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I have a question: if Harley and Joker had a girl instead of a boy/a girl as their second child, who would you headcanon as their child because I have been having the hardest time imagining someone as their little girl and I wanted a second opinion...

I have the same issue! I can’t find a girl who I think fits the part honestly. I’ve tried and I just can’t find the right person.

(This thankfully isn’t an issue for me though since I always felt they’d have one baby that was a boy so my headcanon was basically already complete once I realized how damn perfect Zac Efron would be lol)

Let’s Have a Baby

Prompt: Let’s have a baby

AN: After seeing this, I could not get this story idea out of my head. Thanks to @the-flash-imagines14 for letting me write this :) Go check them out.

Words: 464

           You place a kiss on Barry’s chest, and snuggle into his side. His arm wraps around you, and his hand lazily strokes up and down your arm. The room is quiet, and dark, with the exception of the moonlight streaming in through the bathroom window. As far as you’re concerned it’s the perfect moment.

           You’re just starting to doze, when you feel Barry kiss the top of your hair. You smile. “I love you.” He whispers.

           You press a kiss to his shoulder and say “I love you too.”

           His arm tightens around you for a few seconds before loosening again. Slowly you start to doze off again. “Y/N.”


           “Let’s have a baby.”

           Your eyes shoot open at the words, and you sit up. Barry’s arm retreats from being wrapped around you, so that his hand rests on your thigh. “What?”

           He smiles, and says “Let’s make a baby.”

           You smile back “What in the world brought this on?”

           He sits up, and the sheet pools around his waist. “You remember me telling you about the kids I rescued the other week?”

           You nod “The Trickster was holding a pre-school hostage. You stopped him.”

           He smiles “Yeah, well there was this one little girl there, and she was terrified. She wouldn’t stop crying, and then I picked her up and she just clung to me. And gradually the tears stopped. And I stayed around and watched her reunite with her mom and dad, and she looked just like her mother. And the entire family just looked so happy, I just …”

           “Started envisioning your own little family?” You ask with a smile.

           Barry nods “I know it sounds ridiculous. I keep telling myself that we’ve only been married three years, and that twenty-nine is too young, but I keep having this dream, of you and me, and this little girl at the park. She’s running around and laughing, and she looks just like you.”    

           There’s a moment of silence before he says “I’ve had time to think about this, and I think you deserve some time to think about this too. To make sure you’re ready. After all you’re the one who doesn’t get to drink for nine months, and has to go through labor.”

           You smile “Except, I have thought about it.”


           You nod “Yeah, every few months or so, but it’s been happening a lot lately. And I mean we both have good jobs, we have a great support system, plenty of baby sitters at our beck and call, so I mean …”

           Barry laughs “So, what I’m hearing is let’s stop thinking and start doing.”

           You giggle “I think I’m saying let’s have a baby.”

           Barry just smiles and pulls you in for a kiss.

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"Mmm you're warm" with Luke?

“Baby, I can’t find my black beanie,” Luke’s voice sounded from the bedroom, filled with urgency as if he’d lost some kid he was babysitting. “Baby!”

“Luke, chill,” you chuckled in a half-yell, Luke entering the living room in time for you to not have to get up to track him down.

“That’s the problem. I’m too chill. Chilly as fuck,” he whined, unable to hide his smile as his weird little pun. You rolled your eyes and shook your head, adjusting yourself on the couch to tucked your socked feet under yourself. “How are you not cold?”

“Who said I’m not?” you pointed out, bunching up the sweater sleeves of Luke’s hoodie you’d stolen for emphasis. “I’m just not as whiny as you.”

“M’not whiny,” he defended, making his way over to the couch to flop down next to you. Within seconds he has his large frame curled up against you like a cat, rubbing himself against your shoulder before closing his eyes and letting out a content hum. “Mmm, you’re warm.”

You had to hand it to him, he was pretty cold, sending a chill down your spine as he slipped a hand underneath the front of your hoodie. Or it could have been the fact that still, even after two years of dating the dweeb, he just had that effect on you. 

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starting tomorrow my brother’s going to university and i’m going to be working in a “grownup job” that’s way higher than minimum wage and my anxiety levels

right now he’s in the game room watching tangled and eating dry cereal out of a bowl and I’m in my room catching up on anime and eating australian chocolates 

so our lives are definitely okay

I sat in the sunshine today.

I know that it’s normal to feel like breastfeeding is a full time job, but I’ve been parked on this couch since the formula ran out. I am breastfeeding full time. My older sons have grown a thousand years while Antonio caters to most of their needs. Dinner is a hard fought battle, and then balanced on the head of a baby. The water barely has time to heat up before I’m out of the shower, I can already hear the babies growing more hysterical by the second as I dress. They’re always upset. There’s almost never a chance to put the babies down without them instantaneously screaming. Sometimes I sit and listen to make sure they’re swallowing, I count soiled diapers obsessively, I’m convinced that the only way they’re getting enough is to be attached constantly.  

