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baekhyun, d.o , b.i


this is the first message and i’m already regretting my life choices ugh

how omg uhhhh

Fuck - Hanbin (i like young flesh LMAO jk)

Marry - Kyungsoo

Kill - B..b..a.e-kh-I CANNNNNNNNNNN’T I’M SORRY but yeah-yun

then i will forever apologize on Byun’s grave until the day i die

play ‘fvck, marry, kill’ with me ;)

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Omg chowder. Anything chowder. This fandom needs more chowder. Have a safe flight!!

another anonymous said: chowder going swimming with sharks!

yes you are correct!!! (and thank you)

nursey: what the fu– how-


My lil theory about Riley and Farkle.

First of all, some VERY surprising news is announced. Farkle doesn’t know about this yet. In true Maya they say it’s human nature to explode, because if they haven’t yet, they will eventually. Also in Jexica when Riley maps out a plan:

1: A. I go to school like this.
2: B. I claim my new popularity.
3: C. I solve our whole love triangle when Lucas falls in love with Jexica.
4: D. Something goes horribly wrong.
5: E. I learn a big lesson.

So I’m thinking.. Hm…. A has happened. B has happened. C has happened after ski lodge right :) The ones that haven’t yet are D and E. D: Something goes horribly wrong. Now this may be someone EXPLODING like Cory said in True Maya.. Maybe because Farkle realizes something about Riley. Realizes he loves her and doesn’t know what to do? E: Riley learns a big lesson. HMM! That big lesson the writers confirmed to be Belgium 1831. Where “Belgium declared independence from the Netherlands” I’m thinking will Riley declare her independence from Lucas? I don’t know.. Hope this helps.

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Do you have more voltron headcanons? Maybe some of the whole team? thanks!

BABE. B A B E holy shit im sorry that u have to deal with my long-ass reply but i started and then i could not stop a;ldskghas;dg

