mikasamaybe asked:

hey there just wanted to say that I just battled steven too and and I understand now that his metagross is a pAIN IN THE ASS


Mega Evolved my Gamagori (my wee babby Swampert) and buried the fucker, 1 hit KO out for the count DEAD

if you beat him your first time well done man, (I underestimated them and brought barely enough supplies that was the only reason Steven bested me (I was so ridiculously close though Full Restores should be banned hE WAS 1 HP AWAY UGH)

If you haven’t and you’ve got a Swampert MEGA EVOLVE AND EARTHQUAKE THE BASTARD

Jily muggle AU where James and Lily are new teachers and James goes into Lily’s classroom and asks for a green pen and she asks what shade because she has multiple types and he says “the colour of your eyes” and she chucks her stapler at him.
—  “Inappropriate Mr Potter!”