you, your families and friends had adapted it just as another reason to have everyone together. You and Harry had never hosted but since you two were married now and had your own house you decided it was time. Also this year you had a special surprise to tell your family and close friends.

Everyone had arrived an hour or so ago. Once all the food was ready they had filled their plates and were sat down to dig in. While people were eating and drinking it was mostly silent besides compliments about the food being wonderful. Niall had of course finished his food first so he was the one to break the silence. “Oi Harry, when ya gonna knock her up eh? Been married a good long while already mate, would’ve done it by the end of da first month!”

You choked on the bite of food you had in your mouth. You watched everyone’s eyes go wide at Niall words. Niall’s wife who was sat next to him turned and whacked him upside his head with a harsh whisper of “Niall James Horan!” You giggled a bit at Niall wincing and rubbing the back of his head. “Jeeze love, I was just joking, that hurt.” Nialls chuckled a bit giving his wife a small smile. The smile dropped from his face and he instantly shut up when she whispered back to him “Just shut up Ni, shut up”

You turned your head to the side when you heard Harry clear his throat. Harry was sat there with his hands in fists, glaring at Niall, a glare you hoped to never receive yourself.

“Niall, I swear to god you always ruin things. If you MUST know, we do have an announcement to make.” The whole table went silent again, all eyes on you and Harry. You watched as eyes went wide and tears were forming in some of their eyes like Anne and your mother.

“Oh shit, oh shit I’m so sorry mate oh shit” Niall was spluttering out curse word after curse word trying to apologize. He was turning bright red and hiding his head in his hands. He felt horrible for ruining your announcement with a rude joke.

You couldn’t help but let out a laugh before adapting a more serious face and tone, getting Niall’s attention. “Niall, if I hear one more curse word out of your mouth you won’t even be in the running for the role of godfather” You fought hard to keep a smirk off your face as Niall dropped his hands from his face, sporting a look of panic.

Before Niall could get any words out of his mouth you heard Anne speak up. “Wait, are you saying my baby is having a baby?!” Anne’s lip was trembling and her eyes were full of tears. She wore the biggest smile on her face as she saw Harry grab your hand, place his other over your stomach and nod.

“Ya mum, we’re having a baby. That’s why we wanted to host Thanksgiving here this year. We wanted a nice get together with everyone and announce it.” You turned to look at Harry and he was grinning so big all dimples were out on display. And maybe just because you were sitting so close, or you knew he was a bit of a softie, but you swore you could see tears in his eyes as well. “Well it was supposed to be a nice one, until knob head over there ruined it” Harry’s glared over in Nialls direction again, but this time you saw a hint of a smirk behind it.

After the announcement was dropped the room became full with voices. Tears, congratulations, questions and a couple “I’m sorrys” were thrown around. Everyone had forgotten about their food once baby Styles was announced. Chairs were pushed back from the table as everyone came by to hug you and Harry and talk personally. Niall and his wife were the last ones to come up to you and Harry. Niall wore a look of embarrassment and guilt. He kept rubbing the back of his neck with his hand and playing with his face. You knew he felt bad for his joke and ruining the surprise.

“I’m really sorry for ruining the announcement you two. And then for all me cussing. I shouldn’t have said any of that. But I’m so happy for you two, my two best friends having a little one! I do hope you’d forgive me and let me still be in the runnin for godfather?”

You took Nialls hand and pulled him into a hug. Rubbing his back with your hand you pulled slightly away to whisper in his ear “There isn’t a running ya goof, we wouldn’t want anyone else to be baby Styles godfather” When you finally pulled back you saw tears were close to falling from Nialls eyes. You watched him smile and wipe at his eyes with the back of his hand to stop the tears from falling. He hugged you again, and then Harry.

While Niall was hugging Harry they started up a conversation. His wife wore a smile on her face looking at the two boys before turning to you. “I apologize for Ni’s comment. He just really knows how to put his foot in it ya know?” You just giggled. “Oh I know, but he means no harm. Don’t beat up on him too much later okay?” You watched her roll her eyes with a smirk and a soft “No promises” and grabbed Nialls hand as they walked away.

Once everyone had the chance to come up to you and Harry personally everyone went back to the table or living room. You turned when you felt Harry’s hand on the small of your back. Harry was looking at you with a soft smile, chuckling a bit. “Well that was eventful huh love? Not how we planned it was it?”

You leaned into him, wrapping your arm around his waist. You looked up to him giggling. “Not at all. But what did we expect when Niall was invited. Or Gemma. Or quite a few others. If it hadn’t been Niall I’m sure it would of been someone else.” You snuggled your face into Harry’s chest, feeling it rumble with his laugh.