  • shiro gives pidge piggy back rides all the time
  • which means that whenever pidge gets injured or feels sleepy, they climb onto shiro’s shoulders and twist hands in his hair like that rat from ratatouille so they can maneuver him around lmfao…the tiniest lion piloting their tall space jaeger
  • lance having the ability to sleep everywhere?????
  • like… one time voltron returned from a mission, he was passed out cold in his lion, head pillowed on his dashboard by his folded up jacket
  • he sleeps on dinner tables, halfway off the couches, sandwiched between bookshelves, leaning against walls, as he’s showering, etc etc and it’s become a running joke that he falls asleep everywhere but his bed
  • lance: so…allura……[clears throat] you look really good in that dress, but i think you’d look better out of it ;;;))) / allura: can u even make it that far without falling asleep? / pidge, while sitting on shiro’s shoulders, playing a recording of MMM whatcha say: [screaming] OH mYFUCKING GOD ALLURA ROAST HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!ROAST HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BURN HIM LIKE A MARSHMALLOW ON THE FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK!!!!!
  • shiro is the one who always has food on him lmao
  • like,,someone looking sad?? BAM he has u covered with an alien granola bar and a hug
  • and ok…….you’d think that shiro is the best hugger aboard the castle of lions but no. u are wrong. everything you have ever believed is a LIE.
  • it’s hunk.
  • hunk is the best hugger.
  • he’s so warm and welcoming and understanding ?? and will always sit down and listen and hold ur hand if you need him to and never do anything in a rush even though everybody else is already asleep and will pay really close attention to everything that you’re saying
  • and when he hugs you??? it’s literally like nothing else in the world matters and u could melt into a puddle to live out the rest of ur life okay im sorry i don’t make the rules this is just how it goes
  • okay now my dysfunctional son, keith kogane ….,, doesn’t even brush his damn hair everyday (lmfao i do this too i think it’s the East Asian Silk™) bc he’s the kind of asshole who doesn’t style his hair ever ???
    • it’s bc he’s hella lazy lol
  • his Hair Care Routine consists of showering at night/post mission and then rolling out of bed in the morning by literally, just. dumping himself on the floor before getting on his hands and knees & actually getting up
  • pidge, on the other hand, wakes up with an increasingly gravity-defying hairstyle every morning & it’s become a Team Bonding activity to try and identify what it most closely resembles
    • “you’re KIDDING ME!!! that is not a fucking eagle, it’s a shark !!! do u see the dorsal fin on the top???” / “N O u are BLIND it’s obviously a fucking lion..,, look at that tail !!!!!!!!!!!!1″ / “uhhh, sorry to burst your bubbles, but i’m calling an apple tree right now.”
  • once, on a whim, keith and lance wanted to know how many levels the training bots went up to and, instead of asking allura or coran or maybe even pidge, they just. kept yelling out numbers in increasing intervals
  • afterwards, both of them refused to train with the program and resorted to sparring with actual, real-live human beings for a week
  • shiro being absolutely, 100%, without doubt that one asshole who happens to be unhealthy healthy much to everyone’s frustration
  • like???this kid????????????? gets up at the equivalent of 5:30am sharp and runs a good seven-miler before hitting the showers and emerging from his room at the same time as everybody else
  • except he’s somehow 500 times more put together than the entire lion squad combined (we’re leaving allura out of this because that would makes things unfair) w/ those disgustingly long eyelashes and perfectly shaped brows and dewy looking skin
  • but contrary to popular belief, he’s actually not a morning person, which is why he gets up ahead of time so they don’t see his sorry ass getting whooped on the indoor track
  • he spends a good 20 min screaming into his pillow before he gets out of bed in the morning lmfao
  • and ok sure, hunk can beat shiro’s galra tech arm at hand wrestling, but can he beat allura??nobody knows ??and they don’t dare to ask bc they know nothing except that she trains longer and harder than literally anybody on the ship??? like all her free time is either spent in the gym or checking out problems on the castle???
    • lance once watched her complete her 3000th pushup once with coran sitting on her back?????????
    • keith + pidge have video evidence of her beating the training bot at level 7193 without even breaking a sweat..,,????? and keith cries himself to sleep that night????
    • shiro: “keith …are you doing okay?” / keith: “i THOUGHT PASSING LEVEL FIVE WAS GOOD!!!1!1!! im never gonna TRAIN AGAIN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE EVER FUCK” / shiro: “keith, maybe you should-” / keith, while shoving a fork in shiro’s face, eyes narrowed:“you don’t know what i know. you have not seen the things that i’ve seen” / keith: [stabs the fork on the table and walks out of the room with it still quivering on the countertop]
  • hunk reads the most out of anybody in the lion squad !!!and almost always has book recs for everybody
  • he also learned how to play an altean instrument once bc he was bored and coran had made an offhanded comment on how it was one of allura’s faves
  • obvs nobody practices it anymore which makes her sad :(( so hunk holds solo concerts on days off where the whole squad gathers around him in a circle and listens to him play
  • lance sings!!!!! really well!!!!!!!!! which kind of. scares the rest of the crew at first??? bc ??how does this warbly sounding paladin turn into such a smooth motherfucker with an evenly controlled vibrato and the riffing skill to put christina aguilera to shame ?????it’s a damn MYSTERY tbh
  • he sings a lot to himself like “🎵 mmmmMmmMmm where is Blue’s lazer?????gotta find it or else we’re gonna DIE 🎵” 
  • which is.,, great????because his voice is so beautiful???? but he also sings the most morbid things sometimes ??and doesn’t even realize it’s happening
  • and oh yeah . u bet he sings in the shower.
  • lance gets so into altean music that he & hunk have days where they pour over old sheet music (trying to read alien music notes hurts their heads a lot but they still do it) and attempt to put pieces together :^))
  • allura cries during every single lance/hunk concert
    • every.
    • single.
    • one.
  • after major battles, the team is so poopied that they’ll trudge into showers & then have a mass sleepover in one of the comfy hangout areas around the castle
  • they get hella clingy after forming voltron (kind of like a pacrim thing), so it’s fun to build a huge blanket fort and stand guard against allura & coran’s attempts to weasel their way in
  • but they all fall asleep in a big pile afterwards tho, so it’s okay

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