Name: Amaryllis the Enchantress
Parent’s Story:  Beauty and the Beast, and others.
Royal or Rebel?: Rebel
Roommate: N/A (No longer attends Ever After High)
About Me:
Secret Heart’s Desire: To use my powers how I see fit. I don’t care what some dumb book says, I decide who deserves my curses.
My “Magic” Touch: I have good control over my magic(most of the time), and can do most spells using only the effort it takes to snap my fingers. And my spells are still powerful. No one can overturn one of my ‘curses’.
Storybook Romance Status: Not interested, most are afraid I’ll curse them if we break up. As if I’m that petty.
“Oh Curse!” Moment: I’ve been told I’m overly judgmental, and I set very strict standards. But it’s for their own good, trust me.
Favorite Subject: I never really enjoyed any of my classes.
Least Favorite Subject: History of Evil Spells. Cause, y’know, curses are a bad thing. Meh, there’s a reason I dropped out after one semester.
Best Friends Forever After: Again, everyone thinks I’m petty so they don’t want to risk befriending me. Rude.

Jily muggle AU where James and Lily are new teachers and James goes into Lily’s classroom and asks for a green pen and she asks what shade because she has multiple types and he says “the colour of your eyes” and she chucks her stapler at him.
—  “Inappropriate Mr Potter!”