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Have any feelings about Supercorp?

Oh yes. I have many a feeling about Supercorp. 

BUT I have an insane amount of feelings for Evil!Kara x Lena Luthor AU

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Name (Left): Fiamma Lucertola

Age: 110

Height: 6’8”

Species: Apoy Hagedis

Alignment: Rebel Smuggler


Fiamma is the last of a few hundred left of her race, and has taken up smuggling to make a living to survive. She had already been a smuggler for a while before she was almost taken hostage and sold as a heat source, but was rescued by the soothing psychic manipulator, Shulaara, who had already been in a sour mood that day and didn’t want to see the subjugation of another race that day.

 Fiamma had lost her eye escaping the same thing 20 years earlier, a bunch of smug asshole humans noticed her while she was on a job and figured out a way to knock her to the ground. One of them decided that it would be a good idea to try to see if they could light their cigarette with her eye since her species is able to manipulate heat. Let’s just say, that because she lost her eye, the humans who did that to her suffered more than losing just an eye that day.

Fiamma was trained in the warrior ways of her race and was at the top of the army when her clan was attacked by bounty hunters looking for a good buck. She was the only survivor from the attack on her clan.

Name (Right): Shulaara

Age: ???

Height: 6’4”

Species: Vandtao

Alignment: Rebel Smuggler


Not much is known about Shulaara, or why she joined up with Fiamma in the smuggling business. Maybe more will be revealed if the right questions are asked to Fiamma and Shulaara.

Apoy Hagedis: The Apoy Hagedis race is a dying race of reptilian people who have the ability to manipulate heat, and live up to at most 175 years. The Apoy Hagedis are a warrior like race, and have a natural disliking of the human race, and many have died trying to fight them off. Each member of the race is a constant heat source, the race easily being picked off and sold to be heaters for the wealthy on the icier planets. Even though the Apoy Hagedis are beings naturally affiliated with fire, they have the highest respect towards nature and all creatures (except humans, because come on, they are parasites to their own planet jfc), and will give back to the environment in any way they can despite having the ability to burn almost anything. The maximum height for the Apoy Hagedis is 7 feet in height. The eyes of the Apoy Hagedis are like infra-red cameras and can see the different levels of heat in an area, their vision not easily tricked if someone is hiding in the area.

Vandtao: The Vandtao are a race of water born people who have evolved to have powerful psychic abilities. The species are far advanced and have the ability to manipulate water from their body and others. As well as able to change the temperature of the water from skin melting hot to limb freezing cold. The race is a master of persuasion and can live for an unknown period of time. Being near fire for an extended period time or over using their water can drain the Vandtao of energy and possibly kill them if they were exposed to either experience long enough.