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I AM CHAINSAW ANON. I KILL PEOPLE WHO HURT MY BABBIES WHIT A CHAINSAW, now, Tom, I need to know the other anons so I can kill them. -Chainsaw Anon

Tom: shhhh no need for murder , things are okay right now

(( I was gonna draw a response but I got distracted sorry))

ooc !

hellooo, everyone! it is i, bianca, aka your baby mod events mod with a brand new character!! i give you park jihoon aka the aegyo king™ my soft cute baby!! thank you so much for all the great welcome messages i got so far! it really makes me proud! you can read more about my son on his profile page and i sadly have no open plots page at the moment but i’ll be working on it as soon as i can!! you can always contact me on twitter (@/mxmoring) if that works best for you but i’ll be checking my ims everyday so do not fret!

on other news: CHARISMA STARTERS! that’s right! i’ll be selling my soul this early on! instead of reblogging the meme i’ll be using the same idea for this. all you have to do is like this post and i’ll base the starter on a random song!

thank you for the attention and i hope you’ll all have a great day!!


#2 - Imagine…

Samuel Drake leaving his treasure hunting groove behind only to converge into modeling industry, in Men’s Vogue.

…and in due course of few years, his numbskull of a brother, Nathan Drake getting extremely envious of his brother. 

A Taakitz problem

As much as I love the “imma tentacle your dick” first meeting between Taako and Kravitz, but they met before that?

The very first thing that the THB meet in the lab is a glowing light that possesses crystal (aka. Kravitz).

“Griffin: While you did that, very discreetly, this giant razor-sharp crystal monster is just kind of eyeing the three of you over. Standing still for the time being.

Taako: Hail and well met!

Taako: My name is Taako, and you look like you’re made of salt.

Griffin: It flies at you, Taako, and puts its head just like, inches away from your own. And gets real real close.

Taako: Little hard of hearing, huh? Well, that’s okay, come on in. We’re, uh, adventurers.

Taako: Uhhh, [high-pitched, pensive noise] where’s the interior? Hey! Hey, salt!

Griffin: It backs away from you, Taako. It sort of moves backward.

Taako: What’s up now, Geodude?

Clint: I believe his name is Morton.”

(from the @tazscripts)

He literally greets him cheerfully and invites him closer and accepting! So sweet~

It’s the second impression that’s the tentacle dick comment!

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How's Cyrus?

I don’t know if I mentioned, but he actually had dental surgery a couple weeks back - Had to get a lot of remaining roots and bad teeth pulled, poor babby only has four teeth now. But, he had a checkup either yesterday or the day before, and his mouth is healing wonderfully! He’s eating plenty and being active and adventurous, he’s doin’ great. I wanted to take a pic for you but I just fed him so this is the best you’re gonna get.

He slorp.