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im still trying to figure out how tf to draw these boys lmao


im still indecisive af on what sf!sans’ color scheme is rip

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Pre game while party was trying to figure out how my character a Dwarf would have a good way to start the game an hour late due to scheduling:

DM: We could have you be a Narcoleptic so you’re just sleeping till you get here.

Ranger: But how do we take her with us if we’re in dungeons, we can’t just bring the horse and cart inside.

Paladin (whom is built like a brick house): I could carry her.

DM: But you can’t hold her while you fight, you could strap her on your back.

Me: A baby carrier, just put me in a baby carrier and tote me around like your sleeping child.

DM: … OK… So we have a Narcoleptic mini anger tank strapped to the nicest and most polite character that towers over the whole party in a baby carrier… I approve.

Me: But what do we do if I wake up while we’re fighting?

Paladin: You just hang on while daddy takes care of these scary bad men. *Winks*

All of us looking at the DM now.

DM: … I still approve.

anonymous asked:

Do you really believe the baby is fake? I mean I want it to be, but why do you think so?

Hey anon! I’m at work right now so I don’t have time to do like a ton of research but just off the top of my head, here’s my answer. 

So first of all, there was never any baby in the canon. In fact, many scholars (at least, the ones who believe John was ever actually married) believe that Mrs. Watson died during childbirth. As far as we know, John never had any children in the original canon. And yes, of course we’ve had other divergences from the original canon, but that’s a BIG one that doesn’t really seem to make sense or have any purpose in the big picture of the show.

Secondly, we can never forget that Mary is literally a villain. Not only did she lie to John over and over, but she SHOT our main character. You don’t come back from that. Yes, they’ve seemingly brushed that off for now, but remember that one of the overarching plans for this series is consequences. Plus, if they wanted us as the audience to really truly forgive Mary, there are several different ways to do that, and none of those feature her threatening Sherlock as he lies in a hospital bed. She could have easily taken that time to profusely apologize, beg him for forgiveness, or come clean to John. But instead, she threatens him to keep her secret, and even brings her gun when she searches for him, making it clear that she does NOT regret her actions. If you wanna hear more about that, definitely watch the “Mary Watson” TJLCE video.

It follows that, if Mary were to die or go to prison and generally not be in the show anymore, ~something~ has to happen with the baby. Remember when Moftiss said that they loved Sherlock Holmes and wanted to make one big change that they thought everyone has been getting wrong? Yeah, that’s not Sherlock and John raising a baby together in a 2 and a half men situation. 

Thirdly, there are many different quotes (none of which I can cite atm) that explain Steven Moffat’s opinion on writing children onto his shows; in short, he hates it lol he doesn’t like having kids become main characters on his shows, which is why nobody in Coupling got pregnant until the end. Moffat doesn’t like writing in children just for fun; they have to serve some sort of purpose, and usually that purpose is painful but also serves a higher purpose in the arc of the show (see Moffat’s Doctor Who episode “The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances”). So I don’t see a baby sticking around for very long.

Additionally, I like to think of the baby as fake because I’m not sure if I’m ready for like, an infanticide. That seems overly dark to me, but I wouldn’t necessarily rule it out. That being said, I think the baby serving a bigger purpose in the arc (i.e. being fake or not John’s to show that Mary hasn’t changed and will continue to manipulate John into staying) makes much more sense. 

Lastly, I just want to point out some of the setlock we’ve seen. In the scene we saw in London at the market, where Mary and John and Sherlock are walking around solving some crime with the baby and a dog in tow, that whole scene seemed silly and strange. It doesn’t make sense for them to all go along, much less take the baby with them into what could be a dangerous situation. But furthermore, if you look at some of the most recent pictures we’ve gotten, it seems more and more like that’s the case. In fact, I recently posted a few pictures that prove that Mary is wearing the SAME SHIRT in both the market/baby’s day out scene AND the baby shower scene we were shown in the Tab Series 4 Preview. And if I recall, the scene where Mary supposedly gives birth (setlock reports of Sherlock pulling a car over, Amanda not wearing trousers) she’s still wearing that SAME shirt, so presumably there are three different instances where the baby is different ages (newborn, a few months old, and about 6 months old). That’s suspicious, lads. They have more than enough money to give her a different shirt.

We did get setlock reports of a christening at a church, but in the pictures we’ve gotten of this christening, Mrs. Hudson and Sherlock both look unbearably sad, and the picture of John looks determined, but definitely not joyful. The front row (Sherlock, Mrs. Hudson, John) seem to be dressed in dark colors while the back rows are dressed more colorfully. So something is definitely up.