“You’re right love. But now it’s out, and we can relax and embrace the love from everyone” Harry wrapped his arm around you and pulled you so you were more in front of him then to the side. He lifted your chin up and looked at you with the soft smile he only used for you. “You’re gonna be a great mum you know that. Best mum out there. I couldn’t be more happy with our life right now. I love you so much”

Your eyes filled with tears as you lifted up on your toes to kiss him. “This day will go down as one of my favorite memories. And you’re gonna be an amazing father H. I am so happy to be married to you and pregnant with your child. I love you too.”

Although you two had a plan and it didn’t go the way you wanted it to, it was still an unforgettable day. The most important thing was now your family and closest friends knew that you and Harry were having a baby. It was hard to hide it from them until this point and you knew that from now on you’d never be without love or help during this pregnancy. This baby would come out loved by not just you and Harry. But by both his family and yours, and your friends. And hopefully it wouldn’t grow up learning curse words from a certain Irish godfather. You couldn’t ask for a better support system or husband in your life.

Feysand baby headcanons

I did a pregnancy announcement HC and this is kind of a part II. Hope you enjoy.

  • Rhys and Feyre were sat around the fire in their townhouse; Feyre reading a book and Rhys staring lovingly at her, the firelight making her skin and eyes look even more beautiful than usual.
  • Feyre sets the book down next to her and begins to get up, admittedly rather slowly considering her 9 months pregnant belly, but Rhys rushes to his feet and guides her back onto the sofa. “What do you need, Feyre darling? You know you don’t need to get up, I’m here.”
  • Then she feels it - her water breaking.
  • “Rhys-” The look she gives him makes him instantly understand what’s happening and the High Lord of the Night Court begins to panic.
  • Amidst the panic, Rhys manages to get Feyre to her midwife and contacts the rest of the Inner Circle.
  • Many hours of labour ensue, Feyre gripping tightly to her mate’s hand, so hard that she actually breaks his hand but Rhys decides not to tell her because she already has enough to deal with.
  • Everyone is silently praying that Feyre makes it through considering how painful giving birth is.
  • She does make it through, so does her beautiful baby girl.
  • Rhys cries as the midwife hands him his daughter. He stares down at her through his teary eyes, taking in her dark hair and violet eyes.
  • He cried even harder because he starts thinking about his sister, who looked this cute and precious when she was first born. He quietly whispers in her ear “I swear on my life I will protect you until my final breath darling.” That is the first thing the baby ever hears.
  • The High Lord then sits down next to his High Lady, their baby still in his arms, and plants a kiss on Feyre’s forehead.
  • After the three of them share cuddles, Rhys allows the Inner Circle to come and meet their daughter.
  • Cassian and Mor freak out because “she’s so cute and small”.
  • Azriel and Elain cry because it’s just too emotional - the first Inner Circle baby. The first of the next generation of their group.
  • Nesta and Amren stand there, pretending they’re not emotional but secretly they both want to cry with joy and cuddle the baby forever.
  • “What’s her name?” They all ask, each of the girls hoping she’s named after them.
  • “Astraea.”
  • Despite the fact none of them expected it, and the disappointment that she’s not names after any of the Inner Circle girls, they all love the name. Azriel smiles when he realises they will shorten it to As, which sounds the same as Az - they named their baby after him.
  • Each of them get to hold and cuddle Astraea, Az holding her for longer than everyone else, crying because he finally feels apart of the family because his best friends’ baby is named after him, which is the highest honour he could think of. Forget about all the other honourable things he’s done/earned, this is the one that means the most to him.
  • Once Az handed Astraea back to Feyre, each member of the Inner Circle swears to Rhys and Feyre that they will protect their daughter with their lives, even though Az, Cass, Mor and Amren had already said it to Astraea quietly, just as Rhys had.
  • Hearing all her friends and sisters swear to protect her and Rhys’s baby makes her break down into tears because she has the best friends anyone could ask for.
I will be doing more of these in the future, when Astraea is older, so look out for them.

Astraea means ‘star’ is Greek

Pronunciation: ast-TRAY-ah

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Can you do 54 & 94 for Jeff? if possible, thanks!

I sure can! 

54. Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash?

94. You’re an idiot. I married an idiot.

“Hey babe!” she exclaims as she enters the house, “We should go out for dinner tonight.”

She rounds the corner to see her husband of three years leaning against the back of the sofa with a perplexed look on his face. She tilts her head in confusion at the face he’s making, she can’t quite put her finger on what sort of emotion it’s supposed to convey.

Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash?”he inquires, twiddling his fingers nervously.