Typically, overnight, they’re close enough to me and one another that they can sleep for four hour stretches plus. And after over 24 hours of no sleep, I reveled in early bedtime on Saturday night. But my little twin stars had other plans. 

Sometimes they switch. One will cry, nurse, sleep. Then the other, repeat. But that night it was in tandem. I was so tired that sitting up to nurse the both of them seemed an insurmountable task. But I kept doing it. And finally, after doing this every few minutes for several hours, I just broke down. I wept and confessed to a worried Antonio that I couldn’t do this anymore, that I was clearly not cut out for parenting twins, for feeding them. Antonio asked me how he could help, but I had no idea. I just kept crying. So he told me to take Elena downstairs to nurse her, and he’d keep Santino upstairs and calm him until Elena fell asleep. By the time Santino was downstairs with us and asleep as well, I just decided to keep them both downstairs with me, and I slept, sitting up, nursing both babies, for almost four hours. We went back upstairs and got in a couple of extra hours before Thaddeus woke up. By then I felt much better, and had made a decision that I was working on being okay with.

So the small patch of sunshine on the grass, as we waited for dinner to cook on the grill, invited me to make peace. I sat with my beautiful babies, these two beautiful children who shouldn’t be here, I nursed them from sore, cracked, bleeding nipples, cringed in pain and sang to them. I held them so close I thought my arms would go numb. Santino fell asleep easily, and Elena looked up at the sky until she finally shut her eyes as well. I gently put them into their chairs, they both immediately fussed and wouldn’t settle. I cried again, exhausted, defeated. 

All I am is a mom, who wants to do the best thing for all of her children and has already made countless mistakes. There are few things I’m ultra passionate about that make me the best mom for my children, and breastfeeding them is one of those things. Something I am ultra passionate about. And to breastfeed them, I will give my all. I’ve tried tapping into other resources to get them breastmilk, to the point of offering to buy it for whatever fortune it would cost, but there is nothing like that close enough to where we are. I’ve reconciled with my breastpump, but with the babies always on the breast, there is no opportunity to pump. I can’t think of any other breastmilk options, but I know that I can’t keep doing what I’m doing now, because it is not allowing me to be the best anything for anyone. We need, and already have, another option.

So with my heart in shambles, I gathered up the babies and we left the tiny patch of sunlight. I sat on the couch with the nursing pillow in place, and nursed them again, while I ordered more formula. 

I will dual feed until I’m certain I’m able to stop supplementing. I won’t put any pressure or time limit on it, I won’t fret, or be angry. When the babies formula feed, I’ll pump, I’ll build a stockpile that we’re going to need anyway, and that I should have done first. The babies will continue to thrive, but I will thrive too, and juggling everything will get easier. 

I’m sad, but I know they will exclusively take breastmilk. They will. I just need a little more time to get it right.

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One of my favorites freddie moments has to be the video that Briana posted (i believe?) where the little ball of sunshine was laughing and his little tummy was going up and down. Honestly the cutest baby i have ever seen, Louis and Briana are extremely lucky

Do you mean this one?

I love every single second of this video, but this part is my favorite:

That look just kills me. lol And while we’re here, we might as well go ahead and talk about my other favorite Freddie face:

Gah I adore him. 

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The thing about the Joker and Harley having a baby was touched on in the comic where she found out Black Canary was pregnant. She said she had a baby but her sister is raising it, Joker didn't know and she doesn't want Joker to know

Yeah, I know this storyline. I’m not totally against the baby thing. I’m not against Harley being pregnant, I just can’t see them raise a child. At least not Joker. But as I said, this is just my opinion and everyone who need fluffy baby stories: There are a lot of ppl who will share them with you. ♥♥♥ I’m just not one of them XD

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So, I have this thing where sour things have no effect on me. Example; I ate five sour patch kids at the same time while my bro couldn't eat half of one because it was so sour. Anyway, I imagined babe!Drift with this thing I have. Drift's eating this tasty candy and offers one up to Wing, who's face inverts cause it's so sour. Drift then goes 'it's not that bad!' and eats another three while Wing wonders what the heck is wrong with that kid. Hope it was as funny for you as it was for me.

I imagine someone like Axe introduces Drift to sower candies. He doesn’t expect Drift to love them and he actually gave them to Drift in the first place to see his little face scrunch up. He is slightly disappointed but if vanishes when Drift offers Wing a piece. 

Wing’s whole frame freezes, and his face gets dark. Life shatters for him, he can feel his plating inverting. 

Drift meanwhile is confused on the sofa, while Axe is beside himself cracking up. 

Wing telling Axe he is going to turn his sweet baby Drift sour if he keeps feeding him junk.