So basically, in summation, either the baby dies at some point, the baby is fake (like, Mary was wearing a fake bump and possibly stole someone else’s baby to keep John with her), or the baby isn’t John’s (possibly David’s). Either way, the baby definitely won’t be sticking around long, because neither will Mary . But there has to be some reason for them to write one in, so it has to serve some purpose while still being temporary. 

This is like entirely too long and I’m sorry lol I hope this at least sort of made sense. 

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hey about the whole song thing uh the song was written in 1944 so at the time the idioms weren't antiquated??? like I get that it doesn't translate well but I'm really not sure what point you're trying to make here

my point was that if i have to know all the idioms from the 40s in order to understand it then it’s not a very good song to modernize.

a 16 year old in 2016 is going to hear “what’s in this drink” and their association will be “he fucking roofied her” whereas your average 80 year old would understand that it’s a joke about the near-zero alcohol content.

if michael buble can completely change “santa baby” to be about Straight Brohood then he can change “baby it’s cold outside” to be about the original premise (flirting) translated into modern english.

what i’m getting at is it doesn’t matter what it used to mean, those words mean different things now, in a “sexual assault” kind of way. they don’t translate well to modern english and defending the original meaning is kind of pointless imo. it wasn’t gross then but it’s gross now.

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Some birds told me Martin shot a scene on his own??? *screech* Any idea what it could be to make him film it alone, not wanting anyone to disturb or distract him?? *another screech but more satanic*

Yes, Mark or Ben (can’t remember who) cited this as the reason Martin was not at SDCC (though we know he doesn’t go to cons, but the fact that they revealed this at all is interesting). There’s been speculations as to what it could be, from mourning Mary’s death to mourning the baby’s death… people have speculated what exactly Martin would be embarrassed filming in front of people, and I think the general consensus is something really emotional that requires him to cry.

GIVEN that I don’t think he cares at all for Mary AND that the Baby isn’t real, my thought is this: It’s about Sherlock, and a sacrifice John will have to make – Possibly facing his own mortality.

Remember the first time we saw John? He was crying because of his nightmares, because of his sacrifices, and his feelings of hopelessness. He wanted to die.

Now he’s facing death, finally confessed to Sherlock his feelings, and it’s at the cusp of ending before it begins. He knows Sherlock can’t live happy without him. But he has to make a choice and he’s choosing Sherlock over his own life. He’s mourning a future he may not live to see, mourning for all the mistakes he has made and the heartache he has caused Sherlock.

John loves Sherlock just as fiercely as Sherlock loves him, and John is going to make sure Sherlock knows it.

Fuck, dude, I made myself cry.

  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • me, thinking: did Garrus and Shepard ever find out what a turian-human baby looks like? what would it look like? would it have Shepard's eyes and Garrus' plates? Would it be fleshy with turian talons? would it have human hair? would it have human organs and turian outsides? would Shepard be able to give birth to a turian-human baby? would she get hurt because of the plates? would she be able to bring it to term? what would you name a turian-human baby? how long would its lifepsan be? would it be able to speak in turian subharmonics? and human language? or just one? could Shepard breast-feed it? would they retire to raise the baby or continue to work in the military? would -
  • psychic: what the fuck
  • Haechan: Ugh
  • Taeyong: Haechan, what's wrong?
  • Haechan: I decided to try being nicer to Mark
  • Yuta: So?
  • Haechan: So, I tried to tell him that he's a nice person today..
  • Ten: And?
  • Haechan: I said I hate him and I hope he goes to hell
  • Taeyong: Oh..
  • Jaemin: ... Today I told Jeno that he's a great friend and I'm glad to have him in my life
  • Jaemin: Then we went out for ice cream

cool video!

Sawyer usually sleeps with my parents bcs they have a king size bed + sleep with their door open so she’s free to come and go as she pleases. But she’s always thirsting to sleep with me– bcs she’s usually not invited to bcs I sleep with my door shut and hate when she wakes up in the middle of the night to scratch at my door + she’s a blanket/bed hog and so am I so it just doesn’t match up. But she hasn’t been feeling good today (pukey) so she’s been laying with me all night. And I got up to go pee, thinking that(like she usually does) she’d take this as her queue to go but alas I returned and she’s all snuggled up in my bed so I guess I’m getting no sleep tonight.

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Im trying to revert back to a “normalb sleeping schedule and it is torturous. I am nowhere near the state of mind to make any posts im rly sorry.

Tomorrow i will go back to being mostly human instead of zombie so until then