“Why are you going through our trash?” she blinks in surprise. She was not aware that Jeff had recently taken up the hobby of dumpster diving. Specifically dumpster diving within their own home.

“I accidentally threw my wallet away with the leftover pizza box from a few days ago. I had to dig it out,” Jeff explains.

You’re an idiot,” she sighs, “I married an idiot.”

“Apparently you procreated with one, too,” he says hopefully.

“Well, I was gonna wait until dinner to tell you, which is why I wanted to go out tonight, but… I’m pregnant,” she squeals, clasping her hands together and bringing them to her mouth. 

“Really,” he beams, getting off the couch to embrace her, “You’re really pregnant?”

“Yes!” she jumps up and down in excitement.

“We’ve been trying for months,” he catches her in a hug, pressing a sweet kiss to her lips, then her nose, then her forehead.

“I know,” she grabs his face between her palms, “this is happening. It’s finally happening.”

“My baby is having a baby. Our baby,” he whispers, his eyes tearing up.

“You’re going to be such an amazing father, Jeff,” she whispers back, smiling so wide her cheeks are sure to ache later.

“And you’re going to be the absolute best mother. I hope the baby has your eyes,” he laughs, pressing his forehead against his wife’s.

She giggles, leaning up to kiss him again. He tightens his grip around her waist, pushing them as close together as humanely possible. They had wanted this more than anything, and they got it. They really got it.

“I hope the baby has your heart,” she whispers against his lips.

Let’s Have a Baby (M)

Request-  Baby making smut with namjoon please? And it was successful and you  announce your pregnant to him? Please be smutty and fluffy!!! Thank you so much, sweet pea!!! 

Here you are, hope it doesn’t suck to much. Feed back is always really appreciated!! 

This scenario contains sexual and mature themes, you have been warned!! 


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This is Namjoons reaction to you telling him you made a baby together. Why am I doing this to myself? I’M NOT CRYING YOU ARE!! ^^^^ 

Babies? You and Namjoon never really talked about them, you knew you both wanted them but knew it wasn’t the time. Anytime a relative asked yous when there would be an addition to your little family you would both shrug it off. But now all your friends were planning and having kids, as time can be your enemy when it comes to having children. 

You ignored it, until your bestfriend had her baby. You fell in love with the baby, its little feet and the little socks to go on the little feet. You decided maybe it was time. If you wanted to long, you might not be able to have babies, so. And hey its fun making them, you thought. 

“Baby, I’m home.” You hear Namjoons deep voice call and the door slam. A wide smile crosses your face. When you first started dating Namjoon it was always changing and fun. You both were always trying new things, so yous wouldn’t get bored. But here you both were, so domestic, yet, so happy. You loved the life you were leading Namjoon. 

“Hey.” Namjoon entered the living room taking a seat beside you on the couch, he slide his arm around your shoulders, pulling you into his embrace. He kissed your temple, wrapping his arms around your waist, your head lay against his hard chest. 

“Namjoon.” You called out to his. 

“Yeah, baby.” He ran his fingers through your hair. You took a deep breath, you were just asking, there was no harm in that right? You move your head so your making eye contact with him. Your looking into his deep chocolate brown eyes, their melting you. 

“Umm.. What do you want for dinner?” You smile, you chickened out, what if he didn’t want babies with you, it all scared you. 

Over the next couple of weeks you tried to work up the courage to ask him about having a baby. You always wanted to be a mother, and being a parent with Namjoon would just be the cherry up top. So when your friend asked you to baby sit their four mouth old, you dove at the chance. You were in the middle of your sitting room swaying back and forth with the baby in yours arms. You were so entranced by the baby you didn’t even notice Namjoon leaning against the door frame, watching you. 

“Is she asleep?” Namjoon asks, starling you, taking you out of your trace. You look over your shouldering at him. 

“Yeah, shes out.” You smile turning back to admire the baby some more. Namjoon strode up behind you, looking at the baby over your shoulder, he kisses your temple. 

“Can I hold her?” You smile at his question, turning around to carefully hand him the baby, making sure shes comfortable in his arms so she wouldn’t wake. She looked so tiny in his large hands. You couldn’t help but smile at how cute he looked. He was nervous holding, as he didn’t want to drop the delicate little girl, yet he was smiling, because she was so beautiful and peaceful looking. 

“She’s beautiful.” He whispers more to himself then to you. 

“I know.” 

That night you lay in Namjoons arms in bed, snuggling into his warm embrace. His hand was stroking up and down your arm, comforting you. 

“Baby?” He calls whispers against your head. 


“Let’s have a baby.” You freeze, are you dreaming? Have you already fallen asleep?

“Really?!” You burst out, sitting up in the bed to look at him with wide eyes, he chuckles. 

“Yes, baby. I’m being serious. I saw you with the baby earlier, I know you want one and quite frankly, I do too. I would be honoured if you would be my baby moma.” You burst out laughing. 

“You did not just call me your baby moma.” You grin, he grabbed his hand, smoothing his thumb over your knuckles. 

“Let’s have a baby, I think we’d be great parents, for real, will be in this together, okay. Every step of the way.” He kissed your knuckles, pulling you till you were laying on top of him, your noses nearly touching. His hands were on your waist. 

“Let’s have a baby.” You giggle, before pressing your lips to his. You both start to move your lips against one another, your tongue slipping past his lips. Your quick to straddle his hips, starting to grind down on his dick, which was growing fast. His hands ran down your back to your ass, giving it a firm squeeze. You lean back, pulling the top you stole from Namjoon off, exposing you bare breasts, which Namjoon is quick to lean forward and kiss. 

“Fuck.” You hiss out, when he sucks on your nipple, pulling it between his teeth. You loved how Namjoon only wore boxers to bed, it made having morning sex a lot easier too. His hand slips between your legs and into your panties, rubbing your clit in small circles. 

“You’re so wet baby.” He smirks at you, but you just continue kissing down his neck. Namjoon hooks his arm around your waist, rolling you over so he was on top. He smirks down at you lowering himself, kissing down your chest, stomach to your pantie line. He uses his fingers to slowly take off your lacy panties, maintaining eye contact the whole time. So there off, he spreads your legs wider, blowing on your wetness. 

“You’re going to be the death of me, Kim Namjoon.” You moan out. With that he presses his tongue to your pussy, licking up and down your slit. Sliding one finger into your centre, pumping it slowly, licking at your clit. 

“Does it feel good baby? Should I add another?” He asks, already knowing your answer. 

“Please, Namjoon. I need more.” You pant out. 

“What do you want me to do baby?” You look between your legs, to see a smirking Namjoon. You huff. 

“I need you to fuck me with your fingers and suck my clit, please.” You beg, needing more to send you over the edge. 

“Okay, baby.” Namjoon adds another finger, pumping it faster and harder in and out of you, he leans down to lick at your pussy again. 

“Oh, that f-feels so good. Please, keep going.” You pant out, feeling an orgasm beginning to build in your stomach.  

“That’s it baby, cum for me.” Namjoon helps you ride out your high by pumping his fingers faster. You chant his name like a mantra, cumming all over his fingers. He takes his fingers out, raising them to his face and licking your juices off of them. 

“You taste so good, baby. Now, let me fuck you so you can’t walk tomorrow.” He smirks, swiftly taking off his boxers, joining you back on the bed, taking his position between your legs again. 

“Is that a promise?” You challenge, smirking at him. Namjoon his dick up and down your pussy, collecting your slickness. He slowly eases into you. 

“Fuck, you’re so tight around me.” He moans into your neck, kissing the nape. Your hands slide into his hair, pulling on the strands, he starts to fuck you. Its slow at first, but he picks up the speed. 

“Mhmm, you feel so good around me, Joonie. You fill me up so good.” You moan into his ear. You get a grunt from, as starts to slam into your harder. Skin slapping together. You feel your second orgasm approaching, your walls tightening around his dick. You pull more forcefully on his hair, arching your back into his chest more, your erect nipples grinding against his toned chest. 

“Oh, fuck.” Namjoon grunts out, your walls clench around him even more, and you can feels his dick twitch inside you, before hes filling you up with his cum. He continues to fuck you, milking his orgasm, before collapsing on top of you. He snuggles into your chest, his arms around your waist. 

“We might have just made a baby.” He kisses the soft skin of your chest, you smiles, threading your fingers through his hair, to comfort him. 

Namjoon leans up against the wall opposite the bathroom door, it had been the longest ten minutes of his life. You finally open the door, your heads down. Namjoon instantly pulling you into a tight hug. 

“Baby, its okay. We can try again, okay.” Namjoon strokes your hair, rubbing your back with soft circles. You lean up to his ear. 

“I’m pregnant.” You pull back, looking at his confused face. 

“Your pregnant?” You nod. Namjoon picks you up spinning you around, holding you tight against him. “Your serious, oh my god. WE’RE HAVING A BABY!” Namjoon shouts, cupping your face pressing his lips against yours. 

“I love you, Namjoon.” You smile up at him, he has tears in his eyes. 

“I love you more, baby. Ahh, my baby is having my baby.” He sing songs. 

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